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FIFA 16 Career Mode News


Hey everybody, how’s it going? FIFA 16 is out next month and it that means yet another session on career mode. For me, I enjoy career mode. I actually prefer career mode than Ultimate Team, never been into that to be honest.

Every year I always get into career mode, last year, I did a Sunderland career mode where I posted my progress here on the site. However, it didn’t last long because FIFA 15’s career mode was terrible. There wasn’t any real improvement to the mode and that sparked fans to complain to EA in their droves. EA have listened and as a result they have made a whole host of changes.

I like the changes they’ve made. It’s clearly a step in the right direction and that has made me want to do another career mode series for the site.

Unlike my Sunderland save where I stayed at the one club, this series will be a journey man style series where I have free reign to move to any team, in any league, in any country.

Where will I begin? I had a long, hard think about this and decided to start off at Bohemian FC from the League of Ireland. I wanted to give myself a challenge by starting off with a club that I have little to no knowledge about and has limited resources in terms of finances and players.

Throughout my career, I’ve decided to give myself some objectives that I have to achieve over the course of my career (Career modes in FIFA 15 lasted for 15 seasons, FIFA 16 may last longer, who knows):

  • Win a League title in any country
  • Win a domestic cup in any country
  • Complete a League/ Cup double in any country
  • Complete a treble in any country
  • Qualify for the World Cup with any nation that hasn’t won the World Cup
  • Manage a team in one of the top five European leagues (Barclays Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1 or Serie A)
  • Win the Manager of the year award in any one of the top five European leagues
  • Win one of the top five European leagues

So there you go guys, that’s my plans for FIFA 16. Any thoughts feel free to post them in the comment section below and in the meantime, only 28  days to go for FIFA 16.


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