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The Future



I’m going to be talking about a subject that most people tend to avoid…….THE FUTURE~!

The future’s scary, I know. No one knows what’s going to happen later on down the line, but this blog is going to talking about the future of me – more to the point, the future of my blog.


Rest assured I will be continuing blogging. I’ve got zero plans stopping. I mean, the support I get from you guys is thankful beyond words. A simple ‘thank you’ doesn’t quite cover it. It’s your support and comments that keep me going. I am humbled by you all.


I’m serious about being successful at this, and this is why I’m doing this blog.


There are some things I want to address. I get a ton of questions all the time from you guys, so I thought it was best to address all of that right here, right now.



I mentioned at the start of the year that I was considering creating my own YouTube channel. My plan was to get something set up by the summer of next year. YouTube is great. How many people have made their name on YouTube? It’s been a complete game changer since it was first formed in 2005.

As for starting a YouTube channel, I need to be realistic about it. I can’t see that happening anytime soon. If I did get involved I would be way over my head. It’s much more than just turning on a camera and away you go. There’s so much more to it than that. Technology isn’t my strong suit, put it that way.

Also, a lot of YouTubers have a certain quality about themselves. A strong personality. I don’t believe that I have the charisma for it or a high enough quality of confidence. Some of my favourite YouTubers are Ashens, James Rolfe (Cinemassacre), Grimm’s Toy Show, Glenn Webb (RIP pal, I miss you tons), Cosplay Chris, and Chris Stuckmann. Check them out if you have the time.

I’m not saying that I’m completely ruling it out. Not at all. Just don’t expect anything anytime soon.



I get a ton of questions about whether Video Game Memories will ever be coming back. I know I’ve been saying many times, too many to count, that it will be returning but I haven’t posted anything video game related in a long time.  I can say, without a doubt, that Video Game Memories WILL be returning soon in the form of Video Game Reviews. It’ll be mostly retro game reviews. Not a massive fan of modern gaming. Too much faffing about installing games, downloading patches, and all that jazz. There was none of that shit on the N64 I tell ya!



I’ve been part of WordPress since 2013. Within those four years, I feel as though I’ve come leap and bounds in those four years. I don’t claim to be a great writer, I still make errors, but I’ve seen improvements being made in my work since day one.

Do I get paid for this? Yes, but it’s basically pocket money. Loose change, you know?

That’s why I rely on my main job for income. Not going to name my employment out of respect for my current employers, but my job sucks monkey balls. It fucking sucks and I fucking hate it. Someone once told me that it’s very important that you’re happy with your job. I’m not. That is why it’s important for me to make a living out of doing something that I’m happy with.

I do feel limited with what I can do with WordPress, so a proper website is necessary. I’m doing a ton of research on it as we speak. If I get any developments, you’ll be the first to know.



Much like with Video Game Memories, I get asked a lot about bringing back Attitude Era Classics. I’ll get to the point, I highly doubt it. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be doing any retro pay per view reviews because they are. I’ve got the WWE Network, all those pay per views from WWE, WCW, ECW, and more, all at my figure tips. Why limit myself to just one era? Attitude Era Classics will be rebranded as Classic PPV Reviews, and I hope to get one up real soon. (Yes, I’m open to requests)



Someone asked me recently if I would ever write a book. Listen, whiles I have no plans to do so right now, that doesn’t mean I will completely rule it out. I have a friend who just recently got a book published so I guess it’s not beyond the realms of possibility. It’s all about trying to pen together something that people will want to read.

Creative writing isn’t my strong suit. I have dipped my toe into it in the past. I even did something similar on this site with FIFA, but that didn’t last too long because that game sucked monkey balls.

Even way before I began writing on WordPress or Tumblr, I used to do a lot of Fantasy Booking. Fantasy Booking is wrestling related, it’s where you book a wrestling company the way you see fit. All of this took place with the help of a game called ‘Promotion Wars’, now replaced by ‘Total Extreme Wrestling’. Promotion Wars was a fun game, still have it on my laptop, but the community has died out, and the last update came out in 2009. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been itching to do fantasy booking for a while now. Maybe now is the best time to start again.



My movie reviews are what made The Rif Files what it is today. This site was built upon my movie reviews, they are the very cornerstone of the site.  They’re never going away. I’m not limiting myself to just theatre releases, I’m open to anything.

It’s not just writing reviews about movies. I’m thinking about doing things lists like my top 10 movies, top 10 worst movies. The list goes on.

I’m open to doing spoiler reviews of the latest theatrical releases, just like what I did with Wonder Woman.

The possibilities are endless.


So there you go, guys. That’s all I’ve got for now. Any questions you know where to reach me.


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