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SPOILER Movie Review: Wonder Woman (2017)



I think it’s fair to say that Wonder Woman has exceeded everybody’s expectations. Fans and critics both love it (that sounds so nice to say).  It’s currently on course to be the most profitable, successful addition of the DC Extended Universe.

I’ve seen Wonder Woman two times now (seeing it again on Saturday………in 3 F’N D), and I really want to talk more about this movie, hence why I’m doing this additional spoiler review.

My opinion has not changed. I’m still rating it five stars out of five and it’s my pick for movie of the year.

This is a SPOILER review, so please look away now if you haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet.
















Wonder Woman was everything that I wanted from a Wonder Woman movie and more. The action sequences are pleasing on the eye. I would say that there are at least three major action scenes in this movie. The first one takes place on Themyscira between the Amazons and the Germans.


I mean, talk about one sided! The Amazons beat the piss out the Germans…..and they’re all using arrows! It was so incredible, damn entertaining, and really emotional too when Robin Wright’s character, who is Diana’s mentor and trainer, gets killed, after sacrificing herself to save Diana from an oncoming attack.

The final showdown between Diana and Aries was everything that the Doomsday scene from Batman v Superman should have been, and that battle on No Man’s Land was by far the film’s masterpiece. When you see Gal in the red & blue armour for the first time just looks incredible. It transported me back to my youth to when I first saw Michael Keaton in the Bat-suit and thinking how badass he looked. I will say that the armour looks a lot brighter here than it does in Batman v Superman. I’m guessing because it’s in pristine condition and hasn’t been used on the battlefield before, and by the time we get to BVS it’s covered in scratches, chipped paint and various other forms of damage.


This movie isn’t all about Wonder Woman beating up the bad guys. There’s a ton of emotional scenes. There actually are a lot of long scenes where nobody does anything from an action standpoint. That’s not a bad thing, not at all. It’s those long, emotional scenes which set this movie apart from anything else because it takes the time to set up these characters, rather than rushing a backstory for them like they did in Suicide Squad.


Another area where this movie excels is in the comedy. It’s hilarious! I liked how they poked fun at some of the weirder things of Diana’s upbringing like how she was brought to live by Zeus and moulded out of clay. Also this one scene where her and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) are on the boat and are talking about reproduction, biology, sex, and whether it’s normal to physically sleep next to each other. It’s little things like that make this movie so much better than it could have been.

I’ll admit, there were some moments during the final battle that made me close to tearing up. I’m not kidding you, bro. All throughout the movie, Diana is convinced that Aries is the reason behind the war and that if she can kill Aries, the war will end and they’ll be no evil in the world. She kills who she thinks is Aries, but the German troops are still loading this plane up with bombs. Heartbroken isn’t the word. You feel her pain, and Gal Gadot is a talented enough actress to fully display that emotion.  She also rejects Steve’s theory that some people are just born evil. It’s honestly brilliant story-telling. She also delivers this heartfelt speech about choosing love which really hit home, considering the recent terror attacks we’ve witnessed in Manchester and London.


I mentioned in my non-spoiler review that Diana reminds me so much of Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of Superman. Director Patty Jenkins has spoken out about how she was heavily influenced by the Richard Donner film as a child, and that is evident in some scenes. The one that sticks out is where Diana attacks these German spies in an alleyway and prevents a bullet from hitting Steve Trevor.  She also reminds me of both Jim Gordon from The Dark Knight trilogy and Leeloo from The Fifth Element. She’s always really and willing to do the right thing regardless of how impossible the odds may be.


I just want to praise Gal Gadot again because she does an incredible job as Diana. She isn’t a brooding, dark character or eye candy for the lads. Far from it. She’s very hopeful, she’s full of joy, always positive. You could say she’s naïve, and she is, but that’s the character’s journey. She starts off very naïve and develops a higher level of understanding about how the world is really like. That right there is why her character is so great. They don’t set her up to be this perfect person with zero flaws. She grows so much in this film that I ended up caring about her and it makes me more excited for Justice League just because she’s in it.

I mention the comedy, and Gal is very much in the heart of it all. Like how she’s walking around Selfridges with her sword and shield, trying to walk through a revolving door, telling an ice cream man that he should be proud, and running across the street so she can look at a baby. She does it all with this deadpan expression which makes it all work. The one scene that proper tickled me was when Diana sees Steve naked and asks ‘what’s that?’ Us as the audience (and Steve) immediately think she’s talking about his dick (don’t say you didn’t think that either), but in fact she’s talking about his watch. Honestly the comedy just works.

I actually want to go and watch this film called ‘Meet the Jones’ now, just so I can watch her in a full-on comedy.


Wonder Woman also does something spot on and was something that I was concerned about. I’m always afraid of politics in movies, the assertion of one’s beliefs in movies. None of that exists here. The No Man’s Land scene really could have gone down that path. Steve Trevor tells her that you can’t cross this barrier because it’s No Man’s Land, no man can cross it. She could have turned to the camera and say, ‘Well, I’m not a man. I’m a woman’. There’s nothing like that. She just goes, ‘it’s something I’ve got to do’ because that’s the Amazon’s code. There’s nothing in this film where men feel Inferior thusly empowering women because that’s not how you should do it because it’s still a movie about men. I didn’t walk away watching Superman and thinking that I’m proud to be a man or anything, because Superman isn’t just for men, much like how Wonder Woman isn’t just for women. They’re for everyone. They are all our heroes.


The only weak points I can give this movie are the villains. It’s been the same for many of these movies, regardless of it being Marvel or DC. I don’t know what it is, but I just didn’t find General Ludendorff (who was an actual German General) or Doctor Poison interesting. Their characters weren’t fleshed out enough for me, other than one being obsessed about Germany not signing a peace agreement and the other being someone who is skilled in chemistry. I will say that I like the mask that Doctor Poison wears, and they do pay homage to her regular unmasked look as well.

The big twist is that Sir Patrick is actually Aries in hiding. This really could have gone south because there’s a lot of CG in this finale, which is expected in movies like this. There’s a lot of it. Gratefully, because the movie took so much time to set up the characters, it didn’t bother me because I was invested. I felt for her when she was trapped in that metal when Aries was holding her down and she screamed “NOOO” when Trevor died, I was like I really felt that moment, it wasn’t as corny as JEANNNNNNN (X-Men represent, yo). It felt like I was watching a real person dealing with something that was truly hurting her.


All in all, I really liked this movie. It’s my pick for movie of the year.


I know that other movies in the DCEU haven’t been weel received, but I strongly urge you to give this film a shot. You will not regret it.


Go and feel the wonder (see what I did there, kids?)


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