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Non-Spoiler Movie Review: Logan (2017)


Here we go, the final ever Wolverine film with Hugh Jackman in the title role. He has made that role his own for 17 years. Hugh Jackman and Wolverine go hand in hand, you can’t imagine one without the other. I’ll go on record to say that the Wolverine character made Hugh Jackman a global name. He was an unknown actor to the rest of the world, aside from his native Australia. To say that his predecessor has big shoes to fill is a grave understatement.

The film takes place in 2029, mutants are in danger of becoming a thing of the past. Logan’s body is giving up on him. His healing factor has begun to falter, the adamantium in his body is slowly killing him, and he has aged greatly. Logan then has to cart this girl around. He’s entirely sure what her backstory is, and as he learns more about her, he also learns more about himself as well. Wolverine and Professor X have to try and protect this girl from falling into the wrong hands, although, she may not need that much protection.


This is also the first Wolverine movie to receive an R rating….and it’s fucking great!


This film is brutal. Arguably one of the most brutal comic book films ever, kind of like Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. Even more brutal than Deadpool, who’s violence was more comic relief than anything else. There is so much blood and limbs flying about than your average horror movie. This is the Wolverine us fans have been crying out for since day one.

They didn’t hold anything back. Wolverine just slices the shit out of everyone. The opening sequence sets the tone for the rest of the movie. He’s cutting off arms and digging his claws through people’s skulls. It’s not squeaky clean, and it’s NOT a film to take your kids to see. It’s fucking great! When you hear about actors giving their all to a role, Hugh Jackman gives his all here. He also took a pay cut just so the film would be produced to receive an R-rating.


From an action standpoint, this is my favourite film from the X-Men universe. Not because of the blood and gore, but because Wolverine is old. He’s ‘Old Man Logan’ that’s fading on the inside and his diminishing healing abilities keeps him in constant pain which is leading him more and more towards alcohol as a painkiller. He’s tired, he’s bitter, he’s broken down, he’s beating both physically and mentally. He’s hustling prescription drugs to help heal Professor X (more on him later) and working part time as a chauffeur. He’s a shadow of his former self, and a far cry from the Wolverine we once knew. He’s still capable of returning to handing out an arse kicking when provoked.

What I like about Logan is that it acknowledges that the X-Men comics exist in this universe and they are viewed as just stories, or as Wolverine says, “ice cream for bedwetters”. I think it’s really smart for them to do that because you’ve got to remember that this film takes place in the future timeline established in Days of Future Past, so you can do a lot with what took place between those two films and apparently a lot of people are very happy with the X-Men and view them as heroes so they made comic books about them.

The first and third acts of this film are the best. Both of which are done at a fast pace. It almost has a Western vibe to it. The second act drags out at times. It was mostly like a road-trip film avoided of any action which kicked off in the first act.

My friend mentioned that Stephen Merchant is in this film as Caliban. When I heard that my heart sank. Nothing against Stephen Merchant, I think he is a funny guy, but I just didn’t believe that I would take this film seriously with his involvement. I was wrong. He’s integral to some parts of the story. You feel sorry for him at times and you root for him when the chips are down.

Let’s talk about Sir Patrick Stewart as Professor X. Holy shit it made me tear up. Charles now has some form of dementia which is screwing up his powers. It’s just sad seeing this intellect lost in his own world, and having Logan give him his medication before tucking him up in bed. I found it touching when he tells Logan to go to the Statue of Liberty to meet the others (from X-Men 1) and Logan had to remind him that was years ago. The themes of ageing and loneliness are strong with this character.

Had no idea that Richard E. Grant was in this film. He played his role well. It makes up for that shower of shite called Spiceworld the Movie.

Dafne Keen as the girl who Logan is trying to protect is outstanding.  I’m not going to say much about her other than she’s a lot like Eleven from Stranger Things.


There are some comedy moments in this film but it is kept to a bare minimum. This is a dark, violent movie in which very little hope remains for these characters. There’s no hope for these guys. They’re 99.9% done with hope.


I really wasn’t prepared for the ending, all I’ll say is make sure you bring some tissues with you to the cinema.


What is left to say? As a final portray, Hugh Jackman is so fucking badass. Giving us fans the Wolverine we always wanted to see.

Logan is an emotional, heavy movie, but it’s also one with an uplifting message to remind us all that it’s okay to fight for something more, something better.


This movie is Oscar worthy.


Best X-Men movie of all time.


Best comic book movie of all time.


Thank you, Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart.


Rating: ***** (Champion)


(P.S. Ryan Reynolds wants to do a Wolverine/ Deadpool crossover. So, Hugh, if you’re reading this, please consider his proposal. Or at least make a cameo as yourself, that would be great. Cheers)


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