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WWE Clash of Champions 2016 Predictions


Clash of Champions is brought to you by the Superstars of Monday Night Raw. Smackdown’s offering of Backlash was superb, went above my expectations, so the pressure is on for Raw to deliver, and look at the card, they should. All titles will be defended, including the new Cruiserweight Championship. I wish the storylines were better in almost every case. Raw has a lot of talent, but the creative work on the show has been very inconsistent. I just wish it was a more interesting show every week.

Here’s the prediction league table as it stands:


  1. RIF – 155.5pts
  2. Michael – 136.5pts
  3. Dan – 130.5pts
  4. Joe – 108pts


Good, eh?



Alicia Fox vs. Nia Jax

RIF: Nia Jax

Joe: Nia Jax

Michael: Nia Jax

Dan: Nia Jax

One of the easiest matches to predict. Actually forgot Alicia Fox was even on Raw, that goes to show how criminally unutilised she is. She’s almost treated like an afterthought. It’s a shame because she’s a talented girl. She’d be much better served on Smackdown, she could be a heel valet for Tyler Breeze and Fandango. Jax should be involved in the Women’s Title mix very soon.


WWE Cruiserweight Championship

The Brian Kendrick vs. TJ Perkins ©

RIF: TJ Perkins

Joe: TJ Perkins

Michael: TJ Perkins

Dan: TJ Perkins

Here’s a question, why wasn’t the Cruiserweight champion present on Raw during the introduction of the Cruiserweights? Bit weird. They could have had him as a guest commentator, followed with a stare down with Kendrick after his victory. I’m cool with Kendrick being the number one contender. I’ve always been a huge fan of the guy and was bitterly disappointed when he was released back in ’09. Hope they right the wrongs with him this time around. The other problem I have is that there’s no storyline or animosity between the performers, so it might be difficult to win over the crowd. Hopefully they’ll get 10-15 minutes to have a good match. Perkins should win the match, likely with his knee bar submission.


Best of 7 Series (Match 7)

Sheamus (3) vs. Cesaro (3)

RIF: Cesaro

Joe: Sheamus

Michael: Cesaro

Dan: Cesaro

This match really needs to spring up a surprise in terms of match quality. Give them 20 minutes with five minutes of incredible action at the end of the match. They’ve had matches on television (and at that house show in London), it’s been obvious that Cesaro was going to win the last three to tie it at 3-3 and there just isn’t a lot of excitement. Has there ever been a straight winner in a best of series match? I don’t think so. The winner gets a “future championship opportunity” without specifying what that is. Neither guy has really gotten a chance to cut a meaningful promo on television to talk about how much winning this series is going to mean to them. You can’t just have guys have a bunch of matches over two months and then expect people to automatically care? Please give us a reason to care. Give the win to Cesaro. He needs it more.


WWE United States Championship

Rusev © vs. Roman Reigns

RIF: Rusev

Joe: Roman Reigns

Michael: Roman Reigns

Dan: Rusev

I have very little interest in this match. Got nothing to do with the performers. I just can’t get excited about a match that has taken place a few times and then lost some steam in the last month because it looked like Reigns has set his sights on the Universal Title. When the time comes for Rusev to lose the US title it should be a big deal against someone who can really benefit from winning the title. Names that spring to mind are guys like Sami Zayn, Neville, Cesaro, and Big Cass. No idea how this will end, but keep the title on Rusev.


Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho

RIF: Sami Zayn

Joe: Chris Jericho

Michael: Sami Zayn

Dan: Chris Jericho

I love what Jericho is doing. The guy is comedic gold, yet still manages to reinvent himself over the years and still remains as one of the WWE’s top hands. The ‘List of Jericho’ segments on Raw were great. Now that he’s dropping his no merchandise rule, does this mean we’ll get a Stupid Idiot shirt? I’m going to go with Sami getting the victory here. Jericho has a reputation for being willing to put others over, plus Zayn winning makes sense as he’s only had one PPV victory this year.


Raw Women’s Championship

Charlotte © vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley

RIF: Charlotte

Joe: Sasha Banks

Michael: Charlotte

Dan: Bayley

The women’s triple threat at WrestleMania was amazing. Best women’s match of the year. I actually think this has the potential to become something special. Can these women have the best match on this show? Maybe. The build has been okay although I’m annoyed that a triple threat match ending in a draw two weeks leads to another triple threat match. My prediction for the finish will be Charlotte retaining while Sasha turns heel on Bayley for trying to steal her spotlight and title opportunity. I actually prefer Sasha as a heel.


Raw Tag Team Championship

The New Day © vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

RIF: The New Day

Joe: Gallows & Anderson

Michael: The New Day

Dan: Gallows & Anderson

This feud could have been a whole lot more but it hasn’t. It has bombed so bad. I still shiver whenever I recall that awful “Old Day” skint. Not a fan of the whole doctor gimmick either. The only highlight being Dana Brooke acting as a sexy nurse. I think The New Day are going to retain because WWE will want them to beat the Demolition all-time record in a few months. The group still sells a lot of merch and they’re popular, so might as well keep it going. Still plenty of time to put the titles on Gallows & Anderson.


WWE Universal Championship

Kevin Owens © vs. Seth Rollins

RIF: Kevin Owens

Joe: Kevin Owens

Michael: Kevin Owens

Dan: Kevin Owens

Two of my favourite performers are going at it in the main event and I’m looking forward to it. It’s obvious that Owens is going to retain. There’s no way they’ll take the title away from him so early in his reign. I think Triple H is going to be involved in the finish. They had him cost Rollins the title in the first place and he hasn’t been on Raw since then. That was done because they are going to need him to “surprise” us on this show. I also reckon that Stephanie will finally confirm that she was involved with Hunter attacking Rollins. I hope they get at least 15-20 minutes before they set up the screwy finish. Owens and Rollins should deliver a memorable matchup. Here’s hoping the finish makes sense too.


So what’s your thoughts on Clash of Champions? Feel free to post your predictions in the comment section below, and I’ll be back with my random thoughts on the show.




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