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Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond (2016)


Directed by: Justin Lin

Starring: Chris Pine, Karl Urban, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, and Idris Elba


The thirteenth Star Trek movie has been out for some time now and is expected to be one of the biggest blockbuster hits of the summer along with Suicide Squad (a review of that film will be up on Saturday)

I’m not a massive fan of Star Trek, although I do remember watching reruns of the classic television series when I was young. I’ve always been a mark for Star Wars! I enjoyed the previous two, Into Darkness was tremendous. With that being said it’s only right I give this a shot.

Star Trek Beyond is the first major Star Trek production to be released since the death of Leonard Nimoy. I’ll talk about him in more detail during my final analysis. I’ll also shed some light on Anton Yelchin who’d passed away not long after the film was complete.

Three years have passed since the events of “Into Darkness”. It has also been three years into the Enterprise’s five year mission. After docking at a Starfleet base called Yorktown, a remote outpost on the fringes of Federation space, the USS Enterprise is attacked and destroyed by a powerful unknown alien race. The attack leaves the crew stranded on a remote planet with no means of rescue. The crew encounter a new ruthless foe who puts them and the Federation to the test. Can Kirk reunite his crew and stop this dangerous new threat?

I enjoyed this movie. The one thing I’ve noticed about these new Star Trek films is that they get that balance right which appeals to casual moviegoers and fans of the franchise. That gets a huge tick from me. My friend, who is a big time Star Trek fan, wanted me to mention that this felt so much more like a Star Trek film than the previous ones.

The returning cast of Pine, Quinto, Urban, Saldana, Pegg, and Cho are as great as ever. Idris Elba is great as the villain and his motives make sense. But, the role that felt really huge and important in contrast to the previous movies, was Anton Yelchin’s final performance as Chekov. A truly brilliant actor, always taking the screen whenever alongside other cast members, giving us his absolute best in the trilogy. It’s sad that he’s passed away. He offered so much in this film. Another highlight was Urban and Quinto’s undeniable chemistry throughout. McCoy is the blunt, straight talker whiles Spock is the level headed intellect. It was very grounded and touching to watch. Seriously, Zachary Quinto is born to play Spock. I’ve said it since the 2009 film and I’ll continue to say it today. He’s the perfect actor to take on such an iconic role, made famous by the late Leonard Nimoy.

As I mentioned, this was the last big Star Trek production to be released since Nimoy’s passing of last year. It was only fitting to announce the death of Spock Prime. It was handled in a dignified and respectful way with will stratify both die-hard trekkies and anyone associated with Star Trek. Not the biggest fan of Star Trek myself, but I do respect the contributions Nimoy has made to the film and television industry.

I had no idea that Simon Pegg had some involvement in writing the script. It shouldn’t be a surprise because Pegg is a massive fan of Star Trek (and Sci-Fi in general) and that is shown in his performance as Scotty. He truly is having the time of his life as the Scottish engineer, and when you’re a fan of something close to your heart it does show in the final product.

Visually the film was perfect, and the soundtrack is top class. Believe me when I say that you’ll get pumped up when watching enemy spaceships blowing up with The Beastie Boys playing in the background!

Star Trek Beyond is fun, action-packed and visually stylish. This is a treat for all movie-goers and Trek fans alike. Pegg has done an impressive job and I hope he will return as writer for the next outing. Anton Yelchin will be greatly missed. This film is the perfect tribute to him and to Leonard Nimoy.

Live long and prosper.

Rating: **** (Champion)


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