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Rif’s Random Reviews:Funko Suicide Squad Vinyl Figure Mystery Minis (Part 1)


Hands up who’s looking forward to Suicide Squad, because I am.

Yes, I’ll be reviewing it and you can catch that review in two weeks’ time. Until then, here’s some Funko Vinyl Figures for you to enjoy.

Seriously, what brand has Funko not given the vinyl figure treatment to? It seems as though everything has been covered.

I’ve picked up four of these at the Forbidden Planet store in Newcastle for just £6 each. You may also notice in the title that this is just part one of two. That’s because I’ll be opening two today, the other two either next Tuesday or Wednesday, and finally ending Suicide Squad week off with a review of the film on Saturday 6th August.


The back of the box shows all twelve figures available in the set, all of which has a 1/12 chance of getting. From top left to bottom right the characters available are Captain Boomerang, Masked Deadshot, Killer Croc, Regular Harley Quinn, Enchantress, Katana, El Diablo, Unmasked Deadshot, Rick Flagg, Black & Gold Harley Quinn, Topless Joker and Suit Joker. No Amanda Walker or Slipknot.

Oh well.

Who would I want? First on my list is Killer Croc. Love that guy. As for the rest, perhaps Katana, both of the Deadshots, and Boomerang. Wouldn’t mind El Diablo. Rick Flagg is too plain, so I’d rather not have him. I wouldn’t lose sleep if I didn’t get either one of the Joker’s or Harley Quinn’s.

Anyway, let’s see who I got in part one of my unboxing.


Having got Harley Quinn in front of me, I’m actually really impressed with her. The detail is superb, and you can clearly make out her tattoos on her thighs. She loves ‘puddin’ that’s for sure. The only critisums I can give is that her right pigtail was loose in packaging, so I had to stick it back in with some glue otherwise ‘Mr.J’ will “hurt me really, really bad”. Just realised she’s got a tattoo on her face (‘rotten’), never noticed that before. There are slight paint smudges on her right boot, but overall, this is a good figure.

I simply love the look of Killer Croc. The texture of his scales looks and feels great. The dry brushing application of the paint really add to the overall presentation. That piercing stare and chilling snarl will adds to the overall menacing look they were trying to achieve with Croc.  Just like Harley, Croc does have some paint smudges on his boots, but it doesn’t detract from the figure. It’s a pretty good figure in fact.

That’s part one sorted. Join me again for part two where I’ll open up the two remaining mystery mini boxes.

Figures crossed for Katana!

Got a proper thing for Asian girls recently.


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