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Rif’s Random Reviews: Lego Disney Mini Figures Blind Bags Series 1


We all grew up with Disney and Lego, right? Well, put them together and what do you get? You get Disney Lego.

You know, Disney-World isn’t the only magical place on the planet, TescoLand Sunderland is too, and that’s where I bought three of these from.

Ever been to TescoLand Sunderland? You haven’t? Who am I talking to? Why am I asking questions? Seriously, if you happen to be in the Sundeland area (don’t all rush out at once), check it out. Make sure it’s TescoLand next to B&Ms and McDonalds, not the TescoLand in the Bridges. Not enough magic goes on in there. What’s there to do in TescoLand? Well, you could take a walk up ‘Fruit & Veg Street, Tyne & Wear’, go crazy in ‘Adventure Freezer Land’ or make all of your fantasies come true in ‘Fantasy Bakery Land’, make sure BakerDum and BakerDee don’t catch you taking products off the shelve, otherwise they’ll scold you and tell you to take them off the trays from inside the haunted bakery. No one wants to get them from the haunted bakery as it’s a waste of time and buggers up your pick-rate….sorry,  I meant to say it wastes your time from exploring the magic of TescoLand. (Pick-Rate, now where did that come from?)

As I was rubbing these blind bags up (HEYYYYY) down in Toy Aisle Country, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a gentleman approaching me. He had a kind face, a heart-warming smile, a little moustache, silver curly hair, a hunch back, and was holding this weird contraption that performed this therapeutic jingle whenever something was scanned and placed in his magical green cart. I think it was some sort of magic wand which was activated by shaking it in his hand. I don’t know who he was, perhaps he’s the TescoLand mascot. Who knows?

“Hello, young sir”, said the man in a sweet melodic voice, “Are you shoplifting?” Before I could defend myself, he burst out laughing, rubbing his belly with glee. “Ohhh, what you got there? Disney Lego?” As he proceeded to talk about some random useless shite about Disney, I made a quick exit towards Till-Land, paid for my items (using my TescoLand Club Card to save 10%) and left. I waited outside to see if the fireworks would go off over the TescoLand Castle. It never happened, never does. It’s open 24 hours so…..oh wait…..

Anyway, let’s take a look and see who we could get.


I’d be buzzing if I got Buzz Lightyear (funny joke?). That’s the main one I want. Would love to get Syndrome, as well. Not really too bothered about who else, as long as it’s not someone girly like Alice (Alice, who the fuck is Alice?) or Ariel. Actually, take a look at Ariel, I thought that her accessory was a toilet, but it’s actually a shell.


Whoa, Lads, I’ve think I’ve only gone and won the fucking jackpot here! The two that I wanted most were the ones that I won. I’ve no idea who that blue guy is, pipe up in the comment section below so I know what to write in the title bar when I come to sell him on e-bay. Out of the three, Syndrome takes the gold medal! I just love his cocky sneer and the moulding for his ginger hair.

If you collect these, who did you get? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comment section below and I’ll be back again with my next blog.



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