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Euro 2016 Predictions


This year’s European Championships will make history by including 24 nations, as oppose to the traditional 16 we’ve seen in previous tournaments. Personally, I like the added inclusions. As a result of that, we’ve seen the likes of Northern Ireland, Iceland, Albania, and Wales qualify for the tournament.

This is just a quick blog to highlight my predictions for this year’s tournament. I’ll be going thought the entire tournament beginning with the group stages and all the year to the final.



Q = Qualified as best 3rd place team

Group A: France, Switzerland, Romania (Q), Albania

Group B: England, Wales, Slovakia (Q), Russia

Group C: Germany, Poland, Northern Ireland (Q), Ukraine

Group D: Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, Turkey

Group E: Belgium, Sweden, Italy (Q), Republic of Ireland

Group F: Austria, Portugal, Iceland, Hungary

1st Round

Poland def. Switzerland

Spain def. Italy

England def. Romania

Sweden def. Austria

Germany def. Slovakia

Belgium def. Croatia

France def. Northern Ireland

Portugal def. Wales

Quarter Finals

Spain def. Poland

England def. Sweden

German def. Belgium

France def. Portugal

Semi Finals

Spain def. England

Germany def. France


Germany def. Spain to become the 2016 European Champions


So there you go, guys. I’m going with Germany to win the whole tournament. I can’t look beyond them, in all honesty. Who do you think will win Euro 2016? Feel free to post your predictions in the comment section below, and I’ll be back with a special blog overlooking the outcome of the tournament and seeing if my predictions were correct.

Thanks for reading.



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