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WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Predictions


WWE’s answer to WCW Uncensored comes from Newark, New Jersey. It’s a show that is heavy on gimmick matches, and that shown again here with five of the eight matches having an added stipulation.

There are several rematches from Payback on tonight’s card, including a rematch between WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns taking on AJ Styles in an Extreme Rules Match.

As always, myself and the gang predict the outcomes for points where the winner will get absolutely nothing, but hey, it’s just cheeky banter with the lads (How many Americans know what that phrase means?)



Michael – 58.5pts



No Disqualification Match

Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin

RIF: Baron Corbin

Joe: Dolph Ziggler

Michael: Dolph Ziggler

Dan: Baron Corbin

Just end this fucking feud already! I feel bad for Ziggler being stuck in this spot that he’s in. Turn him heel or do something to give him that spark back again.

Tornado Rules Tag Team Match

The Usos vs. The Club

RIF: The Club

Joe: The Usos

Michael: The Club

Dan: The Usos

The Tornado Rules stipulation makes me believe that this match is going to be a lot of fun. All four guys can wrestle. That’s a fact. Despite that reality, I can’t say I’m looking forward to this match that much. It’s not that I don’t want to see it, it’s that I’m not that excited to see it again.  I mean, how many times have these guys faced off with each other since Anderson and Gallows arrived in WWE? It’s literally been every week. I’m ready to see something new from these guys after this match, but I do see a rematch happening at Money in the Bank.

Asylum Match

Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho

RIF: Dean Ambrose

Joe: Dean Ambrose

Michael: Dean Ambrose

Dan: Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho are two of the best talkers in WWE, so I’ve enjoyed the promo exchanges between them. The stuff with the potted plant and a ripped up jacket were a bit silly, but they’ve been able to make it work. The rivalry makes a lot of sense to me with Ambrose wanting to prove himself against a veteran guy while Jericho wants to show that he’s still got it. I liked their match at Payback and feel like this “Asylum Match” with weapons surrounded by a cage should be pretty good too. This will be booked as a serious contest with the odd silly spot being thrown in. Ambrose needs to win in a decisive manner after losing feuds to Brock Lesnar, Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins. It’s possible for Jericho to win because we all know WWE likes to do stretch feuds out to three PPVs, but Ambrose getting the victory is better for him especially with Money in the Bank up next and Ambrose being in a position where he can be considered as a favourite.

WWE Intercontinental Championship

The Miz © vs. Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

RIF: The Miz

Joe: Sami Zayn

Michael: Kevin Owens

Dan: Cesaro

I like the WWE has built this match up in a way where all four participants have been booked around the same level. It’s not like the ladder match at WrestleMania where Sin Cara was involved even though you knew he had no chance of winning. Then again, Zack Ryder won that match. Anyway, the point is all four guys belong in this match. The Owens/Zayn rivalry can continue without the title, plus I feel as though Owens has moved on from IC title level anyway. I can actually see him winning MITB actually. My original pick was Cesaro, but the more I think about it, it makes much more sense to keep the title on Miz. He’s in a good place right now as the arrogant Hollywood “movie star” with his wife by his side. The act just works. No need to take the title off him just yet. They can always revisit a Cesaro/ Miz feud again somewhere down the line.

WWE United States Championship

Rusev vs. Kalisto ©

RIF: Rusev

Joe: Kalisto

Michael: Kalisto

Dan: Rusev

The way Rusev was book on Raw was like the Rusev of old. I’m a bit surprised that Kalisto has held onto the title as long as he has. It was fun to start off with, but it’s really ran its course in the last few months. The underdog story is always an easy story to tell and now is the time to move on. This should be a good match. Kalisto had a really fun match with Ryback at Payback, but Rusev is a much better performer than Ryback so this should be even better.

WWE Women’s Championship

Submission Match

Natalya vs. Charlotte ©

RIF: Charlotte

Joe: Charlotte

Michael: Charlotte

Dan: Charlotte

It’s never easy pulling off a submission match because sometimes a crowd can grow tired of constant submission attempts. In a regular match, the spots that earn the big responses are typically the nearfalls, right? Well, in this match there are no nearfalls, just submission attempts. Both women have submission finishers that are over with the crowd, so it’s going to be a question of which hold will prevail. I have faith in both women to keep the crowd entertained. They should be given around 15-20 minutes to tell a story and should do a great job within that time frame.

WWE Tag Team Championship

The New Day © vs. The Vaudevillians

RIF: The New Day

Joe: The Vaudevillians

Michael: The New Day

Dan: The New Day

This should be a standard tag match with the champs walking away with the gold. I’m happy that The Vaudevillians are in his position, but they’re not going to be walking away with the gold. There’s already a feud they can pick up on once Enzo Amore returns because English & Gotch were responsible for putting him on the shelve in the first place and they’ve trashed talked Big Cass. That’s the direction there going in whiles The Club will be the next in line to face The New Day.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Extreme Rules Match

Roman Reigns © vs. AJ Styles

RIF: Roman Reigns

Joe: AJ Styles

Michael: Roman Reigns

Dan: Roman Reigns

I’ve really like the build up to this match. They’ve really made this rivalry heated and put on display each man’s desire to win and prove that they are the best. I do like how WWE have acknowledged AJ’s accomplishments outside of the WWE as It presents him as an accomplished wrestler with a history behind him. There’s two sides of the coin when it comes to Roman Reigns, he’s not as bad as his haters make him out to be and he’s not as good as WWE Management make him out to be. I still think they are smart to invest in him long term because he’s shown in this feud that he’s capable on the microphone when he has a good storyline. He’s done well in big matches, so give him credit where credit is due.

There are several avenues WWE could go down for the booking of this match. I reckon that The Club come out and attack AJ in a way that costs him the match, but it doesn’t put them with Roman and Finn Balor doesn’t show up. Maybe they could accidently hit Styles with a chair expect it isn’t an accident and that allows Roman to finish Styles off with a spear or Superman punch.

It’s too soon to take the title away from Reigns just yet. He’s already had two short title reigns and a third one would be damaging. This will be fun!

Enjoy Extreme Rules, guys. Feel free to post your predictions in the comments section below, and I’ll be back with my Random Thoughts on Extreme Rules.


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