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Movie Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)


Directed by: Zack Snyder

Starring: Ben Afflect, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Jeremy Irons & Gal Gadot


So, it’s here. The ultimate showdown between two of the biggest heavy hitters in the comic book world; Batman and Superman.

Words can’t describe just how much I’ve been looking forward to this. They were supposed to release a Batman v Superman film as far back as 2002, but nothing came into fruition.

As soon as this film was released, the question on everyone’s lips was who will play Batman? It had to be the right appointment considering how amazing Christian Bale was throughout the Dark Knight Trilogy. When Ben Afflect was cast, I was mixed. Never really been a fan of his but I did think he was superb in Argo. There was an uproar about Afflect’s casting, the demons of Daredevil were still fresh in the memory of some, but he has grown as an actor since then and deserves a chance.

It wasn’t just Ben Afflect causing an uproar, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther was a surprising choice. He wouldn’t be my first choice (that would belong to Bryan Cranston).

The other big talking point was this film was that Wonder Woman would finally make her on-screen debut after 75 years (still amazes me that there wasn’t a Wonder Woman during the Lynda Carter era). I must admit and say that I’ve never heard of Gal Gadot, so this will be the first time I’ve seen her act. No pressure, love!

The critics has really panned this film. It does make me worry but not enough to stop me from going to see it. I’m going to go with low expectations and take it for what it is.

Before I continue, I want to say that this review does contain spoilers. If you haven’t seen BVS, look away now.




To really tell the story of Batman v Superman, you need to go back to the events which occurred in Man of Steel. Bruce Wayne, who has served Gotham as Batman for two decades, is witnessing first-hand the number of casualties caused by the fight between Superman and General Zod. He blames Superman for the mass number of casualties and swears revenge on him. Superman, in his public identity as Daily Planet journalist Clark Kent, isn’t a fan of Batman’s methods and seeks to expose him. Convinced that Superman is a threat to humanity, Batman sets out on a personal mission to bring down Superman. Elsewhere, Lex Luther has his own plans to kill Superman.



Why do the critics hate this movie so much? It was fucking tremendous.


The overall story was solid. I thought it would be the weakest part of the movie, honestly, it kept me intrigued the whole way through. The loved the whole tone of the movie.

Right off the bat (no pun intended) Ben Afflect nails it as Batman and Bruce Wayne. This version of Batman is arguably the most brutal yet. He really belts ten shades of shit out of the bad guys, and the way they introduce him is the best yet. It’s like something out of a horror movie. You fear him! He’s almost like an urban myth and a legend in Gotham, even though he’s been doing all this for twenty odd years.

The guy is fucking terrifying!

I’m going to go on record to say that Afflect is the greatest on-screen Batman, ever! This is the best acting I’ve ever seen Afflect do.Bruce Wayne is a servery dramatized man. He’s witnessed his parents being killed before him, hundreds of his staff at Wayne Enterprises killed from the events of Man of Steel. He’s got anxaity, post dramatic stress disorder, and we see that in the film and Afflect brilliantly demonstrates all these emotions.

After all the criticism he received upon being casted as the Dark Knight, I’m so pleased for the guy. Now the wait for the stand alone Batman film is on!


Batman/ Bruce Wayne’s relationship with Alfred is unlike anything else we’ve seen before. They seem almost like old friends rather than the father/son relationship they have. But Jeremy Irons is the man to play Alfred. He’s so chilled and witty.

Henry Cavill kills it as Superman. The guy is born to play Superman. You can tell he loves playing this character, he’s come a long way since Man of Steel.

Another character who really stood out, and really made me proud, and is going to make millions of females proud is Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. She kicks arse in this film. Not just as Wonder Woman, but also as Diana Prince. She is a warrior!

To be honest, she stole the show at the end during the showdown with Doomsday. It was just so good to see this Amazonian warrior finally come to live on the big screen and Gal Gadot was the perfect person to do that.


I feared that the editing would be too choppy changing and all over the place going from Metropolis to Gotham, Metropolis to Gotham, back to Superman, back to Batman, etc. But it actually works. It all builds up to the big fight between Bats and Sups.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther was someone who I was on the fence about. I’m happy to say that I liked his version of Luther. He is a servery damaged, multi-layer character. He’s almost like the puppet master in this film as his pits Superman against Batman. In the comics, Luther is a power hungry, narcissistic, egotistical prick. That isn’t the case here. Think of him as a mad scientist style character. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, much like how brutal Batman is, but it just works for Eisenberg.

The action is almost like that from Mad Max: Fury Road. It just hits hard and leaves you dying for more. The Batmobile scenes were fine, not as good as the ones in Dark Knight.

The one thing I didn’t like was how the rest of the Justice League members were unveiled. It was almost like as if the studio was all like ‘we need to hurry the fuck up; Avengers 3 is almost out soon!’ It could have been better.

Speaking about Justice League members, I know I shit on the guy a lot, but I loved Aqua Man’s unveiling. I’ll not go too much into it but it was done perfectly.

Some scenes did bring a tear to my eye but that’s as far as I’ll go.

I was nervous going into this. Was it really as bad as people were making it out to be? That goes to show how attached and protective I am to these characters, and I can honestly say that this film surpassed my expectations. It was wonderful seeing Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman together on screen. The chemistry is there and it’s going to leave you desperate for more.

Overlooking its flaws, Batman v Superman is a tremendous film.

Don’t allow the critics to put you off from seeing this. This is a must see film!


Rating: **** ½ (Champion)


One comment on “Movie Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

  1. ghaydenfilm
    March 26, 2016

    Wow great review, definitely have a different opinion on the quality of this film! Definitely agree that the studio jammed in the Justice League members, Bryan Cranston would have been a great choice, much more menacing. Even though I wasn’t a big fan of the film, I definitely think people should go and see it.

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