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A Cuppa & Question Session #2


Welcome back to part two of my Cuppa & Question Session series. I want to say thank you for response for the first edition of C&QS and I look forward to answering your questions in the upcoming months.

I’ve gone through your questions, selected a handful of them, and here are my responses.

Oh, and I’ve just made myself a cuppa as well!
As a Sunderland fan, what’s your feelings regarding the Adam Johnson situation?
I’m disgusted by it. He has well and truly sent us up the garden path, hasn’t he? How dare he deny the allegations when he knew damn well he was guilty. And by doing that, he has made mugs out of every Sunderland fan for defending him when opposition fans were giving him a hard time. Ellis Short must have been furious when Johnson admitted his guilt. It has certainly placed a black cloud over the club. Since Johnson admitted the truth he has seen his sponsorship deal with Adidas terminated, The FA have removed his image from Wembley and Sunderland has rightfully dismissed him. Had they not have done that, 38,000 Sunderland fans (myself included) were planning to boycott every game until he was let go.
All the evidence coming out of the court case is sickening. It just shows that there is more than meets the eye with Johnson’s relationship with that girl. I’ve got zero sympathy for him. He’s brought it upon himself.

Who will win Euro 2016?
I can’t look beyond Germany. I’ll rank Spain and France as potential champions, but Germany are just far too strong.

Be honest, are Leicester City going to win the Premier League?
I’m really on the fence about it. Their loss against Arsenal has opened the title race wide open once again. You can’t rule Spurs out either. Looking at the fixtures, Arsenal and Spurs have tough fixtures, they’ve got to face each other as well, but that doesn’t mean anything. Anything can happen in this sport. Good luck to them.

Thoughts on Daniel Bryan’s retirement
I’m truly saddened by it, I really am. But when you hear him talking about having seizures and what not, it’s for the best. I remember fans giving WWE a hard time for not clearing him but they should be applauded for it as they wanted to be 100% certain that he was healthy enough to compete, but it wasn’t to be. At least he had his WrestleMania moment and had the chance to compete at the top, even if it was brief. On a personal note, I was there at his final ever match last April in London (D-Bry & John Cena vs. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro).

Do you collect Marvel Legends (action figures)?
No really, only ever collect WWE figures; even then I tend to cherry pick them (recently I’ve been trying to complete my Hasbro WWF collecting but those e-bay prices, man!) I am tempted to buy Deadpool from the upcoming X-Men wave. Might even try to find a cheap figure of Rhino from somewhere. Any offers, guys?

This may sound like a dumb question but what does ‘cuppa’ mean?
Cuppa is British slag for cup of tea/ coffee.

You’ve mentioned before that you’re planning something for your 30th and I was just wondering if you’ve settled on something?
I can confirm that I have finally decided what I’ll be doing for my 30th and I will be posting a blog about it real some. I can also confirm that it does involve travelling.

What’s better; Marvel or DC?
Marvel. No question about it! I think part of that is because DC just doesn’t know how to market their characters aside from Batman and Superman. Marvel can, and it works.

The EU, are you in or out?
I don’t get it. Politics goes over my head. I remember before during the recent election I asked someone who John Major was the manager of. That sums it all up really, doesn’t it?

I remember before you saying that WrestleMania 17 was one of a small number of pay per views you would give 10/10 to. Which other PPVs would you give a 10 rating to?
Aside from WrestleMania 17, the others are Money in the Bank 2011, IYH: Canadian Stampede ’97 & ECW One Night Stand ’05.

What’s your favourite ever Championship Manager/ Football Manager save of all time?
That’s easy, Ajax. Spent 10 years with them and this is what I achieved:

Dutch Eredivisie Championship x10
Johan Cruijff Shield x8
KNVB Cups x6
UEFA Champion’s League x4
UEFA Super Cup x3
FIFA Club World Championship x2

Also got them top of the World Club rankings too. Also had a good save with York City but the success I achieved wasn’t on par with Ajax.

Thank you again for all your questions, guys. If you liked what you’ve read and want to leave a question for my next C&Q blog then please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. Please like, share or comment as it really does help the site out, and I hope to see you again in my next blog.

Thanks for reading.

See ya later.



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