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WWE Fastlane 2016 Predictions


Hot off the heels of a very successful Royal Rumble event, it’s Fastlane! It’s the final stop before WrestleMania, and Fastlane’s main event will determine who will be the number one contender for Triple H’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Here is the league table as it stands after the Royal Rumble:

1. Joe – 14pts
2. RIF – 13pts
3. Dan – 12pts
4. Michael – 8pts

WWE United States Championship
2 out of 3 falls
Kalisto © vs. Alberto Del Rio
RIF: Kalisto
Joe: Kalisto
Michael: Kalisto
Dan: Kalisto
Can’t look beyond Kalisto for this one. The added stipulation will allow Kalisto and Del Rio to make it a back and forth contest. I can’t see the feud continuing beyond this match. Not sure who Kalisto will feud with next, perhaps a heel Sin Cara, but it’s time to move on from here.

AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho
RIF: AJ Styles
Joe: Chris Jericho
Michael: AJ Styles
Dan: Chris Jericho
I’m more than excited for this one. Their matches on TV have been exceptional and I believe that they can do something special on PPV. I love the way AJ has been booked since his debut at the Royal Rumble, and having him working this ‘friendly’ rivalry with Jericho is perfect. There isn’t any bad blood between them. Jericho has put Styles over at every opportunity he’s been given, but you do sense that the competitiveness between them is starting to heat up and ready to boil at Fastlane.
Give them 20 minutes and allow them to work their magic. Styles goes over clean and then post match either have them do the handshake or have Jericho walk out in disgust. This could be a contender for match of the night, maybe an early match of the year contender.

Ryback, Big Show & Kane vs. The Wyatt Family
RIF: The Wyatts
Joe: Kane, Big Show & Ryback
Michael: The Wyatts
Dan: The Wyatts
Anything other than a Wyatt Family win isn’t happening. I reckon it’ll be Bray, Harper and Strowman in the match, with Strowman picking up the win for his team. It should also be Big Show taking the loss for his team, but it wouldn’t surprise me if either Ryback or Kane that takes the loss.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Kevin Owens © vs. Dolph Ziggler
RIF: Kevin Owens
Joe: Kevin Owens
Michael: Kevin Owens
Dan: Kevin Owens
Every time Owen & Ziggler wrestle the match is above average and entertaining. I trust both of them as talents to do something different this time around. It was pretty surprising seeing Ziggler getting two victories over Owens because he hasn’t been booked well for most of last year, but it does indicate that management have some faith in him and he’s also a good asset in terms of putting on good matches. He’s not going to win here, Owen just won the title on Raw and I believe he’s meant to hold on to it until WrestleMania where he’ll face AJ Styles ( or add in Jericho and Miz should they want a multi man match on the card).

Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks vs. Naomi & Tamina
RIF: Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch
Joe: Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch
Michael: Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch
Dan: Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch
The most predictable match on the card! It’s all about getting Sasha and Becky ready for WrestleMania. Becky and Sasha don’t trust each other but will find a way to work together to gain the win. The face turn of Banks has been a slow build, and I like it. It’s much better than having her turn up acting all goody goody like what the Bellas did last year. At least there’s a story here with Naomi and Tamina being mad at Banks since she wants to do things without them. I’d be shocked if this one went longer than seven minutes.

WWE Divas Championship
Charlotte © vs. Brie Bella
RIF: Charlotte
Joe: Brie Bella (DQ)
Michael: Charlotte
Dan: Charlotte
Brie has admitted that her time in the WWE is coming to an end soon and it would be a nice tribute to her husband Daniel Bryan if she won the title. I can’t see that happening. Charlotte’s retaining, but she’ll have to work hard for it. Brie is going to be booked strong, kicking out of everything Charlotte throws at her and refusing to tap to the figure eight. Charlotte will get lucky after her dad distracts Brie. I’ve always made my feelings clear about the Bella Twins but I do want Brie to have a shining moment here. She’s improved a lot since her debut and she deserves one last shining moment. At least we don’t need to hear that bloody awful Brie Mode song again!

Number one contender match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose
RIF: Roman Reigns
Joe: Roman Reigns
Michael: Roman Reigns
Dan: Roman Reigns
This match will be a lot of fun. I have high expectations for it being a great match that will get at least 30 minutes. I love the way Dean Ambrose has been portrayed in this storyline. It makes you think that he could actually win this match because he’s received a lot of focus throughout this storyline. Ambrose has been the guy that has gotten in Lesnar’s face and the fans have continued to cheer him. They also had him lose the IC Title last week, which shows that The Authority doesn’t like him. They don’t like Reigns either, yet who is the more sympathetic face right now? It’s Ambrose.
Lesnar isn’t going to win because the Wyatt Family are going to get involved liked they did at the Royal Rumble. He’ll be put through a table or attacked by the four Wyatt Family member guys in a way that will take him out of the picture without making him look weak. Lesnar will beat Wyatt at WrestleMania most likely which sucks.
Dean Ambrose has been on a roll lately, like I said before, but it would be very un-WWE-like to give him that title given the current situation. If the story is dethroning the cocky Triple H and sticking a middle finger up to the establishment, Dean Ambrose is the man to do it. He would be fearless on the mic against Triple H and the crowd would be hot to see them face off. Ambrose is, by far, the embodiment of “the people” overthrowing “the man”.
As good as that sounds, that isn’t going to happen. When WWE took the title away from Reigns at the Royal Rumble, they did it because they want to put the WWE Title on a heel that Reigns can beat to further cement him as the top man of the company.

*Tie Breakers*

Who will be involved in the finish for the Divas tag match? (1.5pts per correct answer)
RIF: Sasha Banks & Naomi
Joe: Sasha Banks & Tamina
Michael: Sasha Banks & Naomi
Dan: Sasha Banks & Naomi
I truly believe Banks will get the win for her team in order to build some momentum heading into WrestleMania. You could have a spot where Lynch is on the verge of getting the win, only for Banks to tag herself in and win it, causing tension between the two. It’s all guess work, but I can see the Boss chalking up the victory.

Name the opening contest
RIF: AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho
Joe: AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho
Michael: 6 Man Tag
Dan: Intercontinental Championship
Complete shot in the dark. AJ & Y2J should get people on their feet and set the tone for the rest of the show.

What are your predictions for Fastlane? Feel free to like, share or comment as it really does help the site out. Feel free to share your predictions in the comments below and I hope to see you again for my random thoughts on Fastlane.

Thanks for reading.

See ya later!


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