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Twelve Christmas Movie Reviews in Twelve Days 2015: #11. The Santa Clause (1994)


Directed by: John Pasquin
Starring: Tim Allen, Eric Lloyd, Judge Reinhold, Wendy Crewson and David Krumholtz

Ever wondered how what would happen if something serious had happened to Santa? Is there a readymade replacement in line? Well, this film answers that and a whole lot more about Santa.

Scott Clavin (Allen) is disgusted when he learns that his ex-wife and her husband have tried, but failed, to convince their six year old son that Santa isn’t real. Scott strongly believes that the time isn’t right for his son to learn the truth just yet. On Christmas Eve, Scott finds Santa on his roof. After calling him out, Santa falls off the roof and disappears, leaving only his eight reindeers, a sleigh and his suit, which contains instructions to put on in case of an accident. He does, and is able to transport himself around the town, dropping gifts through people’s chimneys. He is then taken to the North Pole, where he is informed by Elves that he is now the new Santa Clause. He reluctantly accepts the role, but how can he keep it a secret from his own family?

This film still tugs away at the heartstrings of nostalgia. What I didn’t know is that this is Tim Allen’s big screen debut. I honestly never knew that. He’ll always be Buzz Lightyear, to me. The rest of the cast played their respected roles well, with David Krumholtz being the stand out as Bernard the Elf. He was funny in a dry as a bone sort of way.

The other thing I like about this film is how it answers those sort of questions we ask ourselves as children, such as what happens if you don’t have a chimney or how does he get down the chimney. It’s as if the script writers have experienced this with their own children and have incorporated it into the movie. It’s little things like that which make this film just that little bit more special.

I really do like this film; it’s so funny and pleasant. The plot is original, the script is a ton of fun, and the pace is very even. Nothing feels rush. It’s right up there with all the holiday classics.

Rating: **** (Champion)


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