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WWE TLC 2015 Prediction Contest


Tonight is the final pay per view show of the year: Tables, Ladders & Chairs (but no stairs) aka TLC. The WWE product has been poor right now, but saying that, this has been a strong year for matches. Problem is that there hasn’t been many major moments or turns.

Seven matches are booked here with nothing set for the pre-show. I’d imagine that Sasha Banks gets a match since she’s from Boston but who knows. WWE booking has been all over the shop lately.

This is a prediction contest where we compete for points, and here is the league table thus for;

RIF – 181.5
Joe & Michael – 146.5
Dan – 142.5

Guess I’m going to make it four in a row, huh?

Ryback vs. Rusev
RIF: Rusev
Joe: Rusev
Michael: Rusev
Dan: Rusev
It’s been a mixed bag for Rusev since he lost the United States title to John Cena back at WrestleMania. That feud with Ziggler was awful. He just doesn’t come across as a threat anymore, and that’s what they need to do with him. They need to take him back to basics again and have him get a clean victory over Ryback (who is also moving further and further away from the main event scene).

WWE United States Championship
Chairs Match
Alberto Del Rio © vs. Jack Swagger
RIF: Alberto Del Rio
Joe: Alberto Del Rio
Michael: Alberto Del Rio
Dan: Alberto Del Rio
I can’t help but feel that the crowd is going to be dead for this one. Their feud back in 2013 had some good matches, but that was when Swagger was a regular on television. Nowadays, he hardly gets on Superstars or main event. That’s a shame because I’ve always rated Swagger as a performer. The Chairs stipulation is one of the dumbest stipulations in WWE today. At least it wasn’t a stairs match….

WWE Divas Championship
Charlotte© vs. Paige
RIF: Charlotte
Joe: Paige
Michael: Paige
Dan: Charlotte
So, WWE turned Paige heel and had her make some tasteless comments about Charlotte’s deceased brother in an attempt to generate Charlotte some sympathy. Now they’ve planted the seeds for her to turn heel. What a weird situation this is. I do feel bad for the performers here because the booking for the divas has been bad lately. On the bright side, they are being given time on PPVs this year. This feud just hasn’t kicked off in the way creative were expecting it to. Let’s hope that either Becky Lynch or Sasha get a chance because they’ve both fallen way off the mark since their main roster debuts.

Eight Man Elimination Table Match
The Dudley Boys, Tommy Dreamer & Rhyno vs. The Wyatt Family
RIF: The Wyatt Family
Joe: The Wyatt Family
Michael: The Wyatt Family
Dan: The Wyatt Family
Hey, WWE, Survivor Series was last month! The Wyatt Family lost clean at Survivor Series, so they should be getting the win here. The ECW team are guys in their 40’s with nothing left to prove. Use them to put over the younger talent! Simple! If I were to book it I would make sure all members of the Wyatts survived till the end. Having Harper or Rowan eliminated wouldn’t be a surprise, but I’d be gobsmacked if Bray or Braun were eliminated.

WWE Tag Team Championship
Ladder Match
The New Day © vs. The Lucha Dragons vs. The Usos
RIF: The New Day
Joe: The Usos
Michael: The New Day
Dan: The Lucha Dragons
This has the makings of a classic TLC match, one which can rival the classics we’ve seen with the Hardy Boys, Dudleys and Edge & Christian. All three teams are so damn talented. I’d like to see the Lucha Dragons get a shot at being the champs because I think Kalisto has that special something about him. I remember watching him live at a live event in Newcastle last month and he blew everyone away. He’s going to be huge one day, and a strong performance in this match can only help him on his way. In the end, it’s going to be New Day walking away with the gold. Having them as the champs makes their act so much more obnoxious.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Kevin Owens © vs. Dean Ambrose
RIF: Kevin Owens
Joe: Kevin Owens
Michael: Kevin Owens
Dan: Kevin Owens
There’s so much untapped potential in this feud, but it’s been wasted due to the lack of effort. Not from Owens and Ambrose, but from creative. The feud was furthered by having Ambrose toss a drink and popcorn onto Owens. That’s the best they could come up with? That’s lame. The segment they had on Smackdown, but Smackdown has such a low profile nowadays that most people may not have seen it. I’m confident in saying that Owens will win here. Let him hold onto the title until WrestleMania and have him drop it to his longtime rival, Sami Zayn.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
TLC Match
Sheamus © vs. Roman Reigns
RIF: Sheamus
Joe: Sheamus
Michael: Sheamus
Dan: Sheamus
I bet Sheamus is so mad at that tater tots comment, right? What an awful promo that was. Please leave it out of any video packages. Sheamus won the title three weeks ago so I can’t see him losing here. If he were, it would hurt his career a lot. I’m positive about the quality of the match, they’ve both shown they can have excellent matches in the past if the right amount of time is allotted. I also believe that Reigns will lose thanks to outside interference from the League of Nations. Expect a re-match at Royal Rumble where Reigns will reign again (see what I did there kids?)
I know the product hasn’t been great recently, but do try and enjoy TLC.

Feel free to post your predictions in the comment section below.


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