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WWE Survivor Series 2015 Prediction Contest


What a month it’s been for the WWE! The WWE World Heavyweight Championship was declared vacant after Seth Rollins suffered an injury during the European tour and therefore a tournament was created with the semi-finals taking place tonight. Survivor Series also marks the 25th anniversary of the Undertaker’s debut in WWE. He’ll be teaming up with Kane to face two members of the Wyatt Family.

They have done a pathetic job of promoting the full card. They don’t have a kick-off match announced for the pre-show and they’ve announced a traditional Survivor Series elimination match (via Twitter by the way), but not the participants (We won’t be predicting that match since we don’t know who’s in it, but if we were to predict it I’d say that the face team will win it). That’s lazy, and it’s been an on-going trend for Survivor Series for so long now. I don’t consider Survivor Series to be one of the top four pay per views anymore. The gimmick of the Survivor Series event was its elimination tag matches; the whole show was dedicated to them. Now, they usually have 2-3 of them.

In my opinion, Survivor Series should either be revamped or scrapped. If I were to change Survivor Series, I would have six traditional elimination matches and the survivors will participate in an all for all elimination match, where there are no teams and anyone can be tagged in at any time, with the winner being declared the true survivor and the number one contender for the title at the Royal Rumble. Will they do it? I doubt it, but they must do something to make Survivor Series look relevant again.

This is a prediction contest and as always, here is the league table so far:

RIF – 162pts
Joe – 130.5pts
Dan -129pts
Michael – 127.5pts

Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze
RIF: Tyler Breeze
Joe: Dolph Ziggler
Michael: Tyler Breeze
Dan: Dolph Ziggler
This is an interesting match because Tyler Breeze was someone who was in a similar role as Dolph Ziggler when he was in NXT. What I mean by that is Breeze is someone that could have been champion but his job was to make someone else look great. I’m glad that Breeze gets to be in his first PPV match at a big show. He’s so talented and his model gimmick is a natural fit for him. He’s believable in the role. I’m sure both guys will have a great match tonight, if they get 12- 15 minutes they can put on a quality bout. I’m going with Breeze to win thanks to Summer Rae getting involved.

WWE Divas Championship
Charlotte © vs. Paige
RIF: Paige (via DQ)
Joe: Charlotte
Michael: Charlotte
Dan: Paige
Controversy turned its head on RAW when Paige made a comment about Charlotte’s deceased younger brother, Reid. What did I make of it? I felt there was no need for such comments to be made; also finding out that Ric and Charlotte’s mother weren’t consulted before hand made it even worse for me. It shouldn’t surprise me that they brought it up, at least it wasn’t done in the same context as that ‘Eddie’s in hell’ promo from 2006.The strange thing is I was all for the Paul Bearer shenanigans during Undertaker/CM Punk feud back in 2013. Paul Bearer’s death was a sad one, but it wasn’t as tragic as Reid’s death. Also, his death was properly gelled into the feud by the steady hands of Paul Heyman and CM Punk.
I’m a fan of both women and I think Paige is more in her element as a heel. Charlotte, as talented as she is, doesn’t have much of a character and they rely too much on mentioning that her father is Ric Flair. We get it, WWE. Her dad is a legend in the business and deserves the respect, but it takes away from her accomplishments and forever casts her in Ric’s shadow. At least there’s a backstory for this feud, so the crowd will be invested. I can imagine Charlotte getting herself disqualified by refusing to let go of the figure 8 thus setting up a re-match at TLC.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Semi final 1
Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose
RIF: Dean Ambrose
Joe: Dean Ambrose
Michael: Dean Ambrose
Dan: Dean Ambrose
Who would have thought that Kevin Owens would have beef with Sabrina the Teenage Witch? Crazy, huh? It all stemmed from a comment Melissa Joan Hart made about Owens being a “lazy wrestler”. Owens blocked her from Twitter and others followed suit with the hashtag #IStandWithOwens. Melissa claims that her comments were in reference to the booking of Owens, not Kevin Owens himself. I believe that she wasn’t calling him lazy because he’s overweight; think back to the match he had with Neville on Raw. He was trying to get a countout victory over him which could be viewed as lazy by some. I personally don’t consider Owens to be lazy at all. He’s one of the most talented guys on the roster today. Whenever Owens has a microphone in his hands or in procession of a keyboard, he has my attention.
The crowd is going to be on fire for this one. The majority of which will be behind Ambrose as he’s the most beloved face on the show from the entire audience while some people still don’t like Reigns. This has all the makings of match of the night. A series of matches between the two intrigues me. I’d be very surprised if Owens won here.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Semi final 2
Alberto Del Rio vs. Roman Reigns
RIF: Roman Reigns
Joe: Roman Reigns
Michael: Roman Reigns
Dan: Roman Reigns
Roman wins LOL. I have a gut feeling that this will go on longer than need be. Not just to fill up time, but to emphasize Reign’s fighting spirit and how valiant he is in going on to the finals of the tournament. As for Del Rio, I’ve got to be honest and say that I’m not a big fan of his MexAmerica gimmick. I know we shouldn’t knock it so early in its existence, but it’s not going to draw much heat now is it? If they go to places with a strong Latino community those fans might cheer because they could seem like they are supporting Mexicans in America. It’s just weird.
It wouldn’t surprise me if Reigns picked up an injury from Del Rio’s armbar to make it appear that he’s at a disadvantaged heading into the finals. A very predictable win for Reigns.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Winner of SF1 vs. Winner of SF2
RIF: Roman Reigns
Joe: Roman Reigns
Michael: Roman Reigns
Dan: Roman Reigns
It’s a lock that Ambrose and Reigns will be in the finals. I said it as soon as the tournament brackets were released. It’s also intriguing to know that they haven’t really wrestled each other that much. It feels like a fresh match up and something of a rarity in WWE amongst its top tier superstars.
There’s always been talk about one of these guys turning heel at Survivor Series. Dean Ambrose’s promo on Raw when he said thing are going to change if he’s WWE Champion suggests to me that he’ll be the one to turn his back. I thought Ambrose was an incredible heel during his Shield days. I always remember attending a live event in Newcastle a few years ago where he was having a whale of a time pissing off the fans. Plus when the Shield debuted as heels, he was thought of as the leader because he was always doing the promos and he was talked about most by the fans.
Give them 25 minutes to really tell a story and have both guys kick out of a lot of stuff and really have them selling their exhaustion because they already had matches earlier in the night. You could also have Triple H at ringside to tease the idea that someone will cheat to win the title.
If booked correctly, this could be both a contender for match of the night and match of the year.

The Brothers of Destruction (Undertaker & Kane) vs. The Wyatt Family
RIF: The Brothers of Destruction
Joe: The Brothers of Destruction
Michael: The Brothers of Destruction
Dan: The Wyatt Family
While I felt that they’ve done a marvellous job celebrating Undertaker’s 25 years in the WWE on the Network, they haven’t done much on TV though. It just felt bizarre not to have them do anything on Raw. Two weeks ago, they had Undertaker and Kane attack the Wyatts on Raw. They should have had another brawl on Raw with the Wyatts this time getting the upper hand. By not doing that, it makes the Wyatt Family look weak.
I also fail to understand why this isn’t a traditional Survivor Series elimination match. I was always under the impression that was always going to be the case. They could even have done a four on two handicap match where Undertaker becomes the sole survivor.
I don’t see Undertaker & Kane losing because the show is all about celebrating Undertaker’s 25 years in the WWE. A remarkable accomplishment. I’m not a huge fan of Undertaker, but he’s a guy that I have a huge amount of respect for. Let’s enjoy his ‘retirement tour’ while we still can because I really believe that he’s going to retire at WrestleMania. In the meantime, Brothers of Destruction for the win.

**Tie Breakers**

Will Sheamus cash in the MITB?
RIF: Yes
Joe: No
Michael: No
Dan: Yes
I just don’t think it’s the right time for Sheamus to leave as WWE Champion. He could cash in after the tournament final at the urging of Triple H, then have Reigns pin him and that really puts over Reigns huge. Hunter will be furious and do everything to get the title off Reigns, setting up a match between himself and Reigns at the Royal Rumble where Hunter will put Reigns over. Admittedly, I’m not a fan of Reigns but tonight is all about his journey to the top of the WWE. The pressure will be on him and he has to deliver.

Which members of the Wyatt Family will participate in the tag match?
RIF: Bray & Braun
Joe: Bray & Braun
Michael: Bray & Braun
Dan: Bray & Braun
I think this is the way they’re going, not necessary the right choice but it seems most likely. I would go with Wyatt & Harper so at least Harper can work the majority of the match since he’s a solid in-ring performer. Pinning Wyatt isn’t a smart move and pinning Braun so early in his career is a mistake.

Before I end this preview, there have been some disturbing rumours about a possible ISIS attack at the show. WWE has released a statement saying that the show is still going ahead and they are working closely with the FBI. I’m not of the opinion whether the allegations are true or not, but they’re serious enough not to be ignored. I just hope this doesn’t put people off from attending the show. If you have a ticket for Survivor Series, please go. Don’t let these terrorist win by showing fear. Those who are truly brave shall never live in fear again.

Stay safe, enjoy Survivor Series.


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