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WWE Hell in a Cell Prediction Contest


The Hell in a Cell pay per view has been a stable October event for the past few years for the WWE. Tonight’s show will see all the titles on the line and two matches will take place in the Cell. The two HIAC matches won’t be contested for titles; instead, they will be used as feud deciders for Roman Reigns/Bray Wyatt and Undertaker/Brock Lesnar.

Like always, this is a prediction contest and here is the league table so far:

1 RIF – 138pts
2 Joe – 112.5
3 Michael – 109.5
4 Dan – 108

Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro & Neville vs. King Barrett, Rusev and Sheamus
RIF: Ziggler, Cesaro & Neville
Joe: Ziggler, Cesaro & Neville
Michael: Barrett, Rusev & Sheamus
Dan: Ziggler, Cesaro & Neville
Since the heel team won on Raw I’m going for the face team to get the victory. There isn’t much of a story going on, it’s been put on to entertain the live crowd before the pay per view kicks off. Neville to get the victory over King Barrett.

WWE United States Championship
John Cena © vs. Mystery Opponent
RIF: Mystery Opponent
Joe: Mystery Opponent
Michael: Mystery Opponent
Dan: Mystery Opponent
We all know that Cena will be taking some time off after this show, but I don’t think anyone knows for certain who’ll the mystery opponent will be. I have my thoughts on who it may be (check out the tie breaker question to find out) but no certain as to who it will be.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Kevin Owens © vs. Ryback
RIF: Kevin Owens
Joe: Kevin Owens
Michael: Kevin Owens
Dan: Kevin Owens
It’s rare for someone to win back a title so soon although Cena did it last month, it’s not going to happen here. Ryback isn’t going to win here, he shouldn’t win either. Owens beat him at NOC via an eye rake and a roll up pin. He’s going to win cleanly here with the pop up powerbomb as a way to really put him over as a credible Intercontinental champion.

WWE Tag Team Championship
The New Day © vs. The Dudley Boys
RIF: The New Day
Joe: The Dudley Boys
Michael: The Dudley Boys
Dan: The New Day
A victory for the Dudley Boys would make for a good comeback story, but I can’t see that happening. The New Day are the best thing on WWE television right now and taking the titles away from them would be a mistake. I expect New Day to hold the titles at least until TLC where they can have a classic TLC match with the Dudleys and maybe the Usos getting involved in the mix. Either way, New Day rocks!

WWE Divas Championship
Charlotte © vs. Nikki Bella
RIF: Charlotte
Joe: Nikki Bella
Michael: Charlotte
Dan: Nikki Bella
This has be the last time Nikki Bella gets a title shot for a while. It has to be. It’s just so stale and it’s time to get the likes of Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and a heel Paige into the mix. This is just another re-match. There hasn’t been any memorably promos and in-ring moments between them since Night of Champions that make me interested in this. The only meaningful thing that’s happened was Paige’s heel turn the night after NOC. The ladies aren’t at fault here, blame creative. On a side note, I know I’ve been critical of the Bella Twins for some time now, but they have improved a lot. They deserve credit for that.

World Heavyweight Championship
Seth Rollins © vs. Kane
RIF: Seth Rollins
Joe: Seth Rollins
Michael: Seth Rollins
Dan: Seth Rollins
The added stipulation for this one is if ‘Demon Kane’ loses then ‘Corporate Kane’ will no longer be the Director of Operations. I find it silly how WWE puts over to the fans that Demon Kane & Corporate Kane are two separate people. Shouldn’t the stipulation be if Demon Kane loses, Demon Kane has to retire? Also, the name Demon Kane is so fucking stupid. Anyway back to the match, this should be Rollins retaining the title and ending the feud too with a bit of luck. There’s no need for them to continue it. It has been a bad feud, one of the worst of 2015.

Hell in a Cell
Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt
RIF: Roman Reigns
Joe: Roman Reigns
Michael: Roman Reigns
Dan: Roman Reigns
On paper it appears that Reigns will win and end the story that’s been going on since Money in the Bank. When I look to the future, who will Reigns feud with? Seth Rollins? I think that’s being reserved until WrestleMania. I haven’t been shy about sharing my thoughts on Reigns, but he has improved to some degree. Mic skills are slowly but surely becoming solid and his in-ring work has come a long way. Come the end of this match, WWE really needs to make Reigns look phenomenal if they are serious about him headlining WrestleMania again.

Hell in a Cell
The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar
RIF: Brock Lesnar
Joe: Brock Lesnar
Michael: Brock Lesnar
Dan: Brock Lesnar
It’s a good thing that the rivalry ends tonight because I doubt anyone would be interested to see this one drag out till WrestleMania. The match at SummerSlam was okay, just didn’t like the finish that’s all. I don’t think anyone liked the ending to that match! I have no reason to believe that this will be an epic confutation or match of the year quality. Lesnar should be the winner and it should be a clean victory without the aid of outside interference, and at the end of the night, have them shake hands or do a manly embrace and have the commentators put over Lesnar by saying that he’s earned the respect of the Undertaker. That’s the way it should be, that’s how I could end things.

**Tie Breaker Question**

Who will be John Cena’s mystery opponent?
RIF: Dolph Ziggler
Joe: Tyler Breeze
Michael: Sheamus
Dan: Daniel Bryan
I’d like it to be Ziggler and for him to turn heel too. Remember the pop he got at Survivor Series last year when he won it for Team Cena? Since then, he’s fallen off the mark and that feud with Rusev hasn’t done wonders for him either. My back up pick is Daniel Bryan. He says that he’s been cleared to wrestle for some time by the doctors, but WWE seems reluctant to put him into a match just yet. With a combination of declining ratings, Cena and Orton both missing action; WWE could really do with the star power right now.
Enjoy Hell in a Cell, guys.

Feel free to post your predictions in the comment section below.


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