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Manchester United vs. Sunderland Match Review

Barclay’s Premier League
Venue: Old Trafford, Manchester
Attendance: 75, 328
Goals: Depay 45’ Rooney 46’ Mata 90’

Believe me when I say that I was very worried about this game. After that pathetic performance against Manchester City in the League cup midweek, I was expecting the flood gates to open and a new record to be made for highest scoring game in Premier League history.

The same old problems occurred. I personally thought we did pretty well in the first half, we just fell apart in the second half and a lot of finger pointing was directed towards our defence. I will say this though; I thought it was disrespectful for Depay to ask Lens if he wanted his shirt. Rub it you arrogant little shit!

I’ve said it time and time again, our defence is going to be the different between staying up or facing relegation. That proved to be the case again with PVA and Kaboul being the guilty party. Patrick was marking thin air like always; seriously, Advocaat needs to drop as soon as possible. He’s been our worst player this season by miles. Ball watching as always and he had absolutely no idea where Mata was. Just complete and utter dogshit defending! He’ll be playing again next week no doubt because he’s the only left back we have thanks to our incompetence in regards to player recruitment.

Man United were, as always, on top form. I don’t think they’ll win the league this season, but they’ll give it a good crack. I do think that they’ll win one of the cups and progress to the latter stages of the Champion’s League. Next season will be a different story where they’ll mount a serious assault for the title.

If we gave them a game and went down fighting, I can live with that and that’s what I want. I want to see the effort, I want to see us closing down players, fighting for the ball and playing each game as if it were a cup final. It’s not happening though. From all the games this season only one game has seen us show any sort of commitment and that’s the one against Tottenham Hotspur. Quite sad isn’t it? Also, why was Defoe on the bench? He’s not fit and is carrying an injury. Rather than putting Defoe on the subs bench and not Watmore? I’m sure he would have shown more passion and commitment than any other of those useless fuckers!

I was hoping to see Lens raise his game against a team of Man United’s stature. I had him down to be the difference maker for the side. Never happened! Adam Johnson was awful today, the crowd reaction from Man United must have took him off his game. The one positive is that of Lee Cattermole. A vast improvement from the early games he played in this season.

I’m sure a lot of people are calling for Dick to get sacked. I’m not a massive fan of the guy, if you take out PSV, Rangers and Zenit from his C.V he’s actually a very average manager with a hit & miss track record. When he came in last season he got us going and achieved Premier League survival. This season we look more fragile than ever before. The Premier League isn’t a league to be shit in. You get caught out in the end. Is Dick Advocatt the right man for the job? He’s not walking away that’s for sure. He’s too stubborn to admit that he’s wrong and refuses to admit that it’s not working. It’s madness to think that he saved us last year, we begged him to stay, he does, we’re rock bottom in the league and now we want rid of him.

I’m getting more worried about the club’s future with each game we play. If we were to go down then I honestly think that it will be a long time before we go back up. Look at teams like Leeds, Notts Forest, Bradford and Sheffield Wednesday. How long has it been since those teams were last in the Premier League? And I fear that we’ll be in the same boat. What do those three teams have in common? They’ve all been relegated to League One at one point since dropping out the Premier League. God, imagine if we got relegated to League One? That would kill the club I reckon.

Up next is West Ham United and we must to get a result against them. If not then you might as well pen us down for certain relegation.

Current league position (out of 20): 20th
Rif’s Man of the Match: Anthony Martial – Manchester United: Caused tons of problems for our defence and set up a goal for the captain, Wayne Rooney. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Martial and he’s lived up to it.
Next game: West Ham United @ The Stadium of Light, Sunderland (Barclay’s Premier League)


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