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WWE Night of Champions 2015 Prediction Contest


Night of Champions takes place at the Toyota Centre in Houston, Texas. Eight matches have been advertised with all the title being up for grabs. Seth Rollins is preforming double duty tonight as he will be defending the WWE and US titles against Sting and John Cena respectively. It’s worth noting that If Sting were to win then he’ll become the oldest person at the age of 56 to become WWE Champion.

As always, this is a prediction contest and here are the results so far:

1. RIF- 114pts
2. Joe & Michael – 100.5pts
3. Dan – 93pts

Neville & Lucha Dragons vs. The Cosmic Wasteland (Stardust & The Ascension)
RIF: Cosmic Wasteland
Joe: Neville & Lucha Dragons
Michael: Neville & Lucha Dragons
Dan: Cosmic Wasteland
I don’t think Cosmic Wastleland will become a force on the roster, but they will be a solid midcard trio. As much as I like to see Neville get the win I need to side with the heels for this one mainly because Stardust has just recently been on the losing end of a tag match which involved a celebrity. Losing here would be a mistake.

Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler
RIF: Dolph Ziggler
Joe: Rusev
Michael: Dolph Ziggler
Dan: Rusev
It’s time to put this storyline to bed now. It had so much potential to start off with, but it just fizzled out. Lana getting injured doesn’t help. The story began when Rusev injured Ziggler so Dolph should be getting the win here. The storyline doesn’t interest me, but the match quality does. If given a chance, this should be a quality match.

Roman Reigns/ Dean Ambrose & ??? vs. The Wyatt Family
RIF: The Wyatt Family
Joe: The Wyatt Family
Michael: Reigns, Ambrose & ???
Dan: The Wyatt Family
The intrigue of this match is centred on who will be the third man. The Baron Corbin pic which was posted on a few weeks ago turned out to be a goof (thank fucking God). My prediction for the mystery partner will be reviled in the tie breaker section below so check that out. The Wyatt Family is reborn with the inclusion of Braun Strowman. I know little about him so I can’t comment on his experience, but he has been booked perfectly. He looks like a monster, plain and simple. I’ve seen WWE mess up things like this in the past with a bad reveal so I’m preparing for the worst whiles also remaining positive.

WWE Divas Championship
Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte
RIF: Charlotte
Joe: Nikki
Michael: Nikki
Dan: Charlotte
Fuck off Bella Twins!

WWE Tag Team Championship
The New Day © vs. The Dudley Boys
RIF: The New Day
Joe: The New Day
Michael: The New Day
Dan: The New Day
The Dudley Boys returning on Raw has to be the most genuinely shocking moments to happen on WWE programming this year, but I can’t look beyond the New Day. I fucking love these guys. Watch their “Table for Three” episode on the Network. There’s a genuine friendship between the three that consider each other as brothers. The Dudleys are a hot act right now. It’s not as if they need the titles to be over with the fans hence why New Day should win them back in a cheap way. This feud is still in its infant stages. It has plenty of mileage left in the tank.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Ryback © vs. Kevin Owens
RIF: Kevin Owens
Joe: Kevin Owens
Michael: Ryback
Dan: Ryback
I’m not a fan of Ryback at all, but I’ll give him credit because he does have a connection with the fans and isn’t as bad as people make him out to be. Getting that staph infection derailed the momentum he had going and the ‘ShowMiz’ feud is one of the worst this year. Kevin Owens as champion seems like the right move. He could do the Intercontinental title what John Cena did to the United States championship. He’s perfect for it and he could go on to have amazing title matches with the likes of Neville, Ziggler, Cesaro and long-time nemesis Sami Zayn.

WWE United States Championship
Seth Rollins © vs. John Cena
RIF: John Cena
Joe: Seth Rollins
Michael: John Cena
Dan: John Cena
I read online that WWE had restocked on John Cena US title shirts. Apparently, they were selling them at live events in recent weeks. Reading that makes it so obvious that Cena will win back the United States title. They both know how to have awesome matches so my expectations for this are high. Rollins holding the US title just didn’t feel right with me. I understand why they done it so they could give the impression that Cena would become World Heavyweight Champion, but it just felt odd. Give them 20 minutes, let them have an epic and Cena can go back to be the star spangle man with a plan.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Seth Rollins © vs. Sting
RIF: Seth Rollins
Joe: Seth Rollins
Michael: Sting
Dan: Seth Rollins
Remember that Booker T/ Edge feud which began from a shampoo commercial? Well this is a feud that began from a statue. The WWE creative team get paid for shit like this you know. If I was booking this I would focus on Sting’s desire to become the WWE Champion. Sting has been the one guy that all WWE fans wanted to see compete in a WWE ring, Sting knows that the end of his career is fast approaching and that this could be his only shot at the title and he needs the WWE Championship to lock in his status as a true wrestling legend.
There have also been comments made by Sting in past interviews of him saying that he’s here to put over the younger talent and to have fun in whatever time he has left in his career. He knows his role. The idea of Sting becoming WWE Champion is great for us older fans who prayed that he’d make it to New York one day, but it should have been done 15 years ago.
**Tie Breakers**

Who will be the mystery partner?
RIF: Finn Balor
Joe: Samoa Joe
Michael: Kane
Dan: Daniel Bryan
Shot in the dark. If it is Balor then it will be a one off appearance, he’s still needed down at NXT. I would mark the fuck out if it was Daniel Bryan, but I just don’t think WWE are confident in putting him in the ring just yet. Having Balor could plant a seed for a potential Balor/Samoa Joe feud. Wishful thinking I know.

Will Sheamus cash in the MITB contract?
Joe: No
Michael: No
Dan: No
It’s been teased this past month, and it’s very possible for them to pull the trigger on a cash in, but I can’t see it happening. I think the best move is to keep the title on Rollins for now until its time for him to drop the title to Reigns at WrestleMania 31. I would love to see Rollins beat Cena, Sting and Sheamus all in one night. Gives him something else to brag about.

Enjoy Night of Champions, guys. Feel free to post your predictions in the comments below.


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