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Leicester City vs. Sunderland Match Review


Barclays Premier League

Date: Saturday, 8th August

Venue: King Power Stadium, Leicester

Attendance: 32,242

Goals: Vardy 11’/ Mahrez 18’ 25’ (pen)/ Defoe 60’/ Albrighton 66’/ Fletcher 71’

After all the waiting, the hoping, the hype and the anticipation the 2015/2016 Barclays Premier League has finally kicked off for another season which will no doubt provide us with highs and lows over the course of the next ten months.

I follow Sunderland. It’s my hometown and a club that I love. A season ticket holder for many years I’ve been through it all in my lifetime. We’ve won championships, suffered the heartbreak of relegation, won the bragging rights in the local derby against Newcastle United and on some very rear occasions, cup finals. In recent years we’ve been dancing with the devil as far as relegation is concerned and before a ball has been kicked this season I truly believed that this is the season where everything goes in our favour. We’ll pull the right cards and have a proper good season.

Thirty minutes into this match proved that I’m nothing more than a daydream believer.

What the fuck was this shite??

Abysmal and horrendous spring to mind! Leicester City showed that they wanted it more and that was evident as they went 3-0 in the opening thirty minutes of this match. To put it in simple terms, it’s like playing a match on FIFA on beginner difficulty. Signed, sealed and delivered for the foxes. Leicester just completely swamped us. They should have been at least 6-0 at one point! This is a team, like us, who flirted with relegation last season. You wouldn’t have imagined it from this performance. Leicester’s performance was a throwback to their Martin O’Neil years where they were entertaining to watch and backed it up with consistent top ten finishes in the league and two League Cups too. They were closing down, playing with pace, cutting our chances and playing some pretty decent stuff. That Mahrez lad, seriously we were making him out to be the lovechild of Messi, Bale & Ronaldo! Imagine that threesome!

It amazes me that we struggle to learn the basics like passing a ball for example. Many of the players were clueless in that regard. Jack Rodwell was the dazzling shits. We have something called ‘Man of the Match’ or ‘MVP’ as Americans would say. Should it be right to introduce a new ‘worst player on the pitch’ award because he would have won it hands down. He should have been sent off towards the end for his reckless tackling; the ref just bottled it there and should have done us a favour and sent the idiot off!

I guess it’s unfair to single out Rodwell for criticism. The entire team have been bottom of the barrel quality. In fact, you need to tip the barrel over because they were that bad.

Now let’s single out Lee Cattermole. He was subbed after the horror which was thirty minutes for Steven Fletcher and rightfully so. He was beyond terrible. Sure he plays his heart on his sleeves at times, but I just don’t think he can handle the pressure of being captain as he gets too hot headed too soon. Yes he was subbed off and for the captain to be subbed off that early must surely send a message right? Is he on the wayout? The signs are there.

Defoe was too weak when it came to holding the ball and Larsson was constantly leaving us exposed at times. The full backs weren’t providing the width which was so desperately needed. I would of swapped Lens and Johnson around and having them play as orthodox wingers. Both of them were coming inside too often and we had no chance getting passed a packed Leicester defence/ midfield.

The second half was somewhat of an improvement. We pulled it back to 4-2 thanks to Defoe and Fletcher, but the damage was already done in the first half. Young Matthews was running down the wing and three Leicester players stuck to him like glue, and you know what? There wasn’t a team-mate in sight. Most of whom were too busy picking their noses, looking at the ground wishing that the season was over because the commitment wasn’t there. You’ve got to show that you bloody well want it dammit!!!

The transfer window is still open and this shows that we still need reinforcements. A complete overhaul of the frontline is needed as Fletcher is woeful, Danny Graham couldn’t hit a cow’s backside with a banjo and Defoe is good when the service is provided. What can I say about our defence? Lame positioning, weak marking, embarrassing distribution and no one to challenge for the long balls. It was the Argos catalogue of errors. If we don’t nip it in the bud I can honestly see us setting a new record for goals conceded. Adnan Januzaj is said to be coming in on loan from Manchester United. I feel sorry for him to be honest. He must have watched this match, rang his agent and begged him to look out for other options. It’s worth pointing out that we had the majority of possession. Hard to believe right? Just sums up how little we managed to make anything out of it.

I haven’t been too impressed by our transfer activity this summer. Haven’t been impressed by our pre-season as a whole if I’m being completely honest. I expected us to struggle but I didn’t think we’d collapse like a house of cards so spectacular on opening day. Ellis Short needs to learn that being tight with your money in this league will only end in tears. Dig deep into your pockets, brother. Show the fans that you want to see this club progress and bring in some top quality players, dude.

One game doesn’t make a season. That’s true. I remember when we got hammered by Chelsea on the opening day of the 99/00 season and we finished 7th. Let’s get back on track with a win over Norwich City next weekend and push on from there.

Dreadful performance with a pathetic defensive display which was the cherry on top of his shit whipped shake.

The joys of being a Sunderland fan, huh?

Current league position (out of 20): 19th

Rif’s MOTM: Riyad Mahrez (Leicester City) – Used his pace to his advantage and could very well have had a hat-trick. Congratulations.

Next game: Norwich City @ The Stadium of Light


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