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Rif’s Random Reviews: Bob Marley Mellow Mood Berry Drink


I was doing my big shop as usual and this struck out to me. I almost did a double take when I saw it. A Bob Marley energy drink? No way! I had no idea this existed. I didn’t have three little birds tell me about this; it was a complete accident that I came across this. It reminds me of this episode of the Simpsons where Bart buys this cereal endorsed by Aerosmith front man, Steven Tyler, called “Aero-o’s”. Do I like Bob Marley? I wouldn’t say I was a massive fan of the guy but I know enough to get by thanks to a former flatmate who idolised the guy. He’d be jammin’ to the guy from dusk to dawn.

I really wanted to try this just for the shits and giggles, so I paid the £1.50 for it and just prayed that this would satisfy my soul.

This truly does pack a punch. The flavour is so strong, too strong in fact. The flavour of the berry punches you as hard as a Buffalo Solider. That isn’t a criticism at all. I just wasn’t expecting it that’s all. I tell you what else I didn’t expect; I didn’t expect just how gassy this is. Seriously I’ve been farting non-stop it’s embarrassing. Is this love? Nope. Just on the bus I get up, stand up and I let one rip. I’ve been doing it in the house it’s starting to scare the dog. Thankfully I don’t live with a girl (don’t worry ladies, I’m single) so no woman, no cry right?

There was another flavour available (which I didn’t buy and the actual flavour escapes my memory) which I may review later down the line, even if it causes some serious flatulence. I can imagine sipping this whiles the sun is shining, couldn’t do it now because it’s pissing it down outside.

Would I recommend this? Well I wouldn’t rush out for it; I guess if could find one positive vibration out of this is it’s that you can actually taste the flavour of the berry even if it is very strong. Try it out for yourself. I can’t imagine they’ll be a mass exodus of Mellow Mood or people resorting to burnin’ or lootin’ just to get one drop of BMMM so you’ll be fine. Hey, I’m just telling it as it is. Not trying to stir it up or cause a war or anything.

So get out of the rat race, keep on moving and give Mellow Mood a try.


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