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WWE Battleground 2015 Prediction Contest


This Sunday night in St. Louis, WWE Battleground will take place live on the WWE Network. They’ve had five weeks to promote the event which is a refreshing change from the May/June period where they hosted three pay per views in the space of 28 days. That’s too much.

Brock Lesnar is up against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and with payback on his mind over the way he lost the championship at WrestleMania. Also, John Cena will finally put his United States Championship against Kevin Owens in yet another anticipated match up in their outstanding feud.

The triple threat match for the Intercontinental Championship has been cancelled due to Ryback’s staph infection (remember when CM Punk received the same injury from Ryback? Ironic how Ryback gets time off, yet Punk had to go and compete in the Royal Rumble for 50 minutes with a staph infection?). Expect some matches to thrown together to make up the time because of it.

This is a prediction contest and the league table is as shown:

  1. RIF – 87pts
  2. Michael -75pts
  3. Joe – 69pts
  4. Dan – 66pts


Winner becomes the new King of the Ring

R-Truth vs. King Barrett

RIF: King Barrett

Joe: King Barrett

Michael: R-Truth

Dan: R-Truth

Please let this be the end of this awful feud. It’s done nothing for both guys, actually, it’s hurt Barrett a lot and he’s supposed to be the King of the Ring, you know, that title which was held by the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Triple H and Brock Lesnar. Heck, even Mabel and Billy Gunn were booked better as KOTR than BNB. Mabel even headlined SummerSlam after winning KOTR for Christ sake! I really want Barrett to get an aggressive, decisive win. Is that just wishful thinking on my half?

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

RIF: Sheamus

Joe: Sheamus

Michael: Sheamus

Dan: Sheamus

Another feud I have little to no interest in. They’ve wrestled dozens of times, maybe WWE likes their chemistry which is strange considering that they have ZERO chemistry together. Whenever I think of a Sheamus v Orton match I think back to that match on the Raw after WrestleMania 29 where the crowd began chanting for Michael Cole. I think that sums it all up right there. Could lead to a re-match at SummerSlam but please, don’t make it a ‘Kiss me Arse’ match!

WWE Tag Team Championship

The Prime Time Players © vs. The New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston)

RIF: New Day

Joe: PTP

Michael: New Day

Dan: PTP

I’ve got great fondness for the Prime Time Players. Titus O’Neil, as underrated as he is, is entertaining as hell and a quality powerhouse performer, and Darren Young has a ton of energy which does nothing but grabs your attention from the kick off. I get why they won the titles in the first place because Titus was recently voted ‘father of the year’ and WWE loves getting all the publicity it can muster. Darren Young is an openly gay superstar who attended the New York Pride parade. However, I think, and hope, that New Day gets a second run as the champions because they were so entertaining as the champs. If they do gets the titles they can enter feuds with the Lucha Dragons as well as the Usos once Jey returns from injury. If the PTP continue to hold them for much longer, there aren’t as many challengers on the heel side of the tag division.

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

RIF: Roman Reigns

Joe: Bray Wyatt

Michael: Bray Wyatt

Dan: Roman Reigns

I want to be more interested in this, but I’m not. Bray has barely evolved since his main roster debut in 2013. Reigns has been shoved down our throats and it just hasn’t worked out for him. Not a massive fan of the guy but he has potential I admit. It takes time. He just needs to find more confidence on the mic and try to get the fans more involved in his matches. I see this as a fresh start for both guys. Sure it’s a step back from the main event scene but it’s beneficial for them both in the long run. I’m going for a Roman win because he’s in that John Cena bracket where WWE is always going to protect him and…..wait for it…..make him look strong! Yes I’ve said it. Fuck you. A re-match at SummerSlam is possible and by doing that, it keeps Reigns out the title picture in which he can always return to sometime down the line.

WWE United States Championship

John Cena © vs. Kevin Owens

RIF: Kevin Owens

Joe: Kevin Owens

Michael: John Cena (via DQ)

Dan: John Cena

When it comes to do the 2015 Rif Rasslin Awards, I reckon that this will be the winner of feud of the year. If their previous matches are anything to go by then this will be amazing. Now that we have the United States championship on the line, it raises the stakes and drama involved in the match. With all that being said I truly feel that we’ll have yet another match of the year candidate on our hands. That’s a bold statement when you look back on their previous two matches. Owens brings out the best in Cena and vice versa. I feel as if it’s time to pull the trigger and give Owens a run with the title. Would having another match as SummerSlam be overkill? No. If they do, they should add a stipulation to heighten the drama yet again. I’m not against it in the slightest, I’m all for it.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Seth Rollins © vs. Brock Lesnar

RIF: Seth Rollins

Joe: Seth Rollins

Michael: Brock Lesnar

Dan: Seth Rollins

We’ve got another potential match of the year contender on our hands here just like their Royal Rumble triple threat with Cena. Rollins is the perfect kind of opponent for Lesnar because he’s a cocky heel who’ll go above and beyond to make Lesnar look like a huge star. I don’t believe that Rollins will lose the title and no way will he pin Lesnar clean. Not sure about the finish but there’s a possibility, a strong possibility, that Paul Heyman could turn on Brock. Will it happen? As I say it’s a possibility but I wouldn’t put money on it. Heyman did say that he and Brock are tied together and it wouldn’t feel right for them to be apart, but he’s also an immense storyteller. For Rollins to retain, some kind of major surprise has to happen and Heyman turning on the beast would be a major surprise (unless you remember the time when Heyman turned on Brock at Survivor Series 2002).

**Tie Breakers**

Will Undertaker make an appearance?

RIF: yes

Joe: No

Michael: Yes

Dan: No

Absolutely. Brock and Heyman dropped ‘Taker’s name a few times on Raw so the likelihood of the Deadman appearing is very high. It’s all a part of setting up a rematch at SummerSlam between Undertaker & Brock with Undertaker avenging his WrestleMania loss from last year.

Will we see a Divas match tonight?

RIF: Yes

Joe: Yes

Michael: Yes

Dan: Yes

Yes, but it be more of an angle leading up to SummerSlam more than anything. They could have Team Bella issue a challenge to Team Paige which will send up in a mass brawl with Banks, Tamina and Naomi getting involved. Could be completely wrong, but from a storyline perspective it makes sense.

Enjoy Battleground. Feel free to post your predictions in the comments below.


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