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Movie Review: Terminator Genisys (2015)


Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney and JK Simmons

Directed by: Alan Taylor

How big of a star was Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the day? He’s still got some box office appeal, but nothing like in his prime. As a kid, whenever you came across a film with his face or name splashed across the poster you had to see that film, no matter how terrible it may be (Last Action Hero, Batman & Robin and Junior). That’s how huge he was. I remember one time during Chemistry class me and a friend had a debate which lasted the entire lesson  over which film was better, Terminator 2 or Predator (for the record it’s T2). Our teacher was a push over so we got away with it. I mention Terminator 2 because in my humble opinion that’s one of the greatest movies ever made. The reason T3 or Salvation did poor was because of how huge T2 was and still is. It’s the measuring stick of Terminator films. Could Genisys hold up?

In 2029 the Resistance has won the war against Skynet. In a final act of desperation Skynet sent a Terminator back to 1984 to kill the mother of John Connor, Sarah, thus setting up the events in Terminator 1. However, an unexpected turn of events creates an altered timeline after a Terminator Assassin attack John just after he sent Kyle Reece to 1984. Sarah Connor isn’t a timid, scared waitress, Sarah is now a skilled fighter after a Terminator Guardian (Arnold) was sent to protect her when she was just 9 years old. Faced with unlikely allies and advanced new Terminators, Kyle Reese needs to reset the future otherwise the entire human race will be “terminated”.

It was okay I guess. I wasn’t expecting it to be better than T2, but it’s a truer sequel to T2 than what T3 & Salvation were. The whole deal with the altered timelines didn’t go over my head which was a good thing and surprisingly they all made sense. The recreation of the T1 opening scene was superb. They had everything nailed down including the camera angles too! That’s attention to detail at its finest. There’s also other nods to the previous films with the T-1000 making an appearance and Danny Dyson, the son of Skyrim creator, Miles Dyson.

The more I learn about Arnold the more I appreciate his role as the Terminator. In his autobiography, Arnold (who dedicated a full chapter to Terminator) talks about how he was original going to be cast as Kyle Reece whiles OJ Simpson was going to play the role of Terminator. According to Arnold, he spent a full two hours talking about the Terminator character and not once mentioned Kyle Reece, you know, the character he was supposed to be auditioning for! His background in the Austrian military helped him. Apart of their training was to assemble and re-assemble a gun without looking and there’s this once scene where he’s filling a magazine round with bullets whiles giving Kyle Reece the death stare!

The one thing that I hated about T3 was the camp comedy directed towards Arnold. It’s evident here again. Sure it’s funny trying to see the Terminator crack a smile, but when it’s done too often it makes a mockery out of one of a legit badass like the T-800. Don’t overdo it!

After the disasters that were Terminator 3 and Salvation, Terminator Genisys is a step in the right direction but remains in the shadow of Terminator 2.

I’ll be back . . . . . .with another movie review somewhere down the line.

Hasta la vista

Rating; *** (Aye, it’s canny like)


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