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Rif’s Random Reviews: Giant Custard Cream


Just look at it.


It’s a Custard Cream, but a giant one!


How did this madness come about? Well, I was at my local branch of Tesco and I almost did a double take when I saw this. There was also a giant Bourbon Cream too, but at 85p a pop, it was one or the other. I’m not made of money come on! Could they be included in a future episode of Rif’s Random Reviews? Watch this space.


That picture just doesn’t do it justice. To say that it’s huge is like saying Godzilla is very tall. That’s how big this really is. How did they make it? I don’t know, I’m not a Chef. I can imagine its some form of dark sorcery most likely. Normally when I have a few Custard Creams I tend to dip them in my tea but I don’t fancy my chances with this one. Two dips and my tea would be gone! Oh yeah, this taste exactly the same as regular sized ones too. No kidding! The taste of the biscuit is the perfect complement to your taste buds. I bet you’ve never heard anyone describing a custard cream, right?


Ermahgerd, imagine if these came in packs? That’s a first class ticket to type 2 diabetes.


It’s not just any Custard Cream though; it’s a GIANT Custard Cream!


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