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Advocaat appointed Sunderland Manager


Today Sunderland AFC have announced the re-appointment of Dick Advocaat as the club’s new head coach.

The former PSV and Rangers manager has put pen to paper on a one-year contract at the Stadium of Light.

It’s a massive U-Turn from Dick who was always intending to retire at the end of the 2014/2015 season, but those emotional scenes at the end of the Arsenal game which secured our top flight status showed that the club got under his skin.

Admittedly, I was sceptical about Dick’s appointment last season, shades of Felix Magath taking over at Fulham which all ended in tears, but all those fears were put to rest almost straight away. What Dick brought to the table in such a short timeframe (remember we were in the bottom three with ten games remaining) was nothing short of incredible. He bought into the club wholeheartedly and if that Arsenal game is anything to go by, he knew just how important Premier League survival is to a club of Sunderland’s stature.

Personally I’m pleased with the appointment. I recall saying to some friends of mine that Dick’s comments about not staying unless we were to commit more money into the transfer market was going to show how Ellis Short wanted the club to be run. He’s an experienced manager with an impressive CV to his name, and he should still have some good contacts within the game to help bring in some fresh new talent into the squad. We need a famous number 9 leading the line more than anything else, and maybe Dick can bring in the right man.

The one drawback that I have is his age. It may end up being too much for him and could possibly affect his health, one of the reasons why he wanted to retire in the first place. Managing a club like us isn’t for the faint of heart believe me!

Maybe I’m jumping the gun here but I’m confident that we can ensure survival next season and begin rebuilding the squad with the added television revenue so we really push on in future seasons.

What do you guys think of the appointment? Is it the right one, should we have gone for someone else? Please your comments in the comment section below and I shall see you again in my next blog.


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