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Movie Review: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)


Directed by: George Miler

Starring: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult & Hugh Keays-Byrne

The original Mad Max films were awesome. Mad Max 2 is one of my top 20 films of all time, as for the 3rd film, less said the better. When I originally heard about this I was put off but the inclusion of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. To say that her acting ability in Transformers 3 was wooden would be an insult to wood. In short, I dismissed this film from the off. History has taught me that remakes or reboots have a very hit & miss track record. A friend from work recommended this and even went as far to say it’s ‘film of the year’, he wasn’t the only one. As I type this, Mad Max: Fury Road currently has a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and almost every review I’ve read has repeated what my friend said.

It’s nice to see former WWE superstar (and I use the term ‘superstar’ loosely) Nathan Jones appearing in a major role. I guess THAT Smackdown blunder hasn’t hurt him, right?

Here we are 45 years in the future, and throughout that time civilization is on its knees.  Water, food, oil and other resources were limited. Survivors cling onto life at a fortress called the Citadel, and in charge is cult leader Immortan Joe (what a name). Joe sends Imperator Furiosa (Theron) off in an armoured truck to collect gasoline, Furiosa sees this as a chance to escape and drives off course causing Joe to send his entire army in pursuit of her. Why send your entire army and not a few people? That’s bent. Anyway, after a lengthy road battle one of Joe’s captives, Max (Hardy), teams up with Furiosa and her band of rebels on a daring escape mission through the post-apocalyptic wastelands.

Talk about being bat-shit insane!

I’m speechless, speechless in a good way because it’s fucking mental. It went above and beyond what I expected it to be. What I liked most is that it stayed true to the original material. Most re-makes or reboots tend to go left field with outrageous and unnecessary changes (Hi Michael Bay), but here it’s nothing like that at all. The costumes, character and vehicle designs feels as though they’ve come straight out of the original Mad Max films, hell, Max even has the same jacket that Mel Gibson wore (on the subject of Mel Gibson, check out that South Park episode ‘Passion of the Jew’ where Mad Max gets parodied, hilarious).

It’s loud, in your face and over the top in every way which the original trilogy was back in the day. An example of this would be that guy playing the air-guitar on top of a truck complete with loud speakers, drummers and everything. I know it’s supposed to be over the top, but come one! I guess stereo systems are a thing of the past in Mad Max land.  As for the acting, it was solid. I mention RHW at the start for being a bad actress (imagine if Jason Statham was reading this), well she was okay here. They played to her strengths, and by that I mean she didn’t do a whole except stand around looking pretty. There’s this other scene where a room of overweight women have their breasts hooked up to this milking machine and Nathen Jones drinks a cup of their milk. At that moment I had visions of Vince McMahon rubbing his hands in glee saying, “TAKE THAT YOU SON OF A BITCH, I HAD BIG FUCKING PLANS FOR YOU YOU NEIGHTBOURS WATCHING, HOME & AWAY BASHING, KANGAROO SHAGGING, SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE, KYLIE MINOGUE LISTENING, ROLF HARRIS SEX SLAVE MOTHERFUCKER!” Saying that, I don’t think Vince has heard of Mad Max before. He hasn’t even heard of Scarface or Pirates of the Caribbean. But I still love that crazy bastard.

Now the big question, is this really film of the year? It’s a contender for sure, but in my opinion, I’m going to say no. Great film don’t get me wrong, but film of the year as things stand is Chappie, and with Jurassic World, Terminator and Legend on the horizon, we might see yet another change at the top.

I hate to be the guy to say it, but its frikken ‘mad’!

Rating: **** ½ (Champion)


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