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RIF’s Random Reviews: Lego Simpsons Mini Figure Blind Bags Series 2


I love these Lego figures. The fact that it’s Simpsons characters makes it even more sweeter. I collected series 1 and I used to sell my ‘swaps’ on e-bay. Selling Lego figures on e-bay has got to be one of the best things I have ever done because people go nuts for things like this. Will I do the same for these ones? You bet your sweet arse I will!

I just knew series 2 would come out someday since it was so damn popular and here we are with series 2 of the Simpsons mini figure line.


I’ve picked up four of these for just £1.50 from my local branch of Tesco (where else, ASDA?). Looking at the checklist the ones that I want are Bart-Man, Fallout Boy (Millhouse), Comic Book Guy, Groundskeeper Willie and Smithers.


On the back of the leaflet there’s a picture of the Simpson’s house and a teaser for the Kwik-E-Mart which will come with Abu, Chief Wiggum (both of whom are new versions of past figures) and Snake. That Simpson’s house looks amazing close up. If it wasn’t for the £200 price tag I would have snatched it right up.


Ah shit, swaps!! On the plus side, I did get one that I wanted so I guess it’s worked out fine. The detail in the faces is quality. People say they should be the regular Lego heads as oppose to specialised sculpted heads, but that’s what makes them so unique. Come to think of it, didn’t they do a full Lego Simpsons episode once before?

I did buy these the other week and I’ve already sold them on e-bay for a combined total of £11.15. Of all the quick rich schemes I’ve tried I think I’m on to a winner here.

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