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RIF’s Random Reviews: Funko DC Superheroes Vinyl Figure Mystery Minis

IMG_1230 These Vinyl Figures sure as hell have a cult following right? They seem to be figures representing all forms of entertainment. Personally I don’t consider myself to be a huge fan of things like this but I am a fan of comic books so when I saw these on sale at my local Forbidden Planet store (I say local, I live in Sunderland and my ‘local’ store is in Newcastle) I just had to experience the blind bag craze for myself.

I’ve bought three of these things retailing at £6.99 each hoping that I get the ones that I want.

IMG_1231Here’s the back of the packaging with all the available characters in the set and the rarity of each figure. Which ones do I want? The most obvious would be Batman as I’m a huge fan of the cape crusader, I also wouldn’t mind the classic television series Batman either for a laugh. Aside from the Dark Knight the others that I want are; Superman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Deathstroke or Lex Luther. I hope to God that I don’t get Aquaman!

Just realised that there isn’t a Joker figure in this set. I guess he’s being reserved for series two along with guys like Robin and Green Arrow. Another thing, who the hell is that alien guy next to Harley Quinn? Never seen that fella before! Answers in the comments below.

Anyway, let’s get cracking with the unboxing!

IMG_1232Fucking Aquaman! He was the first one I unboxed as well. These figures also bagged inside the box so you could understand why my heart sank when I felt the tip of Aquaman’s spear. I did manage to get Superman so that’s a plus in my book, and he’s also wearing his pants over his tights. The real Superman always wore this undies on the outside. I was on edge when I opened the third one. I was praying I’d get someone worthy, heaven forbid if I got another Aquaman. Alas, it was the Flash.

These figures are very well sculpted and the paint application is superb so I’m very impressed there although they don’t have any articulation. Other than that, they’re decent.

Superman will be going on the mantelpiece, Flash will be popping up on e-bay and Aquaman will be chucked in the bin (I keed, he’ll be joining Flash on e-bay. Just search for ‘rifismint’ if you’re interested).

Thanks for reading and join me again for my next review.


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