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AJ Lee retires


Former WWE Divas champion AJ Lee has retired from the sport at the age of 28.

Details are sketchy at this point so expect an update somewhere down the line.  Rumours of AJ’s departure circulated last year when she married CM Punk, it was also heavily rumoured that she was pregnant!  That turned out to be untrue. She also took time off to deal with a neck injury which further speculated here departure. Again, that also turned out to be untrue as she returned in time for WrestleMania, that was the final big programme of her career.

I’m sad that she’s come to this decision. I enjoyed here run in the company and was well made up for here when she won the Divas Championship for the first time. In a fictional sport with predetermined outcomes, that felt real to her. 28 is too young to retire. No idea what her reasons are behind this, but it’s her decision and one that I respect.

Happy retirement AJ. Thank you for the memories and all the best for the future.

See you at the Hall of Fame someday.


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