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The Story So Far….


“Stop Dreaming, Start Living” – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Time moves much slower when you’re a kid. A year or even a summer seemed to go on forever when I was younger. The 90s felt like a century, whereas anything past 2011 seemed like 5 minutes! As you get older time seems to vanish before you.

I’m going to be 30 next year. Yeah! The big 3-0!! It’s got me reflecting on life and the things that I’ve achieved and accomplished. I’ve truly lived my life. That’s why I’m starting to open up more and share some of my personal life experiences and, perhaps, a bit of knowledge and wisdom for you guys along the way.

I have many regrets. A ton of them in fact. I was watching this program on BBC the other night called “The Gift” and in this particular episode there’s this former school bully who hoped to finally apologise to his victim of many years. When they finally met, the victim accepted his apology. You could see it in the bully’s face and hear it in his voice the regret he carried over the years. That made all the difference to the victim. The power of forgiveness is enormous. I’ve been a complete prick to some people. A real prick! Sometimes, I wish I could just go back to those times and say to myself, “What the hell you doing?” My regrets in life are far too long to list. For the past three years, it feels as if I’ve been carrying a big bag of rocks and being unable to let go of it. I would love to right the wrongs of my life. I just fear the rejection. Not much of a risk taker, to con a phase most popular with modern youth, I need to grow a set! I don’t make peace halfway; it’s got to be all the way or nothing at all. Living it the past, there’s no future in it.

I wish I got paid doing this, the writing I mean. I’m so damn miserable in my current job and I’m so desperate to change that as soon as possible. Doing the writing has given me a voice, unlocked a talent that I never thought I had. People recognise me now. I’m so withdrawn from others but that don’t make me arrogant. I’m not an arrogant person.  I find it hard to express myself sometimes, believe it or not, ten years ago,I used to be the life and soul of the party. Now, I just can’t start the party! Back to writing, I love the feedback. Absolutely love it! It’s pretty humbling when someone takes the time to comment on something that I’ve worked so hard on. They didn’t have to, but they choose to do so and that’s special man!

Someone proposed the idea of setting up a series on YouTube. Now that’s very flattering and all but I just don’t know where to start. If I had the knowledge then I would absolutely love to do that. Two of my favourite YouTubers are Stuart Ashens and James Rolfe a/k/a The Angry Video Game Nerd. Both of them are immensely talented at what they do, they’ve even released films too (Ashens & The quest for the Gamechild/ The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie. Will I review them? Hell yes) so you can see how far they’ve come. You never know, we might be watching RIF The Movie one day, huh? Special shout out to Chris Haigh (Haighyorkie). Another amazing YouTuber. His FIFA videos are the highlight of my day. His passion is second to none. And no, he hasn’t appeared in a movie…….yet.

I write about silly stuff as you know, but I never write about me. This series of RIF’s Life Stories is just going to be some random stuff about my life and upbringing presented to you in a (hopefully) entertaining and humorous manner. Not promising anything.

It’s going to be fun reliving past glories, and it’s going to help lay a few ghosts to rest too.

I hope…..




One comment on “The Story So Far….

  1. Emma
    February 21, 2015

    I love your honesty. We all have regrets, and that is part of the learning process to minimise these. Sometimes we simply need to let go, to enable us to move forward. Those heavy rocks you said you were carrying; drop them. Their weight isn’t propelling you any longer. They have done their job. They taught you.

    Writing rewards us in so many ways. My writing helps me to self-explore and question. It helps me to rationalise and helps me to hear that inner voice.

    If you aren’t fulfilled in your current vocation, then change it. Re-train, change direction, take a risk.
    We are all pilots of our own ride. We create the journey and we fulfill it. 🙂

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