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Movie Review: Project Almanac (2015)


Starring: Jonny Weston, Sofia Black, Allen Evangelista, Sam Lerner and Virginia Gardner

Directed by: Dean Israelite

After the horror that was Fifty Shades of Grey I needed to see something to take my mind off it, even if it meant going on ‘Saver Tuesday’ during the half term school holidays (cinema was rammed of the little bastards) but that’s the risk I was willing the take. Why did I choose this? First available film there was (plus 50 Shades, read my previous review on that if you dare) and plus, time machines are fucking awesome right? If I had one, I would relive my teenage years all over again. Had a fucking blast in that period! Had a quick look at the movie poster to see who was in it, and then next to the title of Producer,  I saw the name that has haunted cinema in the last few years……MICHAEL BAY!!! My dear god…….

The film is centred around 17 year old high school senior and aspiring inventor David Raskin (Weston) and his friends. Raskin realises his dream of being accepted into MIT but is unable to afford the tuition fees so he enlists the help of his sister Christina (Gardner) to go through the belongings of his deceased father, who was also a budding inventor, in an attempt to find something which will make him “get rich quick”, a bit like Del Boy you could say. David ends up finding an old camera with a video recording of his 7th birthday, in which he briefly spots his 17-year-old self in a reflection. Crazy shit right? When he and his friends find his late father’s plans for a “temporal displacement device,” (that’s a time machine to you and me folks) David can’t wait to start fiddling about with it (the time machine that is you mucky minded bastards). When they finally get the device to work, the teenagers take full advantage to manipulate time in their favour — but their joy is short-lived when they begin to discover the consequences of their actions. Someone clearly hasn’t seen Back to the Future!

The pain of Fifty Shades is behind me, but it wasn’t that great I’ve got to be honest. You could tell that Michael Bay had heavy influence in this with his nonsensical writing and heavy focus on sexually (I bet he loved the Carry On films), something that ruined the Transformers franchise and the Turtles reboot! The one thing I that grinded on me was the found footage style camerawork. It looks as if the film is shot with a handheld camera, it works for some scenes but was it necessary for the entire film? I mean, why would you record yourself in your science class? It worked for Blair Witch Project but not here. Oh yeah, the script could have had some more work done to it. If you had to have a shot of vodka every time someone said “shit” or “holy shit” you would die from liver failure.

Mildly entertaining to a certain degree and the charismatic cast makes this reasonable engaging. Once you reach the end credits, it’s a stark reminder just why Back to the Future is the undisputed heavyweight champion in the time travel genre.

Has a certain interior logic, grows implausible and then Vince Russo insane.

Rating: ** ½ (No way Pedro)


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