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WWE TLC 2014 Predicition Contest


The official name of this show is actually “Tables, Ladders, Chairs and Stairs” but that sound ridiculous! The idea that a Stairs match is even taking place is like something you’d read from Kayfabe News. Not only is TLC (S) is the final pay per view of the year, but it’s also the final pay per view before the road to WrestleMania 31 begins. For the 3rd straight event, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship won’t be defended. Brock Lesnar isn’t set to appear at the show but he is expected to appear on Raw the following night. Will he make a surprise appearance here? I don’t know. Be a complete shock if he did though, almost forgot what the title looks like!

Here’s a look at the league table as it stands….

  1. RIF – 182.5pts
  2. Michael – 163.5pts
  3. Dan – 157.5pts
  4. Joe – 151pts

It’s all or never guys. Will I make it 3 in a row? Or will someone upset the apple cart? To make things interesting, there will be no tie breaker question so that safety net isn’t available.

Pre Show

The New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) vs. Goldust & Stardust

RIF: New Day

Joe: New Day

Michael: New Day

Dan: New Day

The faces usually do well on the pre-show. The New Day are a new group in which WWE wants to try and get over and working with talents like Goldust & Cody is going to be nothing more than beneficial. It’s the beginning of the end for Goldust and Stardust as a tag team. I can see them going on a losing streak with Stardust dumping Goldust and reverting back to being heel Cody Rhodes which will end up in a WrestleMania match which Goldust has been lobbying for so long.

WWE Divas Championship

Nikki Bella © vs. AJ Lee

RIF: Nikki Bella

Joe: Nikki Bella

Michael: Nikki Bella

Dan: Nikki Bella

I’m I the only person who thinks Brie Bella turning heel made no sense what so ever? I was expecting this to be Nikki v Brie but that isn’t the case. Once again the AJ is leaving rumour resurface. Are they true? Her promo on Raw made it sound like she already has one foot out of the door. Nikki has improved greatly and her ring work has been solid. Bella retains.

WWE United States Championship

Rusev © vs. Jack Swagger

RIF: Rusev

Joe: Rusev

Michael: Rusev

Dan: Rusev

One of the easiest predictions of the night. Rusev isn’t going to drop the title to Jack Swagger. It’s a shame that they’ve ran out of guys for Rusev to beat so they went back to Swagger, at least their matches don’t suck I guess. They’ll have a solid 10 minute competitive match with Rusev locking on the Accolade. Be interesting to see how Swagger holds his own because Zeb Coulter was one of the reasons Swagger got over in the first place. As for Rusev’s first defeat, I reckon that’s being reserved for Ryback further down the line.

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Ladder Match

Luke Harper © vs. Dolph Ziggler

RIF: Luke Harper

Joe: Dolph Ziggler

Michael: Dolph Ziggler

Dan: Luke Harper

Ziggler goes into this match with momentum on his side. With that awesome performance at Survivor Series and the increasing reactions he continues to receive from the fans, he deserves to be rewarded. I’m more than excited for this one. Luke Harper is a surprisingly talented big guy. I remember attending a TV taping back in May where he faced John Cena and surprised everyone by busting out a hurricanrana. Not many guys of his size are capable of doing that. Ziggler lost the title to Harper so he could be moved up to the next level. I just don’t think it’s smart to take the title off him for a month and then give him it back. Fans are buying Harper as IC champ, let him run with it. I’d still be pleased if Ziggler won but it will leave me thinking when’s he getting elevated? Either way, give these guys 20 minutes. They’ll put on a hell of a show.

Stairs Match

Erick Rowan vs. Big Show

RIF: Big Show

Joe: Big Show

Michael: Erick Rowan

Dan: Erick Rowan

Now we talk about the first ever Stairs match (oh god). I’m trying to wrap my head round why people would be interested in seeing two big guys fighting over stairs? It’s fucking loopy. Rowan is finding his feet as a singles star after being carried by superior talents in Wyatt and Harper but since Big Show has turned heel for the 5376794836572637890196th time I guess he’ll pick up the win to give him momentum.

WWE Tag Team Championship

The Usos vs. Miz & Mizdow ©

RIF: Miz & Mizdow

Joe: Miz & Mizdow

Michael: Miz & Mizdow

Dan: Miz & Mizdow

At first, I HATED the whole Sandow stunt double gimmick. I always thought he was better than that. He’s the intellectual savour of the masses! Now, I love it. Wrestling is all about entertaining the fans. Damian Mizdow is entertaining and doing a hell of a job with the gimmick. It’s a fun act which will probably lead to Mizdow eliminating Miz from the Royal Rumble whether it’s on purpose or an accident.  Until then, they’re holding onto the gold. The involvement of Naomi could be included in the finish. She could come out and cost the Usos the match because Jimmy wants her to stay out the back. I do feel that she’ll end up as Miz’s valet though. God, WWE sure love having couples involved in disagreements.

Chair Match

Ryback vs. Kane

RIF: Ryback

Joe: Ryback

Michael: Kane

Dan: Kane

Last month, I predicted that Ryback would make a huge impact at the Survivor Series but that never happened. He was the second person eliminated from the match and was mostly forgettable. I can never understand why that was as he was build strong prior to the show. I see him winning here, no doubt about it. Hopefully it doesn’t go on for too long. Ryback is a below average performer and Kane is declining as he approaches his 50’s. Should last less than seven minutes otherwise fans will lose interest.

TLC Match

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

RIF: Dean Ambrose

Joe: Bray Wyatt

Michael: Bray Wyatt

Dan: Dean Ambrose

The Rif Rasslin Awards are coming up real soon and I’m struggling to pick a winner for match of the year. I’ve got the feeling that this one could end up being contested for that title. It promises to be a violent match given the stipulation. I liked their promos and the build up. The Ambrose/ Rollins feud was special and this one is okay. When it comes to picking a winner, I’m torn. If WWE want to build Wyatt up as a major heel then he needs the win. He hasn’t won a pay per view match since SummerSlam. Given the way the feud started at Hell in a Cell, I’m going with Ambrose to get his revenge and to end the feud.

Tables Match

John Cena vs. Seth Rollins

RIF: John Cena

Joe: John Cena

Michael: John Cena

Dan: John Cena

Cena wins lolz! The stipulation added to this match is if Cena loses, he will no longer be the number one contender. There have been rumours circulating that Seth Rollins is going to cash in his MITB contract against Brock on Raw. Will it happen? I won’t be surprised if it did. For Rollins, this match is a major test to see if he has what it take to become a solid main eventer. It’s a test that he’ll pass with flying colours. Win or lose, he should perform well and help carry Cena to an exciting encounter.

So that’s it for another year, guys. The Prediction Contest starts afresh next month at the Royal Rumble. As for other articles to look out for, the 2014 Rif Rasslin Hall of Fame will be posted on December 30th and the following day (New Year’s Eve) the 2014 Rif Rasslin Awards will be up.

In closing, thanks for reading guys. Enjoy TLC (S) and feel free to post your predictions.


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