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Daniel Bryan update: Another setback :(


Today it was confirmed by WWE that former World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan would require yet more surgery on his UCL, Ulnar Collateral Ligament. The UCL is a big part of our arm which helps us pick things up, and when damaged, it could affect the strength and motion of the arm. The best, and only, option available is to have Tommy John Surgery which is popular amongst baseball players. According to his wife, Brie Bella, he is regaining strength in his arm so progress is being made.

If he does get the Tommy John Surgery then it’s likely he won’t return until next summer and will also miss WrestleMania 31 too. That was something Daniel was desperate to avoid. The UCL surgery has been a huge success to those who’ve undergone the procedure, but the key point here is that Daniel Bryan is a wrestler. He competes with others in a physical environment. WWE would want to make sure Daniel is in top condition otherwise he’ll be a danger to others as well as himself.

He could make an appearance on the Raw after WrestleMania which has proven to be a lively event over the years. WWE won’t rush him. That would be foolish of them to do so. He would carry a ton of ring rush so he’ll be taken to the development centre to help get back to match fitness. It going to take time but it’s for the best. Heck, the whole thing could be a red herring which could see Daniel Bryan make a return at the Royal Rumble much like John Cena did in 2008. However, I can’t see that happening. I guess I’m just clutching at straws.

Personally, I’m gutted for the guy. He was so hot at the start of the year with the whole ‘Yes Movement’ but it’s been one setback after another since his WrestleMania 30 triumph. Will he retire? I wouldn’t rule it out, let’s just see how this surgery goes and take it from there.

On behalf of everyone here at Rif Rasslin, I wish Daniel Bryan a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.


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