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WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 Prediction Contest


The Hell in a Cell has been one of the most innovated match concepts since the induction of the Steel Cage. You’re guaranteed a winner. It helps boosts careers, ask Mick Foley he’ll gladly talk about his experiences in 1998. Having Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins settle their feud inside of the Cell is perfect. They deserve it and the fact that it’s the main event shows how much Vince McMahon believes in the two young stars. I strongly feel that this has the makings of a solid match of the year contender.  John Cena & Randy Orton meet yet again inside the Cell with the added stipulation where the winner will become the number one contender to Brock Lesnar’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Brock’s title isn’t on the line here. This will be the second pay per view of the year where the main title hasn’t been on the line. That show was Payback where Daniel Bryan missed the show through injury.

As always, we’ll predict the outcome of the matches for points and with only two more events to follow this one it really is all to play for! The league table is as followed:

  1. RIF – 152.5pts
  2. Michael – 139.5pts
  3. Dan – 133.5pts
  4. Joe – 121pts

Not to put any pressure on my colleges but time is running out and I’ve got a bit of lead going on here. Just sayin’……

WWE Intercontinental Championship

2/3 Falls Match

Dolph Ziggler ©Dolph Ziggler (c)

RIF: Dolph Ziggler

Joe: Dolph Ziggler

Michael: Cesaro

Dan: Cesaro

With the 2/3 falls stipulation I can see this one getting a lot of time and I have no problem what so ever with that. Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro are two of the best in ring performers today who deserve the recognition for the work that they do. It feels great seeing Ziggler back in a meaningful position in the company standing and it appears as if Cesaro is starting to get the backing he so richly deserves. I just wish Vince believed in both guys as much as the fans do. What the Intercontinental title needs more than anything is to have its reputation increased. All of these short runs or one day reigns isn’t helping. Give these guys a long feud over the title and build from there. The chemistry is there.

WWE Tag Team Championship

The Usos vs. Goldust & Stardust ©

RIF: Goldust & Stardust

Joe: Goldust & Stardust

Michael: Goldust & Stardust

Dan: Goldust & Stardust

Unlike their previous run with the titles, The Rhodes Brothers’ second reign has been less than thrilling. A few non-title defeats haven’t helped, which is a bad habit WWE has with their champions. We’ve seen both teams involved in a few six man tag matches with different opponents but I would like to have seen a few single matches amongst the four individuals just to freshen things up. It has the makings of an enjoyable tag match with DustBros continuing their reign on the tag division.

Big Show vs. Rusev

RIF: Rusev

Joe: Rusev

Michael: Rusev

Dan: Rusev

In truth, both men have had a pretty interesting dynamic in recent weeks which was improved on the final Raw before this pay per view. They had a match not long ago where it actually looked as if Big Show was going to give the Bulgarian Brute his first loss in his WWE career. It made Rusev look vulnerable (but not weak) The key thing to take away from that was what happened post match with Big Show knocking out Rusev with the KO Punch. If that happened during the match it’s game over for Rusev. Don’t forget Mark Henry interfering and handing Rusev the disqualification victory. What happened on Raw recently was great. Threatening to pull down the American flag, an outraged solider tried to get at Rusev only to be attacked with a kick to the face. Big Show cut an emotional promo (Big Show crying? Why I’m I not surprised?) to round off the build to this feud. It’s going to be as back and forth as their last encounter on Raw with Rusev picking up the victory over the multi time world champion.

Loser most become the winners personal assistant for the next 30 days

Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella

RIF: Nikki Bella

Joe: Nikki Bella

Michael: Nikki Bella

Dan: Nikki Bella

Oh boy, the Bella Twins feud!! With the added stipulation of the loser becoming the winner’s personal assistant it’s pretty obvious who’s going to win. Brie will be humiliated for the next 30 days and eventually gets a re-match (and the victory to put this feud to rest) at TLC. The stipulation will introduce a fresh impetus heading into the festive period. Nikki seems to have drifted away from her alliance to Stephanie McMahon, which makes it all important for this storyline to stand up on its own.

WWE Divas Championship

AJ Lee © vs. Paige


Joe: AJ Lee

Michael: AJ Lee

Dan: AJ Lee

We now jump from a boring feud to a stale feud, believe me when I say that it pains me to criticise this considering the two talents involved. I’ve loved AJ & Paige’s run of matches this year but I feel as though they are beginning to drag it out a bit and the title is starting to receive the hot potato treatment. I’m expecting a good match here, both of whom are capable of pulling it off but the feud has to end tonight.

WWE United States Championship

Sheamus © vs. The Miz

RIF: The Miz

Joe: Sheamus

Michael: The Miz

Dan: The Miz

After failing to hold onto the Intercontinental title, Miz has started to turn his attentions to Sheamus’ United States championship. Previously in my Night of Champions preview, I talked about how little the US title means nowadays and how a total revamp has to take place. It’s a prop. WWE can deny it all they like but that’s what it is. Plain and simple! When you consider its past champions such as Ric Flair, Steve Austin, Terry Funk, Harley Race and Curt Hennig, it’s a disgrace. We haven’t seen the best of this rivalry so I’m guessing/ hoping that it will continue to Survivor Series. I also need to talk about how impressed I am with Damien Sandow’s role as the stunt double. Granted it’s not the best gimmick going but somehow he’s making it work. You could imagine that some involvement from Sandow is a given, leading to the crowing of a new United States Champion.

Hell in a Cell

Winner to become the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

John Cena vs. Randy Orton

RIF: Randy Orton

Joe: Randy Orton

Michael: John Cena

Dan: John Cena

There isn’t a great deal of hype for this one due to the way it was pieced together off a Cena defeat to Ambrose for the right to face Seth Rollins. It appears as if Orton will be turning in the coming weeks meaning another chapter will close on one of the most utilized feuds in recent history. I guess those RKO vines are playing a part in Orton’s potential turn huh? The conclusion is still up in the air. Will Rollins cost Randy a future World Heavyweight title match? Or will outside interference from the Authority prevent Cena v Lesnar again? Given how the prospect of Cena vs. Brock Lesnar hardly excites, though, it looks like Orton could be the one who comes out on top. It’s also worth pointing out that Survivor Series is held in St. Louis, MO. And we all know who comes from there…..

Hell in a Cell

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

RIF: Dean Ambrose

Joe: Seth Rollins

Michael: Dean Ambrose

Dan: Seth Rollins

Now this match has to be the main event. No question about it. I’m going to let the cat out of the bag and say that the Rollins/Ambrose feud is going to be the winner for the Feud of the Year at this year’s Rif Rasslin Awards. The feud has done more than capture our imaginations and carried the company throughout the summer. With the two settling the score inside of the Cell, it’s only going to bring the best out of them. Two of the best Hell in a Cell matches within this PG era are Edge & Undertaker from SummerSlam 08 and the WrestleMania 28 clash between Undertaker & Triple H (4/10), this has the makings of being on par or better than those two. Nice to see Mick Foley on Raw, his promo helped big up the importance of the match and how it can make a difference to your career. Mick Foley of all people should know that and I can’t help but feel that something memorial will happen between the two former Shield members. I can imagine Ambrose going full on crazy utilizing the Cell walls and getting his hands on various weapons. With Rollins stomping Orton’s head to the mat on Raw it begs the question; will we see some interference from the Viper? If it does, then it’s going to be to the benefit for Ambrose but hopefully it doesn’t overshadow the match. Has the makings of Match of the Year written all over it.


**Tie Breakers**

What will be the opening contest?

RIF: IC title

Joe: Tag titles

Michael: US title

Dan: Tag titles

What better than to kick off the pay per view with two of the best in ring performers in the WWE today?


Enjoy Hell in a Cell guys, feel free to post your predictions also.


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