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WWE Payback Prediction Contest

I’m really on the fence about this show guys. It just doesn’t feel like a big pay per view event and that’s all down to the absence of a World Heavyweight title match. It’s not their fault however. Daniel Bryan had to have neck surgery. It had to be done. His health comes first and I totally agree with that. Original plans called for a rematch between Daniel and his former Team Hell No tag partner, Kane, to slug it out in a Buried Alive match. I guess that match will take place at Money in the Bank instead. Right now, looking at the card, only two matches spring out as must see; The Shield vs. Evolution in a no holds barred elimination match and John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt in a last man standing match.


As always, we at Rif Rasslin predict the outcome of the matches for points (not prizes) and here is the current league table;


1. RIF – 83.5

2. Michael – 67. 5

3. Dan – 64.5

4. Joe – 53.


I need to share something with you guys. Recently, I’ve just been made redundant from my employment so I’m feeling pretty down about it. I was there for 3 years and for all this to happen is a hammer blow.  Because of that, I’m not going to go into too much detail in the write up but I will return to full write ups next month for Money in the Bank.


No Holds Barred Elimination Match

Evolution (Triple H, Batista & Randy Orton) vs. The Shield (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins)

RIF: Evolution

Joe: Evolution

Michael: Evolution

Dan: Evolution

The Shield got the victory last month at Extreme Rules so it’s likely that Evolution pick up the win here.


Last Man Standing

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

RIF: John Cena

Joe: John Cena

Michael: Bray Wyatt

Dan: John Cena

I reckon this will be the end of the feud as since its John Cena, he’ll win the feud. Please don’t end this with that shitty ‘ducktape around the ankles tactic’.


WWE Intercontinental Championship

Bad News Barrett © vs. Rob Van Dam

RIF: Bad News Barrett

Joe: Bad News Barrett

Michael: Bad News Barrett

Dan: Bad News Barrett

I’ve got some bad news for RVD, you’re jobbing tonight fella. Bad News defends the title. That’s good news for bad news right?


WWE United States Championship

Sheamus © vs. Cesaro

RIF: Cesaro

Joe: Sheamus

Michael: Sheamus

Dan: Cesaro

Honestly don’t know where this one is heading but I’ve got a hunch Cesaro will pick up the win here. He’s on the rise and has been booked strong in recent weeks so it’s certainly a possibility.


WWE Divas Championship

Paige © vs. Alicia Fox

RIF: Paige

Joe: Paige

Michael: Paige

Dan: Paige

Alicia Fox’s new crazy gimmick is hilarious. At least they’re giving her some sort of character because she is a pretty talented girl. However, she’ll be jobbing to Paige tonight. Be interesting to see what her post match antics are like!


Rusev vs. Big E

RIF: Rusev

Joe: Rusev

Michael: Rusev

Dan: Rusev

RUSEV! CRUSH! So sad seeing Big E drop so fast after his run as Intercontinental Champion. He’s young enough to turn things around. Just hope he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.



Mask vs. Hair Match

El Torito vs. Hornswoggle

RIF: El Torito

Joe: Hornswoggle

Michael: El Torito

Dan: El Torito

El Torito gets his revenge after losing his tail last Monday. Bless him.


**Tie Breakers**

Who will be eliminated 1st in the 6 man tag match?

RIF: Dean Ambrose

Joe: Seth Rollins

Michael: Batista

Dan: Seth Rollins

I honestly believe that Ambrose & Rollins will be eliminated early on leaving Reigns with a disadvantage. Reigns evens the odds only to fall to Triple H. The seeds will be planted for that rumoured HHH/ Reigns SummerSlam match.


What will be the main event?

RIF: Cena & Wyatt

Joe: Cena & Wyatt

Michael: Cena & Wyatt

Dan: Cena & Wyatt

Really on the fence here. It’s either going to be the LMS match or the 6 man tag.


Will Daniel Bryan surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?


Joe: No

Michael: No

Dan: No

He won’t surrender that’s for sure but it shall be interesting what happens to Brie Bella because of this.


Enjoy Payback, guys.


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