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WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Prediction Contest

Four weeks after an incredible WrestleMania XXX it’s time for another WWE ‘Special Event’(no longer pay per views now, guys) and It’s that one night of the year where the WWE goes extreme as the adverts suggest. Looking at the card, that tells another story. From an 8 match card (1 on the Pre-show and 7 on the main card), only 3 matches are have a stipulation. I was under the impression that every match would have some sort of stipulation. That certainly was the case at previous ER events. This event will feature Daniel Bryan’s first WWE World Heavyweight Championship title defence after a seven month journey of securing the title at ‘Mania. His opponent is former Team Hell No partner, Kane. Elsewhere, the newly reformed Evolution will take on the Shield.


So far, our prediction league table looks as followed:


1. RIF – 64pts

2. Michael & Dan – 42pts

3. Joe – 37pts.


It’s all to play for as we predict what will go down at Extreme Rules.



WeeLC Match

El Torito vs. Hornswoggle

RIF: El Torito

Joe: El Torito

Michael: El Torito

Dan: El Torito

No idea what a WeeLC match is. All I know is that it’s a modified version of a TLC match but that’s all I know. I actually don’t hate this match as much as most people because I think Torito is awesome. Hornswoggle is much better as a 3MB member then he was as the original Hornswoggle character too. I reckon El Torito wins mainly because the face usually goes over in the pre-shows more often than not.


Jack Swagger vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro

RIF: Cesaro

Joe: Cesaro

Michael: Cesaro

Dan: Cesaro

This was mentioned as an elimination match, which is cool with me. They don’t do elimination three ways enough. It’s more enjoyable to watch. I would have preferred RVD vs. Cesaro based on their interactions in the Intercontinental Tournament but I guess you can’t forget Cesaro’s beef with Swagger. This is WWE’s way of killing three birds with one stone. The third bird is adding another stipulation match to a PPV that is supposed to be filled with them but yet really feels empty in that regard. It’s weird seeing Cesaro remaining in the heel role knowing how much the fans want to cheer for him. I guess he’ll turn face somewhere down the line. Expect a clean victory for Cesaro as he’s the star on the rise right now.


Alexander Rusev vs. Xavier Woods & R-Truth

RIF: Alexander Rusev

Joe: Alexander Rusev

Michael: Alexander Rusev

Dan: Alexander Rusev

Is this match ever in doubt? Rusev wins in a dominant fashion, gets build up as John Cena’s next big challenge, loses then forms a comedy foreign tag team with Santino Marella.



WWE Intercontinental Championship

Big E © vs. Bad News Barrett

RIF: Big E

Joe: Big E

Michael: Big E

Dan: Bad News Barrett

Big E actually has more personality than what he is displaying on screen. Don’t believe me? Follow him on Twitter, he’s pretty funny. I’m not worried about him. He’s a guy in his late 20s with a really bright future, so I think he has a lot of value long term. Barrett’s new gimmick is starting to win me other. he’s always been an above average wrestler capable of having good matches. His problem is WWE keeps stalling on his pushes and then throws the Intercontinental Championship on him because they think it is a good idea. Winning or losing the IC Title doesn’t really help him that much. Just because Barrett has been featured on TV more does not mean he’s going to win. It’s just a way to build him up as a credible challenger. I think Big E finds a way to retain, but don’t be surprised if the feud continues for another month.


WWE Divas Championship

Paige © vs. Tamina Snuka

RIF: Paige

Joe: Paige

Michael: Paige

Dan: Paige

No brainer. Paige has been the Divas Champion for a month now and has been impressive in doing so. Her offence is believable and she’s winning over the fans. There’s no reason for her to lose here. As much as I like Tamina as a performer, she is just another underwhelming Divas competitor. This will be a win for Paige in a competitive 7 minute match where she could be booked as the underdog due to Tamina being the bigger of the two women.


Steel Cage Match

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

RIF: Bray Wyatt

Joe: John Cena

Michael: Bray Wyatt

Dan: John Cena

The choir segment on Raw was pure genius. Whoever came up with that deserves a pat on the back. Cena’s win at WrestleMania and subsequent joking promos towards the Wyatts really cooled this feud. Bray Wyatt is a serious guy and a Photoshop comedy promo is just the absolute worst things to do in a feud with him. WWE more than made up with it with the children’s choir though. It was equal parts creepy and awesome. The steel cage setting is interesting because Cena said he wanted it as a way to keep Erick Rowan and Luke Harper from interfering. Cena beat Wyatt clean at WrestleMania without those two doing anything. This one feels like a match that will still have interference because I think it’s unlikely that Cena is going to lose clean to Wyatt even in a cage match. Maybe a fourth Wyatt Family member debuts. Something special has to happen for Cena to lose this match. The booking of this one is very intriguing to me. I’m looking forward to it.


The Shield (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins) vs. Evolution (Triple H, Randy Orton & Batista)

RIF: Evolution

Joe: Evolution

Michael: The Shield

Dan: Evolution

This feels like the main event to me. Whether it goes on last or not, we have no idea at this point. Maybe some people would be upset because Daniel Bryan wouldn’t be in the main event, but I think it’s fine if this match goes on last because it’s a match that is elevating The Shield just because of who they are in the ring with. I’ve heard a few people complain that they are upset that this match is a standard six man tag. I hear you, but I say this: All three of the Wyatt vs. The Shield matches were standard six man tags and were awesome matches also. I’ve heard that Batista is not advertised past Extreme Rules so he can go and promote Guardians of the Galaxy which comes out in August. If that’s the case then this Evolution reunion is going to be a short one and there is no reason for them to win. If Batista is going to stick around another month or so, I can see WWE wanting to do this match again at Payback with some sort of stipulation. That to me would mean an Evolution win. Expect the seeds to be planted for the rumoured Triple H/ Roman Reigns SummerSlam match.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Extreme Rules Match

Daniel Bryan © vs. Kane

RIF: Daniel Bryan

Joe: Daniel Bryan

Michael: Daniel Bryan

Dan: Daniel Bryan

Although creative has done a terrific job in building Kane up in recent weeks, it’s very unlikely that Bryan will drop the belt here. He’s going to have a long title run. He deserves it! If Kane won the WWE Title here that would really piss off fans. I really doubt that it will happen, though. Bryan is being booked like the underdog even though he’s the WWE Champion. That’s because they have really pushed Kane’s “new” character direction hard. We’ve seen a lot a Bryan vs. Kane one on one matches so this needed something to freshen it up. It also needed to get a little more violent than your average bout after the way Kane injured Bryan and tormented his wife. Kane made it personal so now Bryan has to get revenge with more than just wrestling holds. WWE did a good job of building Kane back up to being the “demon” in just two weeks to make him a viable challenger to Bryan’s title. I don’t think anyone expects Kane to win but at least we should have a fun match on our hands and Bryan can get his first title defence under his belt against a reliable veteran.


**Tie Breakers**


Who will be involved in the finish during the 6 man tag?

RIF: Triple H > Roman Reigns

Joe: Triple H > Dean Ambrose

Michael: Roman Reigns > Triple H

Dan: Batista > Dean Ambrose


What will be the first match?

RIF: Intercontinental Championship

Joe: Intercontinental Championship

Michael: Triple Threat

Dan: Triple Threat


Enjoy Extreme Rules guys, feel free to share your predictions.



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