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RIF Recap: February

Things have been pretty interesting for the WWE recently. CM Punk walking out has been huge news and I’ve even wrote a piece about it too but I’ll talk about it again for the purpose of the recap. This month’s edition will cover the main topic from 26th January to 23rd February. Okay, let’s get to it guys!


Welcome home, Hulk Hogan

It was confirmed on Friday that hall of famer, Hulk Hogan, will return to the WWE this Monday on Raw. It’s rumoured that he’ll announce his intentions to become the host of WrestleMania XXX. He will also be on hand to help promote the new WWE Network. A lot of people are negative about Hogan’s return, not me. Hulk Hogan is the reason why I became a wrestling fan in the first place. If it wasn’t for Hogan, I wouldn’t be writing this article. I look forward to his return. Another rumour going round is that Hogan could be the new GM of the WWE. If that’s true then maybe just maybe he’ll appear on the 19th May edition of Raw (live from London) which I’m attending. I would love to see Hulk Hogan live and this could possibly be the year where that comes true!


CM Punk walks out

The night after the Royal Rumble, CM Punk walked out of the WWE. He approached Vince and told him about his decision before leaving. He was originally scheduled to face Antonio Cesaro in an Elimination Chamber qualification match. His main frustrations is mainly focused on the part timers coming back and talking all the spots at WrestleMania and the way his friend, Daniel Bryan, has been treated too. It reminds me of the time when Steve Austin walked out in 2002. He was booked to put over Brock Lesnar in a match with zero build up which was stupid. I understand Punk’s frustrations but he shouldn’t have walked out. With his contract expiring soon the question remains, will he re-sign? I very much doubt it but he will return further down the line. I just hope he can use this time away to clear his head and figure out what is best for him.


The road to WrestleMania begins.

The Royal Rumble is traditionally the starting point on the road to WrestleMania. Batista won the Rumble for the second time in his career. Roman Reigns made an impact by setting a new record for eliminating the most guys within the match. That suggests that the powerhouse Shield member is in line for a mega push down the line. According to some websites, he’s been touted as the “successor to John Cena”. A lot of people (myself included) were disappointed about Daniel Bryan not being in the Rumble match. I had him down to win it! I don’t mind having surprised entrants in the Royal Rumble but when you have El Torito as one of the entrants and not Daniel Bryan, to me, that’s an insult! No wonder the crowd was pissed out about it! With the Elimination Chamber taking place tonight, we’ll get a clearer picture of how WrestleMania will shape up. Also I’ve been doing my WrestleMania reviews. Yesterday, I posted my review for WrestleMania XI. Not a great show it has to be said. You can find the reviews on the site.


2014 Hall of Fame

It’s that time of year again where we pay tribute to those who paved the way. So far, this year’s class includes Ultimate Warrior, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Lita. All three of whom are deserving of the honour. Warrior was a massive star during the late 80’s/ early 90’s but has a poor attitude behind the scenes. Jake Roberts is well deserving of the honour. His promos were incredible. He’s had his struggles with addiction over the years but he’s overcome them with the aid of his friend, Diamond Dallas Page. Lita was the centre piece of the divas division for a number of years. It’s fitting seeing her inducted the year after her long-time rival, Trish Stratus, was inducted last year.  The big rumour going around is the possibility of inducting Mr T and Scott Hall. I would love to see Hall get inducted. Like Roberts, he too has turned his life around with the help of DDP. He’s made huge progress in overcoming his addiction with drugs and alcohol. Mr T is long overdue. His involvement in the original WrestleMania was one of the reasons why the event was so successful. Make it happen, Vince!


AJ makes history

WWE Divas Champion, AJ Lee is now the longest reigning Divas champion in the company’s history. The old record was previously held by Maryse. I’m pleased for AJ. You can tell just how much being Divas champion means to her and that she’s having a whale of a time too. Her tattoo also suggests the immense pride she has in being Divas champion. I would love to see her hold onto the title for over a year but I’ve got a feeling that she’s going to drop the title at WrestleMania. When that day comes we can all look back on what has been an incredible run as champion. Thank you AJ.


R.I.P Nelson Frazier Jr

Last month, Mae Young passed away, this month; we are saddened by the passing of Nelson Frazier better known to many as Viscera. Nelson made his WWE debut in 1993 under the name “Mabel” and was one half of the Men on a Mission tag team. Two years later he won the 1995 King of the Ring tournament and headlined SummerSlam at the age of 24. Not many people get that chance at that age. He returned in 1999 as Viscera, the muscle for Undertaker’s Ministry and in his later WWE career he was a comedy act with his “world’s largest love machine” gimmick and “Big Daddy V” in ECW. I’ve seen a few shoot interviews with him involved and he’s hilarious. Such a laid back dude. Aside from the King of the Ring title, he is also a former tag team champion and a former hardcore champion. R.I.P big man, thank you for the memories.


Former World Champions soon to be former WWE employees.

Aside from CM Punk, it’s been reported on various sites that three more former World champions are set to leave the WWE. Those three names are Alberto Del Rio, Christian and Rey Mysterio. Their contracts are expiring soon and in the cases of each guy, it seems very likely to see them leave. Del Rio just hasn’t caught on the way management want him too. His face run didn’t get off the ground and he’s got stale real quick. He just needs to tweak his gimmick a bit should he be kept on. Christian is yet another guy who needs a change. He’s 41 this year and picking up a few injuries. He’s popular with the fans, always has been, but for some reason Vince just doesn’t like him. I don’t know what his future lays but I hope he gets some backstage role because Christian is a very valuable asset for any promotion. As for Rey Mysterio, I think this will be the year where he retires. I hope he does. I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way but his knees are starting to give way and he isn’t the same guy he once was. Apparently, he injured his knee again on Smackdown. He’s got nothing to prove anymore. He’s a legend. If he retired now he would leave behind a fantastic legacy, I guess you could say a hall of fame worthy legacy! I’d be sad to see these guys go but that’s part and parcel of the wrestling business.





“What happened to your Attitude Era Classics? Have you given up on them?”

No I haven’t. I’m concentration on my WrestleMania review but rest assured, they WILL return as soon as WrestleMania season is over!


“Do you think Ryback will ever be a main eventer again?”

No. I believe that management have totally given up on him. Back in 2012, I predicted that he would win the WWE title around the summer of 2013. That never happened. Right now, he’s lumbered in a tag team with Curtis Axel that’s going nowhere. If they were to consider bringing him back to the main event stage then it’s going to be a VERY long journey for the former Skip Sheffield!

Thanks  for reading guys. The next edition of Rif Recap will be posted on Sunday 30th March.


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