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WWF WrestleMania IV Review

WWF WrestleMania IV

March 27th 1988

Trump Plaza, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse Ventura

Attendance: 18,165

Buyrate: 175,000 (Closed Circuit Television) 650,000 (PPV)

After the success of WrestleMania 3, how could the WWF possibly top it? The answer was simple; a 14 man tournament was created where the winner will become the new World Wrestling Federation Champion. How was the title declared vacant? During a title match against Andre the Giant, WWF Champion Hulk Hogan was screwed over by a ref who was bought out by the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. Andre won the title and handed the belt over to DiBiase. WWF President, Jack Tunney stripped the title off DiBiase and declared a title tournament will take place at WrestleMania 4. Hogan & Andre will meet in the 2nd round.

Considering the amount of matches which will potentially take place on the show, this will be four hour show. Let’s get to it!

The crowd is very loud at the beginning. Mean Gene introduces Gladys Knight who sings America the Beautiful. The first match of the show is a battle royal where the winner will receive a massive trophy. Monsoon and Jesse hype up the tournament and Bob Uecker returns.

Battle Royal

Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, Bad News Brown, Nikolai Volkoff, Boris Zhukov, Danny Davis, George Steele, Harley Race, Hillbilly Jim, Jacques Rougeau, Ray Rougeau, Jim Powers, Paul Roma, Ken Patera, Ron Bass, Sam Houston, Sika, B. Brian Blair, Jim Brunzell and Junkyard Dog

Standard Battle Royale goes down in the ring and the last three men are JYD, Bad News, and one half of the former Tag Team Champion Hart Foundation, Bret “Hitman” Hart. Bad News and Bret, being heels, team up on fan favorite JYD and eventually dump him over the top. They embrace and it looks as if they’re ready to split the money and declare themselves co-winners, but Bad News pulls out the Ghettoblaster and levels Bret from behind. Bret is then easy pickings as Brown eliminates him for the win. Brown is presented with the trophy. Bret is pissed off about the result and attacks Bad News. He also destroys the trophy too. The Hart Foundation would turn face after this and Bret would remain as a face for the next 9 years.

Winner: Bad News Brown

Rating: *

It was a boring battle royal. Not the best way to kick off a four hour show.

Robin Leech reads a proclamation regarding the rules for the tournament. I’ve no idea who Robin Leech is. He’s from England and that’s all I know.

WWF Championship Tournament Round 1

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Ted DiBiase /w/ Virgil & Andre the Giant

Aristocratic second generation classic wrestler vs. low-class brawler. DiBiase is accompanied to the ring by his bodyguard Virgil, and business associate Andre the Giant. Duggan takes control early with his patented offense at this point in career: punching. DiBiase tries to win a slugfest, and that goes about as well as expected. Duggan gets an atomic drop that DiBiase sells by flying over the top rope in a nice bump. Back inside, and Duggan hits a clothesline, and gets the 10 count punch in the corner. He then makes the mistake of charging DiBiase and hits a boot. The boot appears to have split the lip of Duggan. DiBiase gets a 2 count off a second rope back elbow, but momentum is squashed when Duggan gets a sunset flip for 2. Duggan hits a clothesline, and then a slam. 3-point stance time, but Andre grabs Duggan’s leg, and Hacksaw makes the mistake of going after Andre. That boy’s not too bright. One shot from Andre, and a knee to the back from DiBiase gets the pin.

Winner: Ted DiBiase by pinfall

Rating: * ½

Finish wasn’t great but it told the story that DiBiase was the favourite because he had Andre in his corner.

Mean Gene is interview Brutus Beefcake regarding his Intercontinental title match against the Honky Tonk Man.

WWF Championship Tournament Round 1

Dino Bravo /w/ Frency Martin vs. Don Muraco /w/ Superstar Billy Graham

The bell rings, and it should be noted that both participants are pretty noticeably roided up, can’t see any of these guys passing a wellness test nowadays. Jesse rips on Billy Graham as inside joke to those who are aware that Jesse stole a lot of his persona from Graham. Muraco starts off hot but then both guys botch a pump splash in the corner as Bravo is in the wrong position and to compensate Muraco changes flight in mid-air, slipping on the rope in the process. But both recover and the match isn’t too bad until Bravo misses a charge with his knee and Muraco attempts to capitalise. The last thing these two guys really need is a match that focuses on a knee injury, especially when it doesn’t even factor into the finish. Once Bravo has Muraco down, he ignores the previous two minutes of the match by not selling the knee at all, and executes a piledriver for two. He goes for it again but Muraco backdrops out. Muraco has Bravo reeling and goes off the ropes to try a flying forearm, but at the last second Bravo pulls the ref in the way causing him to absorb the blow instead. Bravo then hits his pattened side suplex on Muraco and the ref crawls to Dino and taps him on the shoulder three times. Bravo celebrates as the ref calls for the bell, but alas, Bravo has not scored the pinfall but rather been DQ’ed.

Winner: Don Muraco via DQ

Rating; ½ *

Okay match but a massive clash of styles.

In the interview area, Bob Ukcer is interviewing Honky Tonk Man & Jimmy Hart. Says that Brutus is going to cut his hair. Bad segment.

WWF Championship Tournament Round 1

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine /w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Two former IC Champions. Steamboat was on his way out at this point, ready to make the jump to the NWA. He comes to the ring with his baby son, Richard (who was in NXT), in his arms. Had Steamboat won this we’d have the chance to see Steamboat/Savage II in the next round, but that’s just a tease. Gorilla reminds us that it’s a fifteen minute time limit but, “sometimes it takes fifteen minutes just for the Hammer to get warmed up.” Dragon hits his deep armdrags to start and continues to the work the arm of The Hammer. He gets an early 2 count off some chops, and a shoulder block gets a count of one. The arm work continues, but Hammer gets a knee followed by some elbows to take charge. Dragon back flips out of a suplex attempt and goes back to the arm. He’s persistent if anything. Hammer gets an inverted atomic drop and a stiff clothesline (guess all the work on the arm didn’t help any). Steamboat fires back with chops, and goes for a slam, but Hammer falls on top for a 2 count. The two men exchange some nasty chops, and Dragon wins that war. Hammer continues his WrestleMania tradition of performing the Flair Flop. Dragon goes for the kill, but a thumb to the eye stops him cold, and a sweet shoulder breaker follows. After a top rope forearm the Hammer goes for the Figure 4, but Steamboat blocks, and regains the advantage. Dragon heads to the top and hits a chop for a 2 count. Instead of the traditional spot of ramming the Hammer’s head into the buckle 10 times, the Dragon does it 11. That’s the Dragon for you. Always giving the fans just a little more. Steamboat goes for the top rope cross body, but the Hammer rolls through and gets the upset pin.Steamboat complains about Valentine grabbing a handful of tights.

Winner: Greg Valentine via pinfall

Rating: ** ½

Unlike the previous match, there was great chemistry here. It’s a shame Steamboat wasn’t booked right post WrestleMania 3 but that’s wrestling for you! He would end up back in WCW not long after this.

Mean Gene is interviewing The British Bulldogs and Koko B.Ware. Dynamite & Davey Boy say that Matilda (their Bulldog mascot) was a certified weasel hunting dog and will be going after “weasel Heenan”. Promo skills were never the Bulldog’s strong point. It’s worth pointing out that Dynamite is looking to be in great shape after looking like a stick last year. Steroids do that to a person.

WWF Championship Tournament Round 1

Butch Reed /w/Slick vs. Macho Man Randy Savage /w/ Elizabeth

Savage finally turned face since the previous ‘Mania, and the fans are way into him at this point. Savage and Liz color coordinate for the evening, and we get their blue phase for this match. Needless to say Liz looks hot, but would get better as the night continued. The match also sets a trend for the night as Savage gets the tar beaten out of him from the get go. Reed hits a suplex, and starts pounding away with rights to the side of Savage’s head. Irish whip sets up a back elbow, and a fist drop from the 2nd rope continues the beating. Reed hits a clothesline, and then heads to the top rope. Savage catches him and slams him of the top rope. Savage pounces and flies to the top rope to hit the Flying Elbow Drop for the victory.

Winner: Macho Man Randy Savage via pinfall

Rating: ½ *

Reed got some offence in but Savage outsmarted him for the victory. In short, it was a match designed to make Savage look good. The fans loved everything that Savage was doing.

Backstage, Bob Uecker continued to trash talk Jesse about Vanna White. He talked to Bobby Heenan and The Islanders, who were facing the Bulldogs and Koko B Ware later on.

WWF Championship Tournament Round 1

One Man Gang /w/ Slick vs. Bam Bam Bigelow /w/ Sir Oliver Humperdick

Not quite the standard big man vs. big man match because at least Bam Bam is agile, but close to it. OMG jumps Bigelow to start with his offensive arsenal: mostly punching and elbows. He varies his attack by using his fat gut to get a few splashes. Being that Bigelow has almost as big of a gut, I question how much that works. Bigelow gets his own splash and does a cartwheel (which was always cool back in the day), and then gets a high cross body to show he was more than just your typical fat slug wrestler. An ugly clothesline by Bigelow leads to a series of headbutts. He goes to hit the ropes, but Slick pulls down the top rope and Bigelow flies out of the ring. Bigelow fights off Gang, but can’t get back in the ring before the ref counts 10.

Winner: One Man Gang via countout

Rating: ½ *

What a crappy finish. I always liked Bigelow , he showed some flashed of athleticism but it was far too short to really showcase anything.

Mean Gene Okerlund is interviewing Hulk Hogan. He cuts a very intense promo about beating Andre again. The first part sounds good but the rest is so insane even Ultimate Warrior would be like “huh”. He talks about how an earthquake would erupt and split the land in two after he bodyslams Andre then he’ll save Donald Trump by dogpaddling him to safety. Crazy, Brother.

WWF Championship Tournament Round 1

Ravishing Rick Rude /w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Jake “The Snake” Robert

Rude does his thing on the mic, which if you think about it is years ahead of his time as nobody spoke on the house mic right before their match in 1988, but it is now commonplace. Match is underway. Arm ringers, criss-crosses, and you just know they’re stalling. Rude poses instead of going for the cover right away and Monsoon says he’s wasting time. That’s the point, Gorilla. Reverse chinlock. Jesse mentions the fifteen minute time limit but it’s only SIX MINUTES IN and Valentine/Steamboat went nine plus without anyone fearing the time limit would expire. As result, it doesn’t take a genius to see where this is going. Rude controls despite the fact that he has no offensive moves and the crowd is dead. Thirteen minutes elapse before we cue the Jake comeback. He hits a backdrop and a short clothesline, but the DDT is countered. Double clothesline spot with twenty seconds left- they should’ve done that earlier. Rude goes for the Flair pin in the corner, the ref counts two, and the bell rings. Time limit draw and both men are eliminated.

Winner: Time Limit Draw

Rating: *

It could have been better. If you’re going to have a time limit draw, you need to have a lot of near fall to really make it a classic. This had none of that. Too much starling and the chants of “boring” didn’t help matters either.

That’s Round 1 of the tournament complete. Mean Gene is reviewing the tournament so far with Vanna White. She thinks Hogan will win the tournament; I take it that’s the only wrestler she knows.

Hercules /w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Ultimate Warrior

This is a non-tournament match. There was some sort of feud going on here about Hercules’ chain, so you can imagine the excitement. They trade clotheslines and punches and for a long time nothing happens. Finally Herc hooks the full nelson, but the Warrior moves him towards the corner, walks the ropes, and flips over so that both mens’ shoulders are down. Warrior lifts his at two, but Herc fails to do so and the Warrior gets the pin, though Herc initially thinks he has won. This marks the third time in seven matches that the heel has thought they won (Bravo, Rude) but haven’t. After the match, Herc jumps Warrior with the chain but Warrior powers out and swings the chain around wildly like the raving lunatic he is.

Winner: Ultimate Warrior via pinfall

Rating: ½ *

The match was kept short because of the tournament and also of how green Warrior was at this stage in his career.

Up next, is Hogan v Andre II. A video recap package highlights how the match came into play.

WWF Championship Tournament Round 2

Andre the Giant /w/ Ted DiBiase & Virgil vs. Hulk Hogan

Andre is nearing the end here and the poor guy can’t move with any sort of continuity. He dominates with his usual slow, plodding stuff but Hogan starts to make the big comeback. Virgil gets up on the apron to distract the ref while DiBiase comes in and levels Hulk with a chair to the back. But it doesn’t phase Hogan who turns around and stares at DiBiase, which is enough to get him to flee. Hogan picks up the chair and in FULL VIEW OF THE REF smacks Andre with it. The ref DOES NOTHING except take the chair from Hogan. Andre then grabs it from the ref and nails Hogan with it and THEN the ref calls for the bell. Double DQ, though it should’ve been over the second Hogan used the chair. Aftermath sees Hogan hit Andre again with the chair after the bell because, you know, he’s a good sportsman and excellent role model. Hulk then chases Virgil and suplexes the defenseless bodyguard on the arena floor. He gives chase to DiBiase goes back to the ring, bodyslams Andre and poses for the crowd for about five minutes before finally leaving.

Winner: Double Disqualification

Rating: ½ *

Not even on par as their WrestleMania 3 match. Andre was is such poor health and was very limited as to what he could do. As for the booking, a lot of people were surprised that Hogan got eliminated; it was refreshing to know that we’ll be crowing a new champion.

Back to the interview area, Mean Gene is standing by with Macho Man & Elizabeth. Savage says that Hulk Hogan was a cheated man, not a defeated man. “All the way  yeah!” *big thumbs up*

WWF Championship Tournament Quarter Final

Don Muraco /w/ Superstar Billy Graham vs. Ted DiBiase

The winner has a bye to the finals as a result of the Hulk/Andre match. DiBiase is alone here as Andre just wrestled and Hogan put Virgil out of commission with the suplex on the floor. Things get even worse as Muraco jumps DiBiase before the bell (outside of Hogan, most faces didn’t do that). DiBiase is slammed from the outside in, and is hit with a powerslam, which gets a 2 count. Muraco gets a one count off a back elbow, and starts to work over the neck. A nice standing dropkick gets another 2 count as DiBiase has yet to get going in the match. Muraco tries to pull DiBiase out of the corner, but instead gets sling-shotted into the post. A clothesline from DiBiase gets a 2 count, and another one off a fist drop. A boot thwarts a backdrop attempt, and Muraco goes for a clothesline, but gets caught by DiBiase and receives a Stun Gun which finishes the match.

Winner: Ted DiBiase via pinfall

Rating: *

Muraco dominated early on with the power moves but DiBiase uses his smarts to get back into the match. Very basic match.

Bob Uecker is standing in the interview area with Demolition & Mr Fuji. They’ll be facing Strike Force later in the show.

One Man Gang is standing in the ring with Slick, it was announced that he will receive a bye to the semi-finals. Was it really necessary to bring him down to the ring for that?

WWF Championship Tournament Quarter Final

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine /w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Macho Man Randy Savage /w/ Elizabeth

Two former IC Champions. Macho is the only face left at this point. The colour of choice for Savage and Liz this match is pink, and it looks good on Liz. Savage gets a quick 2 count early, and then the two men start exchanging punches, which the Hammer wins, and he follows with a weak top rope forearm. Didn’t get all of that one. After a shoulder breaker, Valentine tosses Savage over the top rope. This is where Valentine starts working over any and every body part instead of focusing on just one. After the initial shoulder work he starts going to town with elbows to the throat. That is quickly forgotten about, and he starts going after the legs/quads to presumably set up for the figure four. Being that is his patented move it would make sense, but he forgets that and starts working over the back with a suplex and back breaker. Hammer just needs to find a limb and stick to it instead of the all over the map approach. Savage fires back with an elbow and hits the double axe from the top rope for 2. A suplex follows and he goes for another double axe, but Hammer gets a shot in to stop Savage. Hammer goes for the figure four, but Savage is still too strong and turns it into a small package for the pin.

Winner: Macho Man Randy Savage via pinfall

Rating: * ½

I liked the finish but the match was too short for any of these guys to kick it up a notch.

Backstage, Mean Gene & Vanna White review the semi finals of the tournament.

WWF Intercontinental Championship

Honkey Tonk Man© /w/ Jimmy Hart & Peggy Sue vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

And the Champion is out first, but this is only the Intercontinental Title so I won’t make too big of a deal out of it. Though it does seem a little strange when Beefcake comes out second with no entrance music. It is a while before everyone on the card has entrance music.  Jesse works in his obligatory hello to Terry, Tyrell, and Jake back home in Minnesota, as is per PPV. Honky and Beefcake wrestle a pretty sad match. The ending is chaotic as Beefcake gets Honky in the sleeper but Jimmy Hart comes up on the apron and knocks out the ref from behind with his megaphone. Beefcake releases the hold and chases Jimmy outside the ring and starts giving him a haircut. Meanwhile, Peggy Sue revives Honky by pouring a pitcher of water on his head. Two other refs come out and try to revive the original ref but can’t. Honky and Jimmy start making their way back to the dressing room while Fink announces that Beefcake wins the match via DQ. How he got that announcement I’ll never know since the ref is still knocked out! How’s that one work?

Winner: Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake via DQ

Rating: ½ *

Very dull match. Both guys had a lot of charisma but little ability plus they were both close friends of Hulk Hogan too. I guess it pays to have friends in high places, right?

Backstage, Bob Uecker is with Andre the Giant. Andre says that Ted DiBiase will become the new WWF Champion and Hulkamania is over. He then chokes Uecker for fun, which is clip that always gets played over WrestleMania season.

The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid) & Koko B Ware vs. The Islanders (Haku & Tama) & Bobby Heenan

The Brain and the Islanders had kidnapped Matilda, the Bulldogs’ bulldog, to start this feud, though she was now back with the Bulldogs. This was where the Bulldogs would get their revenge on Heenan. However, this is the Brain, and he wears a dog-attack suit to the ring to neutralize the Matilda factor. Funny Stuff. Dynamite starts with Toma and delivers his normal, crisp offense as he gets a hiptoss, backdrop, and then tosses Toma over the ring post. Nice! Toma has had enough of that and tags in Haku, and Davey Boy also enters. Smith gets a crossbody for 2, and goes for another pin with a crucifix, but that also only gets 2. Toma returns and gets press slammed by Smith, and decides to tag back out to Haku. Toma is getting no love tonight. Koko tags in, and goes crazy with dropkicks, and takes both Islanders over with a headlock/leg scissors combo. Koko has WWF written on the back of his tights. I guess he’s such a loyal employee. Dynamite Kid returns, and becomes the face in peril as the Islanders start to work him over. Heenan finally tags in and gets a few boots in before Dynamite lands a punch. That’s enough for The Brain as he immediately tags Toma. Dynamite takes a backdrop, and gets slammed. Toma goes for a Vader Bomb (not named at the time), but DK gets his knees up in time. Mild tag to Koko, but he immediately gets dropped by a clothesline from Haku. Toma returns and hits a top rope headbutt. Heenan comes back in and Koko catches him with some punches and sends him into the turnbuckles. All 6 men fight in the ring, and during the chaos, The Islanders slam Heenan onto a prone Koko to get the win. Post match sees Matilda chase Heenan up the aisle and get a little piece of The Brain

Winners: The Islanders & Bobby Heenan via pinfall

Rating: ½ *

It could have been better, it just lacked the little something extra.

After the match, Howard Finkel asks the crowd to look up at the announce booth to acknowledge Jesse Ventura, despite being a heel, he gets a good obviation. He does some poses. Time wasting.

Ted DiBiase will receive a bye to the final. They had to bring him out to the ring for that announcement.

WWF Championship Tournament Semi Final

One Man Gang /w/ Slick vs. Macho Man Randy Savage /w/ Elizabeth

Winner of this match gets DiBiase in the finals. Liz and Savage come out this time in their black outfits. I’m not even going there with what looks best on Savage. The story here is that Savage knows he is dead if he gets caught or stands still. Early on he is smart by punching and moving. He grabs Gang by the beard and clotheslines him with the top rope in a neat spot. That same spot was repeated on an episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event later in the year. Gang finally catches Savage and the beating is on. Elbows, punches, and a splash in the corner have Gang in complete control. Savage gets his foot on the rope to stop a pin attempt after Gang hits a slam. Another slam, and Gang looks to finish with a splash, but Savage moves. Savage hits the double axe from the top rope to the floor, but then gets stupid once back in the ring and tries to slam the Gang. Yeah, that was stupid. Slick gets too close and Savage decks him, which causes him to drop his cane. Gang grabs the cane and tries to use it, but keeps missing. Still, that’s enough for the ref to call for the bell. After the match Savage does get hit with the cane, but bails. Gang and Slick share a hug, so Savage returns to deliver a top rope double axe, which cause Gang to squash Slick.

Winner: Macho Man Randy Savage via pinfall

Rating: ½ *

More of a story then a match. The idea was that Savage would go into the final beat up after the beating from Gang and having already participated in 3 matches.

Gene is with Vanna yet again at the Tournament Board.  As she leaves, Uecker turns up. This hunting down Vanna storyline was bad.

WWF Tag Team Championship

Demolition (Axe & Smash) /w/ Mr Fuji vs. Strike Force © (Tito Santana & Rick Martel)

Strike Force consisted of Tito Santana and Rick Martel. Demolition receives a pretty good face pop from the crowd even though they are the heels in the match. The pretty boy team gets a fair amount of boos. Smash stars with Martel and pounds the Canadian out of him to a massive reaction from the crowd. Tito saves Martel from a slam by delivering a drop kick and it results in a 2 count. Tito and Martel begin to work on the arm of Ax and then of Smash when he enters the ring. The heels take control when Tito gets caught in a bear hug and is dropped throat first over the top rope. Demolition begins to methodically destroy Tito with double team moves. Ax gets a powerslam, and Smash, not to be outdone gets a suplex. Both of which result in a 2 count. Tito looks for the tag, but each time he is cut off by the heels. Finally, Santana hits the Flying Forearm, and makes the tag to Martel. Smash receives a backdrop and dropkick, and more dropkicks are delivered as Martel goes crazy. He looks to finish with the Boston Crap on Smash, but Ax grabs the cane from Fuji (who was decked by Tito) and pops Martel from behind. Smash covers Martel and the fans count 3 with the ref to a huge pop.

Winners & NEW WWF Tag Team Champions: Demolition via pinfall

Rating: ½ *

An overbooked finish which also saw a Cain be used for the second time running. Crowd cheered for Demolition. I guess they didn’t like the bland pretty boy team.

Now, it’s time for the finals of this drag-out tournament. Robin Leech comes out with the WWF title. The Fink introduces the guest ring announcer, Bob Uecker. On the way down the aisle a drunken fan with a cigarette in his mouth hops the rail and hugs him. But pro that he is, Uecker plays it off and continues to the ring to introduce the guest timekeeper, Vanna White.

WWF Championship Tournament Final

Ted DiBiase /w/ Andre the Giant vs. Macho Man Randy Savage /w/ Elizabeth

Andre is back with DiBiase and Savage and Liz are now in matching white. Twice in the first minute, Andre trips up Savage. He later blocks him from nailing DiBiase off the top. Savage, frustrated, whispers something in Liz’s ear and she goes back to the locker room. DiBiase takes control of Savage and Liz returns minutes later with Hulk Hogan. Hulk grabs a chair and takes a ringside seat. Andre readies himself to hit Savage, but Hogan beats him to the punch and hits Andre before the big man can do a thing. DiBiase goes upstairs and Savage slams him off the top. He goes for the quick Flying Elbow but DiBiase moves then slaps on the Million Dollar Dream. Andre swipes at Savage for no explicable reason (I mean he’s already in the Dream) and the ref admonishes him. Hogan seizes the opportunity and in true babyface fashion gets in the ring behind the ref’s back and hammers DiBiase with the chair. Both men down as the ref turns back to the action. Savage regroups, he realises that DiBiase is down, does this spin around in a circle with his right hand in the air the crowd come alive for that. They all knew what was coming. To the top, Savage hits the Flying Elbow, hooks the leg and gets the win. Randy Savage is the new WWF Heavyweight Champion!

Winner and NEW WWF Champion: Macho Man Randy Savage via pinfall

Rating: ** ½

Although they would have better matches further down the line, this was a solid match.

Savage, Hogan, and Elizabeth celebrate and it’s the Megapowers in all their glory. In a famous pose, Savage hoists Elizabeth on his shoulder with the Title belt over her shoulder as Hogan points to them as the show goes off the air.


Random thoughts

  • The tournament sounds good on paper but the problem was that it had 14 participants.  Instead, it should have had 8 guys involved as the crowd was burnt out at certain parts of the show. They did come alive for the main event.
  • The on-going storyline between Bob Uecker and Vanna White was brutal at the best of times.
  • Half of the matches on this 16 match card could have been booked better. Terrible finishers all round.
  • I think that a young wrestler of today should study Randy Savage’s matches. He was the complete package. It’s not just his ability that made him great. He had the entrance, facial expressions, ring attire, mannerisms and the awesome elbow drop finisher.

Best match: Ricky Steamboat v Greg Valentine – Not an all-time classic but both guys showed their excellence in a short match.

Worst match: Bam Bam Bigelow vs. One Man Gang – The finish was poor and made no sense whatsoever.

WrestleMania moment: Savage with Elizabeth on his shoulder. Shame both of these guys are no longer with us in person but are together again in heaven.

Top 5 Superstars:

1. Macho Man Randy Savage – He didn’t have a classic like he did last year but he was clearly the best performer on the show.

2. Ted DiBiase – I loved his character. He played it well. It’s also worth pointing out that this was his first WrestleMania and he competed in 3 matches. That’s impressive!

3. Hulk Hogan – He did a really good job in putting Savage over without hogging the spotlight.

4. Greg Valentine – Had two good matches.

5. Bret Hart – Showed glimpses of brilliance in the battle royal. Would turn face and remain in that role for the next 8 years.

Updated rankings chart:

Macho Man Randy Savage – 13pts

Hulk Hogan -12pts

Ricky Steamboat – 10pts

Dynamite Kid/ Roddy Piper – 5pts

Terry Funk/ Ted DiBiase – 4pts

Tito Santana- 3pts

Andre the Giant/ Greg Valentine -2pts

Bret Hart – 1pt

Overall Show Rating (Out of 10) – 3.5

One of the longest WrestleManias of all time. 16 matches, that’s far too many matches and it tired the crowd out at certain times. WrestleMania 4 isn’t extremely memorial but it did create a new megastar in Macho Man Randy Savage and help plant the seeds for the WrestleMania 5 main event.

WrestleMania Rankings

WrestleMania 3 – 7

WrestleMania 1 – 4.5

WrestleMania 4 – 3.5

WrestleMania 2 – 3

Up Next: The Mega Powers explode at WrestleMania 5!


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