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My thoughts on CM Punk’s walkout.

Over the past few days, it has emerged that CM Punk has walked out of the WWE. He apparently went up to Vince and told him that he was leaving and got on a plane back to Chicago. Back in 2002, Stone Cold Steve Austin did the same thing. He was frustrated with the way his character was being used and being asked to put over Brock Lesnar on Raw with zero build up was the final straw. He returned the following year and wrestled his final match to date at WrestleMania 19.


Mike Johnson from PWInsider had this to say:


    “The belief among those who are willing to talk about the situation is that Punk is no longer factored into company plans. Punk is under contract to WWE through July.


    Punk was slated to face Triple H at Wrestlemania 30. This past Monday’s Raw instead began teasing Daniel Bryan vs. HHH down the line, possibly for Wrestlemania.


    We have heard from several sources that the original script for yesterday’s Raw called for Punk to wrestle Antonio Cesaro and lose after Kane interfered, allowing Cesaro to qualify for the Elimination Chamber. It should be noted that another source has denied that and claimed that Punk was never booked to wrestle last night and was only booked to do a promo that would follow up on Kane causing Punk’s elimination from the Rumble. But, Punk was originally slated to be on Raw and those segments were yanked. He was not backstage during the taping and was not backstage at Smackdown.


    It is believed that when Vince McMahon had the writers re-write Raw late yesterday (6 PM for a taping that was scheduled to start at 7:45 PM), it was because Punk had informed the company he was going home and wouldn’t be back.


    While we cannot 100% confirm why, the belief among wrestlers backstage is that Punk leaving was not an injury issue. It was described to us as more likely a case of burnout and unhappiness with the overall direction of the company. Punk had been very vocal in the past about the usage of returning and “part time” stars being pushed beyond wrestlers who were working full-time for the company.”


My initial reaction to the news was that it was a work. Punk is feuding with the authority and it could make sense for a storyline. The more news being developed, the more I’m beginning to think that this isn’t a work.


I totally understand Punk’s frustrations. He had a strong desire to headline WrestleMania with Daniel Bryan with the title on the line but that’s obviously not going to happen. He busted his ass over the past few years and how the part timers are getting a free pass for WrestleMania. With Batista winning the Royal Rumble, maybe Punk is frustrated with that because he must have thought that his friend Daniel Bryan deserved to win it. I agree. Daniel Bryan absolutely deserved to win the Royal Rumble but he wasn’t even in the match yet El Torito was. Figure that one out.


While I do understand Punk’s frustrations, he shouldn’t have walked out like that, especially during WrestleMania season. Personally, I thought the main event of last year’s WrestleMania should have been a triple threat match with Punk, Cena & Rock. What Punk should have done was to sit down with Vince and Hunter and ironed out his problems. Get some assurances about his future and talk honestly about the state of the company. He’s not in it for the money; it’s more of a respect thing with Punk. He doesn’t like playing the political game and dealing with all the bullshit that comes with it. I respect that about him. Speaking about his future, his contract is expiring in July, will he resign? I doubt it.


Right now, we need to get used to WWE without Punk being involved. It’s a very sticky situation with WrestleMania coming up; everything is up in the air. With Punk walking away it’s got me thinking about two other people on the roster; Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee. Bryan is Punk’s closest friend. They’ve wrestled each other numerous of times in WWE and ROH. Management overlooking Bryan is likely to have a factor on Punk’s walkout which is understandable. Remember when he turned up to a WrestleMania press conference wearing a Antonio Cesaro T-shirt? Here’s a former WWE Champion showing support to a fellow professional who wasn’t even booked on the card. How many World Champions have you seen do that before? AJ Lee is the current Divas Champion and the current girlfriend of Punk. Maybe management could take their frustrations out on her as a punishment. Remember when AJ had a go at Michelle Beadle at the Tribute to the Troops show? She never got punished. Hopefully nothing will happen to them as Bryan and AJ are huge assets to the WWE.


As a CM Punk fan I wish him the best in whatever he decides to do. I was hoping he’ll get a big push post WrestleMania, perhaps another title run and even get his contract extended. I’ve seen Punk live numerous of times.  Never met him but I’ve applauded him from the stands. Every time I’ve seen him live he always gets a massive pop and rightfully so because he’s so damn good at what he does. I hope he’s taking some much needed time out away from the wrestling business and clearing his head because work stress sucks. I know that from personal experience. Hopefully he figures this out and decides what’s best for him.


If Punk were to read this, I just want to take the opportunity to thank him for everything that he’s done. I still remember watching the famous “pipe-bomb” and being in complete awe of it. Me and my mates were buzzing about it. I followed his incredible 434 from defeating Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series ’11 (on my Birthday too, 20th November) up until the 2013 Royal Rumble where he dropped the title to The Rock.  With his awesome ring-work and incredible promo skills, Punk has cemented himself as one of the all-time greats.


Thank you, Punk. I hope you can figure this out.


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