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WWE TLC 2013 Prediction Contest

Welcome to the final pay per view of 2013, WWE TLC. The main event is an interesting one. For the first time since December 2001, we’re going to have a title unification match between WWE Champion Randy Orton and World Heavyweight Champion John Cena. The match will be contested under a TLC match.  The recent edition of RAW had one of the best endings ever. Since Summerslam, Randy Orton has been dubbed as the “face of the WWE” but in recent months there has been some tension within the ranks of the “authority” and if the recent episode of RAW is anything to go by, they could very well relinquish their support of their champion after Orton inadvertently knocked out Stephanie which lead to a Pedigree from Triple H on Orton. Should make for interesting viewing! As always, we are predicting the outcome of the matches as well as bonus questions and here is the league table as it stands:


1. RIF – 226.5pts

2. Michael -203pts

3. Dan – 187.5pts

4. Joe – 187pts


Looks like I’ve defended my title, huh? Can’t get too cocky just yet but you never know. Anyway, let’s see what TLC has in store for us.


WWE/ World Heavyweight Championship Unification Match

TLC Match

John Cena (World Heavyweight Champion) vs. Randy Orton (WWE Champion)

RIF: Randy Orton

Dan: Randy Orton

Michael: Randy Orton

Joe: Randy Orton

No matter what happens here, a large portion of the fans are going to be disappointed and a large portion of the fans will be happy. A John Cena victory will spark the usual comments of WWE shoving him down our throats and that “of course” SuperCena was going to win. Randy Orton walking away with the titles will disappoint Cena fans and draw criticism from Daniel Bryan and CM Punk supporters that the Viper just doesn’t compare to those babyfaces. I also predict that the winner of this match will also main event WrestleMania. It’s possible that Cena will walk away as the Undisputed Champion but all signs are pointing towards a Randy Orton victory.


Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt/ Luke Harper & Erich Rowan)

RIF: The Wyatts

Dan: The Wyatts

Michael: Daniel Bryan

Joe: Daniel Bryan

I’m mixed about this one. I love Daniel Bryan and I want him to succeed but he just can’t catch a break can he? As much as the underdog story is compelling, it only works if the underdog can’t win all of his challenges. If Bryan were able to beat the odds in every situation except for those that involve interference, he doesn’t look like the underdog anymore. Likewise, if Bryan were to win this match, it would make no sense. Every member of The Wyatt Family is bigger than him and since they aren’t booked as total jobbers, they should not lose to one man that isn’t the size of Big Show. Chalk up a victory for the Wyatt Family.


CM Punk vs. The Shield (Dean Ambrose/ Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins)

RIF: CM Punk

Dan: CM Punk

Michael: CM Punk

Joe: CM Punk

Unlike Daniel Bryan, CM Punk stands a much better chance of victory and that’s down to the dissention in the ranks amongst the Shield members. It’s been building now for a few months and it’s likely that Roman Reigns is to be the breakout star of the group. Punk is probably on a path toward challenging either Randy Orton or Hunter at WrestleMania, and if he’s indeed given a prominent spot like that, the next few months should consist of building him up for it. Because of that, Punk will look strong here no matter what. All Punk needs is for Reigns to accidentally hit a spear on Rollins or Ambrose and he’ll get his hand raised instead of The Hounds of Justice.


WWE Divas Championship

AJ Lee © vs. Natalya

RIF: AJ Lee defends title

Dan: AJ Lee defends title

Michael: Natalya becomes new Divas Champion

Joe: Natalya becomes new Divas Champions

Despite Total Divas being the main focal point of the Divas division, AJ has maintained her grasp on the Divas Championship but how long’s it going to last for? If Natalya were to win then who will challenge her after her programme with AJ ends? Aksana, Alicia Fox and others aren’t popular enough to draw an audience compared to someone as popular as AJ nor is it likely that WWE will bring up someone from NXT like Paige and push her to the moon that quickly. If AJ Lee were to retain it still makes sense for her to continue feuding with the Total Divas cast. Nikki Bella hasn’t had been given a proper chance with the belt, nor has Naomi who is capable of pulling off a good match when given the chance. AJ to retain and hold onto it for a little while longer.


WWE Intercontinental Championship

Big E Langston © vs. Damien Sandow

RIF: Big E defends title

Dan: Big E defends title

Michael: Big E defends title

Joe: Big E defends title

With the unification of the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship scheduled, the main event scene is going to become much more crowded. As such, there are less spots that someone like Sandow could have filled, so he was pretty much doomed to take a step down the hierarchy. At the very least, it’s a good thing to see him positioned as the top challenger to the next best championship. Likewise, Big E Langston is in the midst of a push, and it would do him no good to feud with someone beneath him, so Sandow is a worthy opponent to justify Langston’s value. Will Big E get a long title reign? Yes. They have a ton of faith in him and after the poor title reign of Curtis Axel, I too am confident in Big E bringing back much need prestige in the IC title.


WWE Tag Team Championship

Ryback & Curtis Axel vs. Cody Rhodes & Goldust © vs. Big Show & Rey Mysterio vs. The Real Americans (Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro)

RIF: Cody Rhodes & Goldust defend titles

Dan: Cody Rhodes & Goldust defend titles

Michael: Cody Rhodes & Goldust defend titles

Joe: Cody Rhodes & Goldust defend titles

This time last year, Ryback was involved in one of the main events teaming up with Kane & Daniel Bryan to take on the Shield. Now, he’s teaming up with Curtis Axel for the tag titles. What a fall from grace, but he’s brought most of it upon himself. I doubt the titles will change hands, be very surprised if they did. I’m disappointed that the Usos aren’t involved as they’ve been used a lot on TV recently. I guess it’s one of those things. If the Rhodes Brothers were to lose the titles then I predict it will take place either at the Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber as they look to build towards a Cody v Goldust match at WrestleMania.



Dolph Ziggler vs. Fandango

RIF: Fandango

Dan: Fandango

Michael: Dolph Ziggler

Joe: Fandango

The Pre-Show is designed to help motivate people to buy the pay per view and to entertain the crowd as a way of firing them up for the actual event. That is why two people who can deliver in the ring like Ziggler and Fandango have been placed in this position. Since this is just the pre-show and not on the pay-per-view itself, fans shouldn’t be cheated in seeing a match that came out of thin air with no feud behind it if there is quality in the ring work. I wish the WWE had some confidence in Ziggler but I don’t think he’ll win though. I’m guessing that Fandango is going to be on the receiving end of a renewed push.


**Tie Breakers**

Which handicap match will take place first?

RIF: Punk v Shield

Dan: Punk v Shield

Michael: Punk v Shield

Joe: Punk v Shield

With Punk winning this one, and he will, this is will excite the crowd into believing that Bryan will win his handicap match.


Will Triple H interfere in the main event?

RIF: Yes

Dan: Yes

Michael: Yes

Joe: Yes

Expect to see a swerve Vince Russo would be proud of. He’s going to screw Cena out of the title.


Which match will start the pay per view?

RIF: Tag titles

Dan: Tag titles

Michael: Tag titles

Joe: Tag titles

A complete guess mainly because multi-man matches tend to be more exciting.


Enjoy TLC guys. Feel free to post your predictions too.


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