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WWE Survivor Series 2013 Prediction Contest

For so long Survivor Series was a stable in the WWE pay per view calendar. One of the original “big 5” events, this year’s Survivor Series is looking bleak. The build-up has been poor and most of the matches don’t interest me much. It doesn’t have that big event aura that it once had. Money in the Bank has eclipsed it in terms of importance. The lack of elimination tag matches worries me. This is what the Survivor Series was built on and it has been neglected in recent events. I remember the rumours about Survivor Series being canned, it obviously never happened but on reflection, I think it should. Either that or revamp the entire pay per view.

Anyway, rant over and here is the league standings so far:


1. RIF – 205.5

2. Michael – 185

3. Dan – 169.5

4. Joe – 169


WWE Championship

Randy Orton © vs. The Big Show

RIF: Randy Orton defends WWE Championship

Dan: Randy Orton defends WWE Championship

Michael: Randy Orton defends WWE Championship

Joe: Randy Orton defends WWE Championship

The WWE title has switched hands so many times since Summerslam so it only makes sense for Orton to successfully defend the title here. Sure Triple H has said that Orton will receive no outside help leaving to the possibility of Big Show winning the title for the first time in 11 years but I’m sure the Viper will find a way of defending the title somehow. The bigger picture here is Big Show vs. Triple H. A match which will happen either at TLC or Royal Rumble. The problem is the WWE Champion looks like he’s playing second fiddle to the guy in the suit. When it was Vince McMahon in that role 15 years ago I would have been fine with it because he was the best heel in the business at the time. Triple H is just a guy that doesn’t really elevate anybody or does anything of substance at this point except say “best for business”. I think his wife Stephanie is doing a better job of being a heel of late, to be honest.


World Heavyweight Championship

John Cena © vs. Alberto Del Rio

RIF: John Cena defends World Heavyweight Championship

Dan: John Cena defends World Heavyweight Championship

Michael: John Cena defends World Heavyweight Championship

Joe: John Cena defends World Heavyweight Championship

This could spark the end of Alberto Del Rio’s run at the top of the card as Cena looks on to face new challenges. With Sandow being unsuccessful in cashing in the MITB contract that suggests to me that Cena is expected to have yet another long run as World Heavyweight Champion. Not that he needs another long title reign, right?


CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan)

RIF: CM Punk & Daniel Bryan

Dan: CM Punk & Daniel Bryan

Michael: CM Punk & Daniel Bryan

Joe: CM Punk & Daniel Bryan

This doesn’t seem like a pay per view match to me. In fact, it feels like a filler match and that sucks when you notice that Punk & Bryan are involved in this one. It would have been better if this was a traditional Survivor Series match. A regular tag match doesn’t excite me that much although I am happy about the Wyatt Family moving up the ranks, so to speak. For the past three months they really didn’t have a feud. At least they are against two top babyfaces. What I’m getting at is I think it’s great for the Wyatt Family, but for Punk/Bryan it’s a step down a bit.


Team Face (Cody Rhodes/ Goldust/ The Usos & Rey Mysterio) vs. Team Heel (The Shield & The Real Americans)

RIF: Team Heel

Dan: Team Face

Michael: Team Face

Joe: Team Heel

The Rhodes Brothers have been fantastic together. They work well together and deserve all the praise they get. Their matches have been highlights. The tag titles aren’t on the line so it’s possible that they could be on the losing end tonight and the Shield have been showing signs of a break up with Dean Ambrose mocking Reigns and Rollins for losing the belts. I like the amount of talent in this match. It’s going to make for interesting viewing that’s for sure! Hoping for some Giant Swings in this one! Imagine if he Cesaro did the Giant Swing on all five members in succession? That would be one awesome highlight huh? This match could come down to one of the title holders versus a Shield member with either Cody or Goldust getting the victory. Mark this match down as the match of the night!


Team Natalya (Natalya/ The Bellas/ Funkadactyls/ Eva Marie & JoJo) vs. Team AJ (AJ Lee/ Tamina Snuka/ Kaitlyn/ Alicia Fox/ Rosa Mendes/ Aksana & Summer Rae)

RIF: Team AJ

Dan: Team AJ

Michael: Team Natalya

Joe: Team AJ

Since when did Kaitlyn turn heel? How come Alicia Fox is a heel on TV but a face at live events? Where’s Layla? Damn my head hurts. Seriously, the only way the Divas division gets any sort of attention is if it involves the champion or the Bellas. I expect AJ to be the sole survivor in this one and also see the next challenger to the Divas Championship too. Who will that be? My guess is Natalya. AJ could get the victory by rolling her up and grabbing a handful of tights or Natalya could simply win with the Sharpshooter in tribute to Bret Hart who will be in attendance.


WWE Intercontinental Championship

Big E Langston © vs. Curtis Axel

RIF: Big E defends Intercontinental Championship

Dan: Big E defends Intercontinental Championship

Michael: Big E defends Intercontinental Championship

Joe: Big E defends Intercontinental Championship

What a waste Curtis Axel’s title run was. Instead of becoming a star he just became Paul Heyman’s lackey. God knows what’s next for him, perhaps taking permanent residence on Superstars or NXT and that’s a shame because Axel is a pretty solid worker. The timing was right to take the title off him and Big E was the right guy to dethrone him. Langston’s title run will be a long one I predict. Hopefully it means more than Axel’s run ever did.


Pre Show

Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz

RIF: The Miz

Dan: The Miz

Michael: Kofi Kingston

Joe: Kofi Kingston

This match was made after Miz turned on Kofi in their tag match on Raw recently. Miz was working as a heel on the European tour and you could tell he was enjoying the role. This time last year, Miz turned face but since it failed to get over he’s back to being the heel. Miz as a face had a lot of potential but the booking wasn’t there. I like the guy and I genuinely want him to succeed. Hopefully this heel turn can put him back on the map again. Miz will win by using some cheap heel tactics.


*Tie Breakers*


Which title match will go on last, World Heavyweight or WWE?


Dan: World

Michael: WWE

Joe: WWE

The WWE title has a better story surrounding but with John Cena being the World Heavyweight Champion, my decision is swerving to the latter.


Who will be the first eliminated in the 14 Divas tag match?


Dan: Alicia Fox

Michael: Eva Marie

Joe: Eva Marie

My believe is that Natalya’s team will win and they’ll use the formula of the faces being at a disadvantage early on in the match hence why I’ve gone for Eva Marie. Also went for Eva because she’s so fucking terrible!


Who will be the first eliminated in the 10 man tag match?

RIF: Jey Uso

Dan: Jimmy Uso

Michael: Goldust

Joe: Jey Uso

Once again, my idea is very much like the one used in the previous question. My prediction is that Goldust takes the fall early on and Cody ends up as the sole survivor planting the seeds for the rumoured Goldust/ Cody feud.

That’s it from us guys. With the end of the year coming up everything is on the line here in terms of points.

Enjoy Survivor Series you guys.


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