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WWE Hell in a Cell Prediction Contest

The 2014 pay per views have been announced and from what I’ve seen, this could possibly be the final Hell in a Cell pay per view. The love the stipulation but I never liked the idea of turning it into an even as it cheapens it, so ending the event series is a good idea. The things that stand out the most from this show is that a new WWE Champion WILL be crowned with either Randy Orton or Daniel Bryan becoming Champion. An interesting dynamic has been added to the match with Shawn Michaels serving as guest referee. The main talking point is the return of John Cena; he’s been thrown straight into a high profile match against World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio. We’ll go into more detail about those events later on. As always, we all make predictions on the outcomes of the matches and here’s the league table so far:


1. RIF – 184.5

2. Michael – 159.5

3. Joe – 154

4. Dan -151.5


RIF is way out in front here with the rest of us trailing behind him and with only two more pay per views to go, points mean everything at this stage of the competition. Let’s all find out who we’ll be rooting for at Hell in a Cell. (Another thing, why’s R-Truth on the poster? Crazy, huh)


WWE Championship

Hell in a Cell

Special Guest Referee: Shawn Michaels

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan

RIF: Daniel Bryan becomes WWE Champion

Dan: Daniel Bryan becomes WWE Champion

Michael: Randy Orton becomes WWE Champion

Joe: Daniel Bryan becomes WWE Champion

After being robbed out of the title twice already, it’s now time for Daniel Bryan to embark on a lengthy title run. He deserves it! I feel that the WWE have made the wrong move in keeping the title vacant. They should have kept it on Orton rather than not having it around. It would have been better if they held a tournament to crown a new champion but that’s just my take on the situation. I’m very much looking forward to this match and that’s all down to one man; Shawn Michaels. Shawn trained Daniel Bryan yet he’s friendship with Triple H is well documented. The most recent episode of RAW suggested that Shawn could turn on Bryan with Triple H reminding the fans that “they choose him”. Will HBK favour his student or will he pay a favour to his buddy and reward the title to the Viper? I really don’t know but’s going to make for some epic viewing that’s for sure.


World Heavyweight Championship

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio©

RIF: John Cena becomes new World Heavyweight Champion

Dan: John Cena becomes new World Heavyweight Champion

Michael: John Cena becomes new World Heavyweight Champion

Joe: John Cena becomes new World Heavyweight Champion

It’s pretty much locked it as far as I’m concerned. If Del Rio did win then I’d be very surprised. Personally, it’s time to take the title off Del Rio. I think management can hear the crowds dying during his promos and matches so if they put the title on Cena, it would seem like a bigger deal. The thing I’m worried about the most is Cena no-selling his arm. I remember back at Wrestlemania 23 where Shawn Michaels worked away on Cena’s knee only for Cena not to sell the injury which frustrated Michaels greatly. I don’t think he’ll be rusty out there. Sure he came back from triceps surgery faster than we expected but this is John Cena. He’s a freak athlete!  By the way, it’s a smart move to keep him off TV and hype his return through a series of video packages. His diehard fans will have to buy the pay per view in order to see his return which is a smart business move. You could almost say it’s “best for business”!


Hell in a Cell

Handicap Match

CM Punk vs. Ryback & Paul Heyman

RIF: CM Punk

Dan: CM Punk

Michael: CM Punk

Joe: CM Punk

The excellent feud between Punk and former best friend Paul Heyman has slowly been running out of gas as booking has tried to stretch it out in the absence of Brock Lesnar. In a way, it’s a rematch from last year’s event but with reversed roles. Punk playing the face and Ryback as the heel. I know that he defeated Ryback with a low blow at Battleground but this match is far more important. Heyman already holds a victory over Punk at Night of Champions which he likes to brag about so there’s no need to do that again. This time Punk will beat Ryback, get his hands on Heyman and knock him out with a GTS (or humiliate him by making him tap out with the Anaconda Vice.)  If Ryback (& Heyman) get the win here, then the feud will continue and end at Survivor Series. I’m ready for Punk to move on to different opponents. In fact, I’m ready for Punk to turn heel again actually although that’s wishful thinking. He’s good as a face, but he’s an all-time great as a heel!


WWE Divas Championship

AJ Lee © vs. Brie Bella

RIF: AJ Lee defends Divas Championship

Dan: Brie Bella becomes new Divas Champion

Michael: AJ Lee defends Divas Championship

Joe: Brie Bella becomes new Divas Champion

Brie Bella is on the receiving end of a big push; her face turn was a bit sudden though with very little build up towards it. You need to give it to her and say that her work rate has improved. You can’t take that away from her. Management have a right to be concerned about the poor reactions she’s been receiving. Her push is being forced upon us and her face character needs time to develop. I guess dating the right guy has its benefits yeah? AJ looks as if she’s having the time of her life as Champion. You can tell it means a big deal to her, he tattoo suggests that. Also, I want to see more of this AJ/Tamina friendship as they dominate the title for months ahead. That’s what would be the best for the divas division. AJ retains


WWE Tag Team Championship

The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) vs. The Shield (Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins) vs. Goldust & Cody Rhodes ©

RIF: Cody Rhodes & Goldust defend the Tag Team titles

Dan: Cody Rhodes & Goldust defend the Tag Team titles

Michael: Cody Rhodes & Goldust defend the Tag Team titles

Joe: The Shield become new Tag Team Champions

I like where they are going with this. The Usos were the number one contenders so they should be incorporated into this match. The Shield v Cody & Goldust on Raw was excellent. Big Show’s interference took away from the moment but it made sense. At least the continuity is there, right? You could see how much it meant to Goldust afterwards. They will remain the champions up until January time where they’ll drop the belts and move on to a Wrestlemania match that Goldust has been campaigning for.


Los Matadores vs. The Real Americans (Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro)

RIF: Los Matadores

Dan: Los Matadores

Michael: Los Matadores

Joe: Los Matadores

I actually feel sorry for Primo & Epico. They’ve been repackaged in an attempt to get over but the little Bull is more over than them! Not expecting much out of this one if I’m honest. It’s a match set up to put over Los Matadores. I see El Torito and Zeb Coulter getting involved in some comedy spots during the match and (hopefully) Cesaro swings El Torito around. That would be hilarious.


WWE Intercontinental Championship (Pre-Show)

Big E. Langston vs. Curtis Axel ©

RIF: Big E. Langston becomes new WWE Intercontinental Champion

Dan: Curtis Axel defends the Intercontinental Championship

Michael: Curtis Axel defends the Intercontinental Championship

Joe: Curtis Axel defends the Intercontinental Championship

It’s about time they took the title off Axel. He’s losing steam quickly and his reign as IC Champion hasn’t been very successful. They have been running a storyline recently with Heyman’s group branding Big E as “a rookie” so the only way I see Axel retaining is if Big E makes a ‘rookie mistake’. If that’s the case then expect the title change to take place either on TV or the next pay per view, Survivor Series. I like Big E. He has a bright future and the look that Vince loves. His face run in NXT was great. He has bucket-loads of charisma (check out his Twitter) which he doesn’t show as a heel but his face turn will allow him to show more of his personality. Langston wins the gold!


*Tie Breakers*


Who will be involved in the finish for the triple threat tag match? (1.5pt per correct answer)

RIF: Cody Rhodes > Seth Rollins

Dan: Cody Rhodes > Seth Rollins

Michael: Goldust > Seth Rollins

Joe: Seth Rollins > Goldust

Shot in the dark. Going with Cody to pick up the victory since the WWE want to develop him up as a future star.


Which title match will end the show?

RIF: World Heavyweight Championship

Dan: World Heavyweight Championship

Michael: WWE Championship

Joe: World Heavyweight Championship

Why the WHT? Because John Cena is involved, that’s why! If Bryan lost (which I don’t think he will) then they could put the Cena title change on later to end the show with the fans feeling happy. (well, the young Cena fans.)


Will Damien Sandow cash in his MITB contract?


Dan: No

Michael: No

Joe: No

There has been speculation about this happening for some time now. Imagine how awesome it would be for Sandow to become World Heavyweight Champion by defeating someone of Cena’s stature. However, judging by the way Sandow has been booked over the last few months, that’s unlikely to happen but it be a pretty awesome moment though.


Enjoy Hell in a Cell, guys. Feel free to post you’re predictions too.


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