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Happy Retirement Jim Ross

After 20 years, Jim Ross, or “good old JR”, has announced his retirement. This has come as a massive shock to us all here at Rif Rasslin. None of this saw this! On a personal note, whenever anyone asks me who is the greatest commentator of all time, my answer is always Jim Ross. No doubt about it. He was the voice of a generation. JIm Ross was the head of talent relations from the late 90’s to early 2000s and was responsible for hiring the talent which helped form the attitude era. His passion is second to none. You can hear it in his voice whenever he calls a match and catchphrases such as “Slobber Knocker” and “Government Mule” have developed a cult following. He should be proud of his career and 20 years of service in the WWE.

From behalf of everyone here at Rif Rasslin, I would like to thank Jim Ross for the memories and wish him all the very best in the future.

Thank You J.R


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