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9-11: 12 Years On.

Today marks 12 years since the  9-11 terrorist attacks. I still remember those horrible events as if were yesterday. I remember I was still in School at the time. I was only 14 years old when it happened. I was doing Chemistry at the time when someone mentioned that a plane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers. At the time I had no idea what the Twin Towers were so it just went over my head.

When I got home and as soon as I walked into the front room, I saw one of the Planes crash into the tower. It was sickening. I just sat their in total disbelieve that someone would do something so bad. I’m English and damn proud of it, and even we felt the full impact of it. There were even fears of something similar happening to us and it did 4 years later down London. People may scoff Americans for being too patriotic about their country but to me, I admire them for it. They aren’t scared of it. On that day, they showed a ton of heart and were united as one.

Two days after the attacks, the World Wrestling Federation held a live Smackdown show, the first public gathering since the attacks. The show was emotional and powerful. Vince McMahon’s speech at the start of the show and Lillian Garcia’s singing of the nation anthem were outstanding. That was a massive fuck you to the terrorist. I’ve included a link to those moments from the show.

If anyone is reading this and lost someone in that tragedy, everyone here at Rif Rasslin would like to pass out condolences to you and your family. Those who are truly brave shall never live in fear.




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