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WWE Summerslam 2013 Prediction Contest

WWE Summerslam 2013 Prediction Contest

You’ve got to love that poster, right? Ha! The biggest party of the summer is here and we at Rif Rasslin are fucking ecstatic about this year’s Summerslam pay per view. Why? John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan and CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar! Punk and Bryan are clearly the most over guys on the roster right now. The fans love them. Their merchandise is selling out quick and now, they are both involved in high profile matches at one of the most famous WWE pay per view events ever. Not back for a couple of “indy” guys right? The question is, what will be the main event? I have my theories on this but I’ll get into it in a little bit but right now, this is what the league table looks like so far…


1. RIF – 138

2. Michael – 110

3. Dan – 106.5

4. Joe – 106


Remember guys, its 3 points per correct answer. Right, who’s ready for some “Summerfest” (like what I did?) action?


WWE Championship

Guest Referee: Triple H

John Cena © vs. Daniel Bryan

RIF: Daniel Bryan to become new WWE Champion

Dan: Daniel Bryan to become new WWE Champion

Michael: John Cena to retain title

Joe: Daniel Bryan to become new WWE Champion

YES, Daniel Bryan is competing for the WWE Championship. It’s amazing when you look back on his WWE career and see just how far he’s come. From getting knocked down in NXT to the “YES” phenomenon, Daniel Bryan has truly clawed his way to the top. Over the past few weeks, Vince McMahon has been trying to mould D-Bry into a “corporate champion”, much like what he tried to do to Stone Cold back in 1998. Bryan refused to shave his beard off much to the annoyance to Vince. I must say the Miz TV segment on RAW was outstanding with Daniel Bryan calling Cena a “parody of wrestling”, what an awesome line that was! I bet the entire IWC creamed their pants over that! As for Cena, “Serious Cena” can bring something to the table. I guess people would respect him more if portrayed his serious side more often. Will Vince get involved? Will Triple H turn heel? So many questions and so many different scenarios. We’ve received e-mails, tweets and Facebook messages regarding this match, one of the scenarios we’ve heard was Bryan winning the title, Triple H hitting him with the Pedigree and allowing Randy Orton to come out to win the title. It makes sense I suppose but with this whole ‘power struggle’ going on between Triple H & Vince, possibly leading to a match at Wrestlemania, I can’t see that happening. Apart from Michael, I haven’t heard anyone suggest that John Cena will win. That’s very rare. He needs surgery on his elbow so that will keep him out for some time. When will he return? I honestly don’t know, but rest assured, he’ll be back in title contention upon his return.


CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar

RIF: CM Punk

Dan: CM Punk

Michael: Brock Lesnar

Joe: Brock Lesnar

This match will be the main event! A lot of people I’ve spoken to are buying the pay per view just for this match. We at Rif Rasslin are buying the pay per view (no live streaming for us, that’s not our style) because of our love for the business but each to their own I guess. I have no idea how Brock’s schedule works. If it’s like his previous deal then I can assume that Punk is going over in this one. His previous deal had him working 3 pay per views within a year. He’s already done Extreme Rules and now he’s doing Summerslam, if he was to do another pay per view then it will be Wrestlemania. I have doubts that he’ll work with Punk at Wrestlemania when you’ve got potential opponents like The Rock or The Undertaker. I hope Punk wins; I won’t be angered if he loses but I’ll have a hard time understanding why they put Brock over.


World Heavyweight Championship

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio ©

RIF: Christian to become new World Heavyweight Champion

Dan: Christian to become new World Heavyweight Champion

Michael: Alberto Del Rio to retain title

Joe: Christian to become new World Heavyweight Champion

Originally, I had Del Rio to defend the title but after watching Raw, I’ve changed my mind and gone for Christian to win the title. The video package they played highlighting his career heavily influenced my decision.  I hope he does. I’ve always liked and respected Christian for what he has done in his career. From tag team domination with ‘brother’ Edge to his TNA run and back around to his days as the World Heavyweight Champion. It’s funny that during the early part of the year, he was declared fit to work but they never had a storyline and now he’s facing the World Heavyweight Champion. Crazy huh?  With the push Christian has been given upon his return makes it foolish to write him off him this one. Crazier things have happened before; did anyone expect Del Rio to defeat Ziggler at Payback? I doubt it. With all that being said, that’s why I believe Christian will become the Championship after receiving his “one more match”.


Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow

RIF: Cody Rhodes

Dan: Cody Rhodes

Michael: Damien Sandow

Joe: Damien Sandow

What would I expect from this match? I expect it to be competitive with the match going at least 10/15 minutes. 15 minutes may be a bit too much but it could happen. I like the babyface turn of Cody. It’s had its good points (throwing the briefcase in the river) and its low points (boring segment on Raw last week) but overall, it has potential. I’m a fan of both guys and I’m confident of them having an entertaining feud. Knowing how the WWE likes to book things, I’m going toward Cody getting the victory here. It’s happened before with Ziggler and it’s my belief that it will happen again with Sandow. Personally, I would him strong before they cash it in because that way when the time comes to cash it in, it will make them look like a legit star rather than someone who got lucky.


Ring of Fire Match

Kane vs. Bray Wyatt

RIF: Bray Wyatt

Dan: Bray Wyatt

Michael: Bray Wyatt

Joe: Bray Wyatt

I know there’s a lot of people bitching how this isn’t an “Inferno match” but I really don’t mind. Change is good, right? From what I understand, it has the inferno match setting but the match ends via pinfall or submission. I love everything about the Wyatt Family gimmick. So creepy! Working with an experienced worker would be beneficial for Wyatt’s growth and I even go as far as saying he’ll get the victory. Will anyone get set on fire? I’m going to say yes. Remember, Kane will be filming “See No Evil 2” so he’ll get taken out after the match, film the movie and then return and get his revenge on the Wyatt family. Simples! There’s really no need for Kane to go over. He’s over 20 years older than Wyatt and is someone who is an established WWE legend, whether he wins or loses, he’s always going to be viewed as a top guy in the eyes of the fans.


Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn vs. AJ Lee & Big E Langston

RIF: Dolph & Kaitlyn

Dan: Dolph & Kaitlyn

Michael: Dolph & Kaitlyn

Joe: Dolph & Kaitlyn

This match has potential but it all depends whether it gets the right amount of time. The Dolph Ziggler/ Big E rivalry will continue after this match as would the AJ/ Kaitlyn feud. This match could present an opportunity for Kaitlyn to get a pinfall over AJ leading to another title re-match at Night of Champions, where a Divas title match is mandatory. With the success of the “Total Divas” show, things could change where one of the cast mates will get a shot because of the show success. Who will get the title shot? Unsure but I hope it’s Natalya, speaking about Natalya, she’s up next…..


Natalya vs. Brie Bella

RIF: Natalya

Dan: Natalya

Michael: Natalya

Joe: Natalya

Can’t look beyond Natalya in this one. The Bellas have been humiliating Natalya for weeks now so this is her chance for revenge. She’ll win in, no doubt about it. If the Bellas win, then serious questions are going to be asked. Makes you think, do the Bellas get a lot of air time because of their relationship status with John Cena & Daniel Bryan? Maybe. Hopefully, something good happens to Natalya after this, perhaps a run as Divas Champion? Hopefully. Nobody deserves it more than her!


WWE Tag Team Championship

The Shield (Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins) © vs. The Big Show & Mark Henry

RIF: The Shield to retain titles

Dan: The Shield to retain titles

Michael: The Shield to retain titles

Joe: The Shield to retain titles

So, is Big Show a face now? I’m confused! It seems as if he turns every year. Personally, I prefer him as a heel, he’s just too bland as a face. I’m hoping that after the Shield win (and they will), Big Show could knock out Henry with the WMD in frustration setting up a feud between the two. Let’s face it, the WWE need some top line heels. They lack in that department. Should Big Show remain face, could all members of the Shield step up and become top line heels? It’s possible but anything can happen right?



United States Championship

Rob Van Dam vs. Dean Ambrose

RIF: Ambrose to retain title

Dan: Ambrose to retain title

Michael: Ambrose to retain title

Joe: Ambrose to retain title

With guys as talented as these then they deserve to be on the main card, but with the lack of build up or perhaps lack of storyline perhaps makes it appropriate to place it on the pre-show. It’s a good choice for a pre-show too as it involves talented guys who will set the tone for the show. Anyway, I’m looking forward to this match, even if it is the pre-show. Both guys are talented so this should be good. I can see Van Dam winning the United States Championship somewhere down the line but it’s not going to happen at Summerslam. That will happen somewhere down the line. A victory over Van Dam will be yet another feather in the cap of Dean Ambrose.


***Tie Breaker Questions***

Will Vince get involved in the WWE title match?

RIF: Yes

Dan: Yes

Michael: Yes

Joe: Yes

It’s a no-brainer really. It’s also this writer’s belief that Randy Orton will cash in the Money in the Bank contract. All of this is likely to take place after the match. Randy will turn heel by siding with Mr McMahon, taking out Triple H in the process and cashing in his contract on Daniel Bryan. Brad Maddox will be the “guest referee” for the match and making Orton the “corporate champion” that Vince is looking for.


Who will be involved in the finish of the mixed tag match?

RIF: Kaitlyn > AJ

Dan: Kaitlyn > AJ

Michael: Kaitlyn > AJ

Joe: Kaitlyn > AJ

This could perhaps set up a match between the two at Night of Champions or set up a match which allows The Bellas, Natalya or Layla to get involved in the mix.


Enjoy Summerslam guys. Feel free to give us your predictions and tell us about your plans for Summerslam.


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