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Darren Young announces that he’s gay.

We may know Darren Young as the “Black John Cena” or “Mr No Days Off” but now, we can call him the first openly gay wrestler in the WWE’s history.  Chris Kanyon was the first openly gay wrestler but he wasn’t under contract with any promotion when he made the announcement. Does this change how I feel about him? Of course not! Some people I work with are gay so it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. He’s happy with himself and I’m happy for him. However, knowing Vince McMahon the way I do, I hope they don’t make a stereotype gay gimmick for him. Hopefully, this paves the way for more sports stars to come out. Everyone here at Rif Rasslin would like to congratulate Darren Young for coming out. It isn’t easy coming out when your in the public eye. People make comments but that’s only a small majority of immature folk but we don’t care. He’s a talented wrestler and that’s all that matters to us. Congratulations Darren, all the best in the future.

*Rif Van Der Sheriff



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