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WWE Money in the Bank 2013 Prediction Contest

When the Money in the Bank match was given its own pay per view back in 2010 we are all on the fence about it. To us, the MITB match should always take place at Wrestlemania. But after a while, we’ve come to accept the MITB as a separate event (All of us agree that MITB 2011 is in the top 3 as all-time greatest events in WWE history) and we all eagerly await MITB 2013. Looking at the card, it looks impressive and worth buying.  For our new readers, the staff members at Rif Rasslin predict the outcome of the matches on the card as well as some tie breaker questions. Remember, its 3 points per correct answer unless stated otherwise. The league table so far looks something like this:

1. RIF – 114

2. Michael – 92

3. Joe – 90

4. Dan – 85.5

What ‘cha think? It’s all to play for and it’s far from over. Let the Prediction games commence!

WWE Championship

John Cena © vs. Mark Henry

RIF: John Cena to retain title

Dan: John Cena to retain title

Michael: John Cena to retain title

Joe: John Cena to retain title.

This match/feud should have took place immediately after Wrestlemania therefore eliminating the need to turn Ryback heel. They’ve shot themselves in the foot with that decision. The Mark Henry retirement swerve was pure genius. He actually made you believe that he was going to retire and we all fell for it! It was perfectly done! Will Henry win the title? No. Confident about that. Mark is yet another “monster” for Cena to overcome just like in the past with Kane, Great Khali and Umaga and more recently, Ryback as well. Not a massive Cena fan so I’m fine with him retaining here, rather see him drop the belt to Daniel Bryan.

World Heavyweight Champioship

Alberto Del Rio © vs. Dolph Ziggler

RIF: Del Rio retains title

Dan: Del Rio retain title

Michael: Dolph Ziggler becomes new World Heavyweight Champion

Joe: Del Rio retains title

It’s hard to tell how this one’s going. Is Del Rio going to have a short reign? Will Ziggler regain the title? Right now, I’m going to say no, reason being is to make the fans wait for the title change. My gut feeling is Ziggler regains the title at Summerslam, a bigger pay per view with a potential bigger TV audience. Del Rio is better as a heel, that’s not to say he was a poor face, far from it but he’s more elite as a heel. His offence is far better in that role rather than a babyface role. As for Ziggler, I’m excited for his face run; my only suggestion is not to change anything about him. Look at Sheamus. He was such a badass heel, and then when he turned face, he was portrayed as a happy go lucky babyface who cracks jokes about his fictional family members. And I’m pretty sure you don’t need reminding about John Cena’s change in character!

Money in the Bank Ladder Match (WWE Championship shot)

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Christian vs. ???

RIF: Daniel Bryan

Dan: Daniel Bryan

Michael: Daniel Bryan

Joe: Daniel Bryan

At time of writing (12-07-13) Kane has been removed from the MITB match and a replacement is set to be announced. It’s unknown who’ll take the spot but on, Great Khali has been suggested as a possible candidate. Such jokers those guys! What a roll Daniel Bryan has been on in recent weeks. Clean victories over established guys like Randy Orton & Sheamus in recent weeks suggest that management is high on D-Bry right now and rightfully so. Rumours suggest that Rob Van Dam and Christian are also potential contenders.  Can’t see Van Dam winning it, he’ll provide a few sick spots I could imagine but winning it is out of the question. Christian, Christian is a guy who can always deliver the goods and never fails to disappoint. I mean, how many bad matches has Christian had? That’s how good and talented the guy is. People will be saying “why the hell isn’t Punk winning it?” personally I think the WWE are waiting until Wrestlemania 30, he’s rumoured to win the Royal Rumble  and he deserves to main event ‘Mania as well in my eyes. Plus he’s got the rumoured match against Brock Lesnar at Summerslam as well. Besides, he doesn’t need the briefcase. He’s an established guy like Sheamus and Randy Orton.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match (World Heavyweight Championship shot)

Wade Barrett vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Fandango vs. Jack Swagger vs. Antonio Cesaro

RIF: Wade Barrett

Dan: Antonio Cesaro

Michael: Cody Rhodes

Joe: Dean Ambrose

History has shown that heel vs. heel matches don’t work, but with 7 heels in one match, that’s madness. However, the talent is there and it’s a one that everyone here at Rif Rasslin is looking forward to. As you can see, 4 different winners are being proposed here. That just shows how unsure we are about the way this match is going to go. The names that stick out as potential winners are; Wade Barrett, Antonio Cesaro and Dean Ambrose. Tensions could rise between the Rhodes Scholars, they’ll be splitting up real soon with Cody turning face. I could imagine a spot in the match where Sandow has both hands on the briefcase only for Cody to knock him off the ladder planting more seeds for the team split. Fandango has lost a lot of momentum. Remember the Raw after Wrestlemania and everyone was singing his theme tune? Just seems so long ago. He lost to Jericho at Extreme Rules, and then he suffered a concussion and missed Payback. An event where it likely he would win the Intercontinental title. Out of the 3 names mentioned, I’m more inclined to suggest that either Barrett or Cesaro will be walking out with the briefcase. Both guys have had bad years so far and this match will be the briefcase.


Chris Jericho vs. Ryback

RIF: Ryback

Dan: Ryback

Michael: Ryback

Joe: Ryback

What the fucks going on with Ryback? They turn him heel and give him a whining/ complaining gimmick. How are we supposed to take him seriously as a Monster heel after he asked the ref to stop his match against the Miz? It’s crazy. No wonder Jericho calls him Cryback! Makes me wonder if this feud is a spoof of Jericho’s real life problems with Goldberg. Ryback is going over in this one. He wasn’t won a pay per view match all year and that has to change, and a victory over Chris Jericho could put him back in title contention. I could honestly see a Ziggler v Ryback feud somewhere down the line.

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Curtis Axel © vs. The Miz

RIF: Curtis retains title

Dan: Curtis retains title

Michael: Curtis retains title

Joe: Curtis retains title

There’s no need to take the title off Curtis just yet. He treats like a big deal and the other good thing is that he isn’t losing non-title matches every week like Wade Barrett and Antonio Cesaro were in the past. As for the Miz, he’s been floating around the IC title picture for a while now. He went from main eventing Wrestlemania (WM27) to competing in the Wrestlemania preshow (WM29).When you look at the babyface side of the roster, it’s loaded with guys like Cena, Bryan, Orton, Sheamus and others; it seems difficult for Miz to move up the ranks again. It’s a shame because the guy is talented. His face turn hasn’t worked out. Part of it is him, and part of it is booking.

WWE Divas Championship

AJ Lee © vs. Kaitlyn

RIF: AJ retains title

Dan: AJ retains title

Michael: AJ retains title

Joe: AJ retains title

AJ is so frikken adorable. Seriously, you could spend hours with this girl. The build-up to this match has been hit and miss. What I would say is that the WWE need a different creative direction when it comes to the Divas division. Is it just me or does most does most feuds involve the heel calling the face “fat”? Huh! Kaitlyn isn’t fat. She’s an attractive woman with a great body. It’s the whole “Piggy James” angle all over again, though I must admit seeing AJ in that mock suit was pretty funny.


WWE Tag Team Championship

The Usos vs. The Shield (Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins) ©

RIF: The Shield retain titles

Dan: The Shield retain titles

Michael: The Shield retain titles

Joe: The Shield retain titles

Do you honestly believe The Usos are going to win? It’s likely that that Shield will be tag champions for a long time; there isn’t any worthy challengers on the horizon just yet.


**Tie Breakers**

Which MITB match will take place first?

RIF: World Heavyweight Championship

Dan: World Heavyweight Championship

Michael: World Heavyweight Championship

Joe: World Heavyweight Championship

There’s more star power in the other match so it makes sense for that one to take place later in the show, perhaps just before the main event.

With title match will take place first?

RIF: Intercontinental

Dan: Divas

Michael: Divas

Joe: Divas

Shot in the dark. No thought has gone into this, just complete guess work.

Enjoy Money in the Bank guys.

*Rif Van Der Sheriff

* Dan Smith

* Michael Vincent

* Joey Parrish



2 comments on “WWE Money in the Bank 2013 Prediction Contest

  1. ShayLa
    July 13, 2013

    Love the Usos but the Shield will probably retain
    WHC MITB will be first(it’s the lesser of the two no offense) and my money’s on Barrett(but it could go anyway between him,Rhodes and Fandango for a shocker)
    WWE MITB: Orton (but RVD wouldn’t be a surprise either, wouldn’t be the first time a vet has skyrocketed to the top)
    WWE Title: John Cena no shocker there!
    Rvback vs. Jericho: Ryback
    WHC Title: Del Rio retains thanks to AJ and bootylicious
    Divas Title: AJ retains
    IC Title: Axel

  2. Rif Rasslin Inc
    July 13, 2013

    I’ve gone for Barrett to win the MITB with Cesaro and Swagger as outside favourites. It’s anybody’s ball game. If Fandango win I’ll be more then happy to give you my bank account details 😉 lol. Thanks for your comment.
    *Rif Van Der Sheriff

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